Voice of the students still subject to University procedures

The campus newspaper operates with student fees, ad revenue and with the blessings of UAA, which provides office space. When everything is running smoothly the paper is written during the week, produced over the weekend, printed on Monday, and distributed on Tuesday.

Prescription Drug Importation Is Dangerous for Alaskans

It's rare that Republicans and Democrats see eye-to- eye on healthcare reform. And yet, in early September, Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Bernie Sanders...

An open letter to the Alaska State Legislature

Opinion Editor Caleb Berry asks Alaska's legislators to accept and pass the UA Board of Regents proposed budget of $341 million.

Letter from the editor: A season of awareness

Managing Editor Kathryn DuFresne suggests readers check in with loved ones and be aware of available resources as the cold and dark of winter sets in

Media coverage causes jury system malfunction

Many cases throughout the U.S. history have caused shock and upset as jury members decide the fate of those standing accused of heinous crimes like kidnap, rape, and murder.

Abortion legislation gains momentum nation-wide

There are few issues more combustible than abortion.  Disagreements on fiscal policy or healthcare have entirely different consequences than do disagreements on abortion.  Abortion...

Martin, Zimmerman and the media machine

The racist shot the drug dealer. If mass media is to be taken at its word, George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin assume different roles each day in the revolving door of a story being broadcast on every news outlet available for the past month.

New dining provider not fulfilling expectations

At the end of last year, UAA eagerly anticipated revived dining on campus. Aramark was out and replacing it was NANA Management Services, a combination of co-owners NANA Regional Corp Inc., a Native corporation, and Sodexho, the largest food-service provider in the country.

What accredidation means to students

As many students don’t know, UAA is just finishing up a lengthy reaccreditation process. The process is important because if all of the colleges...

Americans’ right to defend not a casual privilege

Arizona is considering legislation that would further loosen gun laws in favor of the Second Amendment. Among the provisions is one that is already in place at UAA: the right for students to have a gun on campus as long as it remains locked in their vehicle. While Arizona contemplates catching up to the great state of Alaska, the real question is: are they going far enough? Having guns in locked vehicles helps, but it does not go far enough in increasing student’s safety. Anyone opposed to the open interpretation of the Second Amendment has heard the following arguments before.

Parnell’s proposed scholarship program nothing but beneficial

When it comes to attending college, a student's worry is not only on their school and what they will do for work afterwards. A...

Professors’ guide to improve teaching style

The Northern Light has compiled this guide as an example of the positive and negative teaching styles seen on campus. Please note that most professors fall to the positive side, but every instructor can benefit from seeing the students' perspective on effective learning.

Editorial – Removal of the Rec Department, oh my!

UAA may be making a small, but resounding, mistake. On April 6, the decision came to cut the UAA Housing Recreation & Activities program from...

When dreams of a perfect semester fall short, plan to recover during finals

A lot can change over the course of a semester. In August, many students come into the school year with big plans about how...

Old politics holds new generation hostage

There is this idea that America has somehow lost some of its magic. There is this idea out there, put out by both sides of...

Students should be involved on campus

UAA, and the rest of the University of Alaska campuses for that matter, are viewed in a negative light, which is unfair. A lot of...

Patience is a virtue when it comes to buying books

When the bookstore opened on Wednesday, thousands of students shuffled in and out, selling back old books and purchasing new ones for the semester to come. Most had bulging, heavy bags that swung awkwardly as they quickly scampered out into the cold of the Student Union parking lot.

Student loyalty remains close to home

The University of Alaska Southeast’s Juneau campus is small compared to the UAA campus, but to say that it is not equipped to properly...

Don’t show loved ones you care – tell them

It's fairly easy to detect the falsehood in commercials that equate love and personal fulfillment with materialism. A diamond ring doesn't truly mean forever. An eco-car doesn't mean caring about the environment. And all the iPods and gadgets in the world aren't going to make your loved one happy or like you more.

Departure highlights systemwide problems

We all knew it was coming. But now that Chancellor Elaine Maimon has officially announced her resignation at UAA to accept a position as president of Governors State University in Illinois, the questions linger. When Maimon announced her resignation, she said it was in part because she wanted to work at a school where she could have an impact on the policies in effect.

A responsibility to the UAA community

It comes up every semester: Student organizations and UAA administrations are sometimes surprised and even upset to discover The Northern Light's mission does not include promoting the agenda of any UAA department or organization. It is an independent organization, over which they have no authority or influence.

Intersection needs change

It's two minutes until your class starts and you are stuck behind an endless line of cars heading toward UAA. Somehow you've caught most of the traffic lights on red and now you're hoping time will magically stand still so you will make it to class on time.

New Seawolf mascot should have received student input

Athletic mascots represent not only a university sponsored sports team but also the students of the school they play for. In order to accurately represent the athletic team, the mascot should have some connection to the student body as well. The new design for the Seawolf mascot, Spirit, was unveiled at the 2008 Kendall Hockey Classic with mixed feelings.

UPD and other safety advocates make University a safer place

Safety is, or at least should be, a high priority for everyone, and UAA students are not and should not be an exception. UAA does...

Renewable energy deserves aggressive pursuit

CIRI and Chugach Electric finalized a deal last week to begin construction of the Railbelt’s first commercial wind farm on Fire Island, off the...

The US should withhold aid from Pakistan

By Caleb Berry Opinion Editor There are times where I wish that the White House would block twitter from its Wi-Fi service. I have never observed...

Elmore extension is a gift with glitches

Any UAA student who lives on the south side of Anchorage and commutes to or from school during rush hour has probably cursed the Tudor Road and Lake Otis Parkway intersection at least once (and let's not kid ourselves; we've all done it plenty of times). The Seward Highway is a better alternative only part of the time.

Web ushers in new era for politics

Alaska residents have seen few, if any, television commercials endorsed by the 2008 presidential candidates. However, logging on to popular social networking Web sites like MySpace and Facebook shows that the candidates and their teams of Internet geeks have the campaigns plastered everywhere.

Where did the ‘amazing’ go and will it come back?

It has been five weeks since the introduction of the “Amazing Stories” campaign. The hype built up immensely through a week of festivities and promises of flashy commercials, great stories and a new chapter in UAA’s history. It has been four weeks since the hype died down.

Bad accessibility makes new garage a poor fit

While a new parking garage may bring relief from snow and rain, it won't ease the congestion found on other parts of campus or add ease of use to a campus already lacking in accessibility. So the addition of a new parking garage seems unfounded. While more parking is always a welcome relief for students, a parking garage on the edge of campus will not ease the issues students have with parking to begin with.