Face Off: Ballot Measure 1

Ballot Measure 1 is a no-brainer By Robert Hockema Corporate dollars and misinformation have hijacked the debate on the Stand for Salmon initiative. By now, you've probably seen...

Letters to the Editor

USUAA needs to rearrange its priorities USUAA, our "student government," recently passed standing rules that govern the conduct of their meetings. Included in those rules is verbiage that heavily governs personal behavior: "Be respectful in actions, body language and attire, and written and verbal forms of communication . No sexually provocative activities, dress, or comments.

Bush Administration creates love task force

By Paul Brynner The Northern Light   WASHINGTON, D.C. - After scores of embarrassments and setbacks, the mood in the offices of the Homeland Security Department was...

There are witches in the material world

Nearly 400 years after Salem, Americans still love a witch trial. The writers for the recent "Law and Order" crossover event, a double episode beginning...

Letter from the editor: Your future is waiting for you

When I started my collegiate journey at UAA in 2014, I didn't know what I wanted to do for the rest of my life...

A New Hope

What an interesting year it’s been! It’s been stressful and crazy, wonderful and terrible all at the same time, and then some. But with...

Letter to the Editor

USUAA president apologizes for 'offensive platforms' used by assembly members In the April 1 issue of The Northern Light ("Learn where your candidates stand"), several members of the assembly who are running in the elections decided to be "edgy" and post what I consider to be offensive platforms.

Where did the ‘amazing’ go and will it come back?

It has been five weeks since the introduction of the “Amazing Stories” campaign. The hype built up immensely through a week of festivities and promises of flashy commercials, great stories and a new chapter in UAA’s history. It has been four weeks since the hype died down.

Firing someone because of transgender identity or sexual orientation is wrong

Generally, opinion columns should not serve as a writer’s keyboard confessional. However, there are rare circumstances in which divulging personal information is relevant to subject matter. This week is one of those circumstances. I must come out in the open for what I truly am – a huge fan of the show “Glee.”

Gays in Alaska should have more than equal rights

And now it's time to talk about gay rights. Every place you go in our glorious republic seems to be undergoing its own crisis on this matter, be it San Francisco with their "Yes you can . just kidding!" stance on gay marriage, Vermont's ambiguous "civil union" business, former New Jersey governor James McGreevey simultaneously coming out and resigning two years ago, or right here in Alaska with our current debate and debacle regarding same-sex partner benefits.

Why we should care about Black History Month

Black History Month has been a topic of great debate as this year’s celebrations quickly approach. Individuals appear to be of two minds when...

Traditions are made by celebrating significant events

I am compelled to respond to your opinion piece of Feb. 15, 2005. We appreciate your coverage Chancellor Maimon’s installation. We also appreciate the vigilance...

Featured Opinion story

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An open letter to the NCAA

OPINION: "I am an amateur chess player. It is something I do for entertainment and personal enjoyment. I play without pay and do not receive benefits for my participation in events. A college athlete, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of an amateur."

Editorial – Removal of the Rec Department, oh my!

UAA may be making a small, but resounding, mistake. On April 6, the decision came to cut the UAA Housing Recreation & Activities program from...

Letter from the editor: A season of awareness

Managing Editor Kathryn DuFresne suggests readers check in with loved ones and be aware of available resources as the cold and dark of winter sets in

The Great Trouser Robbery

I'm sure glad I don't wear Speedos. I'm kind of a chubby guy and, when I have a break between classes, I like to go...

It’s time for Governor Walker to bow out

A 3-way race for governor spells victory for Senator Mike Dunleavy

Toe to toe: Embrace your rights, don’t disgrace them

Election time is coming in the United States and with this year's election being frustrating for many Americans, the best way to change things...

PETA doesn’t harm; they save

PETA doesn't harm; they save In response to your opinion piece "Animal rights activist group exposes murderous hypocrisy" (3/31/09), it was disappointing to read Mr. Boyer's inflammatory and misleading article about the dog and cat overpopulation crisis. There are many companies and front groups that profit directly from the exploitation of animals and attempt to discredit PETA because we hurt their bottom line.

So you didn’t see an adviser, huh?

Amid final exams, projects and anticipation the warm, bright days of summer, graduation might seem far away — especially changing majors or taking a semester off can delay how soon one can get their degree making the wait seem even longer.

Building Excellence at UAA

Welcome to campus and the opening of the fall semester. I am excited by the prospects of having a great year at UAA, and...

NDAA not as bad as media portrays

For the past several weeks, one of the most trending topics on Twitter was the National Defense Authorization Act, or NDAA. While casually perusing my Twitter feed, I noticed several panicked tweets discussing how Obama acquiesced to military brass and authorized the indefinite detention of American citizens without trial.

{Your Perspective}

Anti-gays ignorant of gay Civil Rights struggle Relax homophobes! Some of the recent letters to the editor regarding the issue of gay marriage have revealed...

Prescription Drug Importation Is Dangerous for Alaskans

It's rare that Republicans and Democrats see eye-to- eye on healthcare reform. And yet, in early September, Sens. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK) and Bernie Sanders...

Sixty seconds of love

Romance in our accelerated world “Hi there, Sally.” “Hi, Todd!” “Have a seat.” “Thanks. Wow, I must say, you really picked a great location for a first date....

Good Christian has more questions

I am writing in response to the opinion “One question. One answer” published in the Oct.12 issue of the Northern Light. I am a...

State surplus should support wind energy, not rebate

Anyone would like something for nothing, but we all know nothing is free, especially money. So when you hear politicians start talking about giving people their money back, naturally you ought to be skeptical.

Mall rights suffer under Momocratic facist reign

By Paul Brynner The Northern Light   Acceptance Speech, Amnesty International Human Rights Award Ceremony, 2006: "This is a really emotional moment for me. I am so grateful...

Many roads diverged…

From student perspectives I’ve read the past few weeks I get the impression that Christianity is the only way to go. Discussions of faith...