Battling homesickness for adventure

It’s the little things that make my eyes water and my stomach clench. Sweat beads on the brow of my lip at 10 a.m. The...

Setting personal goals is the key to success

It’s happened to everyone. On the first day of class, backpacks are full of clean notebook paper, a half-dozen pens, and a multicolor tipped highlighter....

ABT ‘goofs’ its taxes, doesn’t get in trouble

Taxes are like American baseball — even if you don’t it, you can’t exactly get away from it. That doesn’t stop people from trying,...

Looking out for and protecting against scams

By this point in time, most people know that when someone e-mails or calls you on behalf of a Nigerian prince, he or she...

Patriotism with a dash of state pride

The Fourth of July — The very mention of the holiday conjures up images of the quintessential American dream: neighborhood barbeques set against a...

Why Juneteenth is more than just a barbecue

Collard greens, barbecued chicken, peach cobbler — combine these soul foods and some blues or jazz music with a large group of people, and...

Obama’s support of same-sex marriage won’t hurt him

It has been roughly three weeks since President Barack Obama has publicly voiced his support of gay marriage, and both critics and supporters of...

The never-ending story of graduation

Dear departing seniors, as the semester draws to a close, so does the year — congratulations, you have done it! For many of you, the last few years have been the most different and difficult from anything you have ever known.

Editorial – Removal of the Rec Department, oh my!

UAA may be making a small, but resounding, mistake. On April 6, the decision came to cut the UAA Housing Recreation & Activities program from...

Samantha Koenig: a tragic wake-up call

It seemed like a scene out of a movie: a pretty young woman working late, alone and probably without a care in the world — until out of nowhere a man takes her by gunpoint to an unknown location, probably never to be seen again.

Martin, Zimmerman and the media machine

The racist shot the drug dealer. If mass media is to be taken at its word, George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin assume different roles each day in the revolving door of a story being broadcast on every news outlet available for the past month.

‘Yes’ on 5 is a safe and necessary vote

The editorial this week discusses One Anchorage’s Proposition 5, equal rights for gay, bisexual, and transgender individuals, which will take place on the April 3 municipal ballot, and why the general population should vote in favor of it.

APD does not help in undercover bar slings

It’s been nearly a month since Anchorage police began searching bars for people who were a bit too drunk, aka the “drunk plus.” Through Alaska statue 04.16.040 Access of Drunken Persons to Licensed Premises, police enter bars in plainclothes and identify those they believe are intoxicated, eventually charging them with drunkenness on a licensed premise.

The controversial, non-existent holiday tree

In recent weeks, we’ve been going down the line of states to see which will dare to call their amply decorated and brightly lit spruce trees Christmas trees or holiday trees. In Rhode Island, it’s a holiday tree, though calling it so cause much grief for Gov. Chafee.

Moral ambiguity explains why we won’t intervene on another’s behalf

The Penn State investigation has led most to question not only how someone could commit such acts, but also how other people could fail...

Balancing our industry and our animals

These days mankind seems to lose sight of the future and only think of ways to make a quick buck. Instead of that limited approach, we should be focusing on the longevity of our planet and how we’re going to keep our grandchildren fed.

Qaddafi’s death shines light on Obama’s foreign policy

After last week’s news of Libyan Dictator Muammar el-Qaddafi’s death, people struggled to find meaning in Colonel’s demise.  Besides the question of what comes...

Incentives, not investments

The Federal Government’s recently failed bet on the future success of solar panel start-up Solyndra wasted roughly half a billion dollars of taxpayer money....

Occupy Wall Street needs to capitalize on the moment with specific action

It’s the Tea Party with fewer wrinkles. Yes, that’s how you might characterize the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement spreading across the country. Undoubtedly, the two groups share similarities.

Affirmative action, anti-Israel protests highlight importance of free spech

Last fall, when school administrators proposed raising tuition costs by 22 percent, there was one thing that stopped them:  student protests. After students staged...

Peace should be the most important goal

Although the United States is one of Israel’s largest allies, it seems many American’s have an extremely vague idea of what took place Sept. 23. However, this event was a life changing experience for Israeli-American Mati BeKoach and Palestinian-American Dana Balboul.

Younger generatioin should be listening carefully to Social Security debate too

Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends, Rachel, once lamented after receiving her very first paycheck, “Who’s FICA?  Why’s he getting all of my money?”  Rachel...

It’s the infrastructure, stupid: the answer to our current economic woes

It’s the fall of 2011, and we are approaching three years since the worst of the economic collapse. Thanks to bailouts, our banks have been...

Campus commuting fails another semester

What did we learn the first week back to school? We learned that driving around UAA is downright infuriating and can turn even the...

Old enough to fight for country, old enough to have a drink

How many people reading this have ever had an illegal drink before they were 21 years old? How many have seen themselves or a friend...

Budget cuts to come from soldiers’ wallets

We were warned two months ago that the greatest threat to our national security was our national debt by Admiral Mike Mullen, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Today, Mullen is scrambling to find nearly one trillion dollars in cuts for the defense budget.

Hockey team deserves a home in new arena

No doubt by now most people are aware that UAA is about to get a new $109 million sports arena that will house their...

It’s the economy again, stupid

If you are looking for a presidential campaign laden with social issues and tough talk on terrorism talk, look again. The 2012 election will be based on the economy, if we’re lucky. In recent years, presidential campaigns have focused on a variety of issues, regardless of the President’s actual power over them while in office.

Renewable energy deserves aggressive pursuit

CIRI and Chugach Electric finalized a deal last week to begin construction of the Railbelt’s first commercial wind farm on Fire Island, off the...

Parnell shows favor for Palin over public interest

More nonsense out of Juneau this week. This time however, it had nothing to do with the Senate and House engaging in who-can-hold-their-breath-longer games. No, this time the shocking and disappointing behavior came straight from the governor’s office. As governor, Sean Parnell has made some bold moves this term, for better or worse. Most recently, his office announced that the long-awaited release of former Governor Sarah Palin’s emails would only be made available via one hard copy in Juneau, beginning last Friday.