Latrine Dean: Seeking simple sanitation

April 19, 20110

It is certainly that time of the year again with the snow melting and finals at a rapid approach for…

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Latrine Dean: SSB, Second Floor

April 12, 20110

With a mixture of departments, ranging from Psychology to IT Services, the Social Science Building tends to facilitate just that,…

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Latrine Dean: Consortium Library, Second Floor

March 22, 20110

The Consortium Library, a haven of silence and one of my favorite places to be on campus.  After walking out…

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Latrine Dean: Administration Building – 1st Floor (Atrium)

February 8, 20110

The word ‘Administration’ makes me think of this building as the heart of campus.  No longer where our administration works,…

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Latrine Dean – Fine Arts Building restrooms not so fine

January 25, 20110

Mozart.  Michelangelo.  Van Gogh.  Stravinsky. Picasso. Their art and influence bleed into the hallways of the Fine Arts Building here…

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