Gingrich offers conservatives a poor alternative to Romney

January 31, 20120

Today Floridians will make a choice that will affect the rest of the country as they head to the polls…

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The missing conservative in a flawed field

December 1, 20110

The search for an articulate and conservative nominee with little to no baggage has concluded and been found wanting. Republicans…

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Republicans call a timeout from fast paced campaign

October 25, 20110

Last Tuesday marked the beginning of a three-week break in Republican presidential candidate debates. That’s a good thing for everyone,…

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Senate employs political theater as unemployment remains at 9.1%

October 11, 20110

Last week Republicans and Democrats fought over who would get to vote on a bill that wouldn’t matter. For their…

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2012 will define fair share

September 28, 20110

President Obama is already out clarifying his agenda to the American people. Raise the taxes on the rich, make them…

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GOP candidates leave much conservatism to be desired in race

September 21, 20110

With nearly 20 debates set for just the Republican primary season, keeping track of the candidates can get messy. For…

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