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The last hurrah before the end

I’m a master of procrastination. I’ve somehow justified not cleaning my room for the past two weeks by the fact that I’m moving out soon anyway, and all of my coursework is routinely delegated to Future-Me as a matter of convenience. I actually sat down to write this column and somehow accidentally created a quasi-inspirational […]

It’s Like Ground Hogs Day: USUAA Election reflective of misinformed objectives

The spring USUAA elections are the political Mecca of the UAA community. Every year, USUAA presidential hopefuls rove around campus spewing inspirational language to secure votes and support for their campaign. Beware, because the things we want to see changed already have a bureaucratic process in place. On April 8 and 9, UAA students will […]

Looking Ahead to Summer

Some weeks are created better than others. Sometimes life decides to run at you, screaming and flailing like a bad Jackie Chan impersonator and junk-punches you into oblivion. It’s been one of those weeks when enough has gone wrong that I just had to laugh when a passing car hit a puddle and soaked me […]

Calvin Henry


Bearing arms is an AK state right By Calvin Henry The hysteria raised by the firearms debate makes logically arguing the subject a very challenging and elusive task. It is hard to find factual data regarding how many people are killed every year due to firearms. Finding such data is heavily biased, depending on who […]


Guns on Campus: Let’s Aim for the Right Target

Recently chided by a well-meaning citizen for not arguing against SB176 (I had, in fact, declared clearly to the Senate Judiciary Committee that, as written then and now, the University of Alaska Board of Regents would not support the bill, but no matter), I asked myself: “Argue against what?”

Do you feel safe on campus?

Written by, Ashley Snyder, Executive Editor Tulsi Patil, Managing Editor In the wake of the assaults in the past few weeks at UAA, there is a growing concern for students’ safety on campus. While one man allegedly punched four victims in the face — though he claimed to be dancing — another allegedly attempted to […]

Why we should care about Black History Month

Black History Month has been a topic of great debate as this year’s celebrations quickly approach. Individuals appear to be of two minds when it comes to the celebration of Black History Month. Some say that Black history accounts for way too much of American history to be confined to just one month, while others […]

Why I can’t stand Black History Month

“Negro History Week” was conceived in 1926, and within the past eight generations, this single week has grown to a month-long international celebration, focusing on Africans throughout the diaspora. Somehow, all of the progressive ideas stalled out in the 1970s, and many communities are still drinking the same Kool-Aid, still telling and doing the same […]

Face fear, have peace and dream: Tactics to honor Martin Luther King Jr.

Each and every year for seven days straight, we listen to speakers, read passages and watch films about the life and efforts of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. We are reminded of the civil rights movement, nonviolent protest and King’s dream for a better society. In many respects, his dream and model for action has been realized for our society, but what about on the individual level? How can his life’s teachings be applied to conflicts in our personal and daily lives? What does nonviolence mean when you want peace to carry on and fulfill your dream?

Photo Illustration by Tim Brown.

Class Canceled

You planned ahead, registered early, and have the perfect schedule for the next semester. You get through finals, relax during the break and have less than a week before the new semester begins. Then it comes without warning, that email that every student dreads: class canceled.

Graphic by Jenna! Roosdett.

AK follows national trend with minimum wage increase proposals

Last year a group of balloters from the Alaska Needs a Raise (ANR) campaign sought to get a minimum wage increase onto the ballot. In late June 2013 they received the okay to go ahead from Alaska Lt. Gov. Meade Treadwell, permitting them to collect the required 31,169 signatures to get the measure on the ballot.

Please do not contribute your PFD to ‘Pick Click Give’ campaign

If you love Alaska, do not contribute to “Pick Click Give.” If you have already contributed, please ask for your donation back from Heather Beaty via or 888-785-4438. Mail can be sent to United Way of Anchorage, 701 West 8th Ave. Suite 230, Anchorage 99501.

What I’m thankful for

Working at UAA since 1986 has been an amazing experience. Most of our students weren’t even born when I started here. I’m thankful for UAA, what its achieved, and what it has in its future.


Confirmation by AK Legislature of AK PFD Board

Have you ever thought about the Board that sets the amount of money you get every year as a Dividend? Please check the website Alaska Permanent Fund Board Confirmation Committee. Why should APFB that is currently only a gubernatorial appointment be confirmed by Alaska Legislature? There are those who will tell you that confirmation will politicize the board.

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