Before tragedy finds you, seize the day

In the wake of a tragedy, people sometimes stop to reflect on their lives and think about the things that they could have done...

Parnell’s proposed scholarship program nothing but beneficial

When it comes to attending college, a student's worry is not only on their school and what they will do for work afterwards. A...

Old politics holds new generation hostage

There is this idea that America has somehow lost some of its magic. There is this idea out there, put out by both sides of...

Raising age of compulsory education is unhelpful

U.S. colleges are the best in the world because they treat their students with respect. To a greater degree than high school, college centers...

Group projects are a waste of students’ time

As the semester grinds along, thoughts of many students turn to upcoming midterms, reports and other projects that inevitably punctuate the spring months. The greatest fear among many students is that one of them will become a group project, which is probably the thing most-hated by students since cafeteria food.

Looking out for and protecting against scams

By this point in time, most people know that when someone e-mails or calls you on behalf of a Nigerian prince, he or she...

Restoring felons’ voting right questioned

Voting is a right, not a privilege; it is a privilege that can be suspended, or even revoked in the event that a person...

Partisan politics should be laid to rest

Partisan politics are tearing apart our country. The recent election of Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts is a prime example of this as is the...

Don’t show loved ones you care – tell them

It's fairly easy to detect the falsehood in commercials that equate love and personal fulfillment with materialism. A diamond ring doesn't truly mean forever. An eco-car doesn't mean caring about the environment. And all the iPods and gadgets in the world aren't going to make your loved one happy or like you more.

Professors’ guide to improve teaching style

The Northern Light has compiled this guide as an example of the positive and negative teaching styles seen on campus. Please note that most professors fall to the positive side, but every instructor can benefit from seeing the students' perspective on effective learning.

Occupy Wall Street needs to capitalize on the moment with specific action

It’s the Tea Party with fewer wrinkles. Yes, that’s how you might characterize the Occupy Wall Street (OWS) movement spreading across the country. Undoubtedly, the two groups share similarities.

Sunshine in government maintains accountability

In a government for the people and by the people, one would think secrets from the people wouldn't be common. But they are. For example, when The Northern Light showed up uninvited to a low-key UAA Board of Advisors Feb. 23 meeting in which UA President Mark Hamilton was to discuss interim chancellor candidates, our reporters were met with apprehension.

Parnell shows favor for Palin over public interest

More nonsense out of Juneau this week. This time however, it had nothing to do with the Senate and House engaging in who-can-hold-their-breath-longer games. No, this time the shocking and disappointing behavior came straight from the governor’s office. As governor, Sean Parnell has made some bold moves this term, for better or worse. Most recently, his office announced that the long-awaited release of former Governor Sarah Palin’s emails would only be made available via one hard copy in Juneau, beginning last Friday.

Web ushers in new era for politics

Alaska residents have seen few, if any, television commercials endorsed by the 2008 presidential candidates. However, logging on to popular social networking Web sites like MySpace and Facebook shows that the candidates and their teams of Internet geeks have the campaigns plastered everywhere.

Sometimes not saying anything is best option, especially when using Twitter

Here at The Northern Light, we like to think we're pretty hip - especially when it comes to technology. Even more so when it comes to social networking sites. Most of us came of age around the same time as MySpace and Facebook, and have spent most of our formative years immersed in the sites our parents all thought of as "devious.

Students pay for the cost of the student newspaper through tution

Students walking through the halls pass stands containing copies of The Northern Light. It is not an uncommon sight. Many students do not bother...

It’s the infrastructure, stupid: the answer to our current economic woes

It’s the fall of 2011, and we are approaching three years since the worst of the economic collapse. Thanks to bailouts, our banks have been...

Setting personal goals is the key to success

It’s happened to everyone. On the first day of class, backpacks are full of clean notebook paper, a half-dozen pens, and a multicolor tipped highlighter....

Tuition rises every year, students foot the bill

A bachelor’s degree is generally viewed as a four-year degree, although it seems as though that view is a little bit outdated since many...

Condoms to promote healthy sexuality week

Last week The Northern Light included a condom on 4,500 of the 5,000 issues we circulate both on campus and within the greater UAA community in an effort to promote Healthy Sexuality Week. While we received praise for our issue - and the inclusion of the condoms - we also received backlash.

Smaller gender gap brings new view of feminism

Is a new feminism in existence now - one both men and women are embracing but may not notice? Though the old feminism movement to win rights for women is still in existence for some, many women and men are part of a new form of feminism, one that allows the past form to influence them but doesn't guide their lives.

The cold, hard truth hurts, but we need it

Despite the outcry over its decision, NBC did the right thing by deciding to air the video footage sent in by Cho Seung-Hui, who murdered 32 people at Virginia Tech before killing himself. The one thing people wanted more than anything else after the shooting spree was answers.

Repealing the big oil giveaway is a smart move for Alaskans

There is not a lack of interest in Alaska’s oil supply. So the old adage, “If you build it, they will come,” is not...

Obama’s support of same-sex marriage won’t hurt him

It has been roughly three weeks since President Barack Obama has publicly voiced his support of gay marriage, and both critics and supporters of...

Solution to Alaska’s doctor shortage is UAA

Sen. Lisa Murkowski began the Senate Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committee hearing on Feb. 21 by addressing mail she's received over the past year from patients, especially those on Medicare, who say they have made 80 to 100 calls unsuccessfully trying to find a doctor.

Lack of voter turnout merely a symptom of uninvolved campus

With the passing of another election at UAA, most students might respond with "There was an election?" Technically, yes, there was an election. A little over 300 people out of the entire UAA population took the time to participate in the process. However, the results would have been the same no matter how many or how few people voted.

Anniversary reminds that some issues never change

We're not trying to be self-serving, but baby, we've come a long way as little newspaper dedicated to the students at UAA. This week, we're celebrating the merger of the Anchorage Community College Accent and the University Voice into one paper - The Northern Light.

Patriotism with a dash of state pride

The Fourth of July — The very mention of the holiday conjures up images of the quintessential American dream: neighborhood barbeques set against a...

What accredidation means to students

As many students don’t know, UAA is just finishing up a lengthy reaccreditation process. The process is important because if all of the colleges...

UAA students have no excuse not to vote in November

The Nov. 4 general election of 2008 might be one of the most historic elections in America with the first black man on the Democrat ticket to be nominated for president and the first woman to be nominated to a Republican ticket for vice president. But the general elections also hold important races for Alaskan political positions in the US Senate and House of Representatives.