How do you talk to a woman wearing headphones?

October 17, 20160

How do you talk to a woman wearing headphones? That’s a question self-proclaimed ‘dating expert’ Dan Bacon answered back in…

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Why the PFD cut isn’t the worst

October 2, 20161

Governor Bill Walker announced Sept. 23 that the amount of the Permanent Fund Dividend would be cut from $2,052 to…

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Dear President Jim Johnsen

September 12, 20160

I realize you’re a busy man, and I realize life can’t be easy right now. The Board of Regents needs…

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Frankenfish: Monster or misunderstood?

July 26, 20160

GMO salmon have received a lot of negative publicity. They might, however, be a solution to a problem instead of…

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Moving on: A team effort

April 28, 20160

It was August of 2013 and I received a copy of the Freshmen Edition of The Northern Light newspaper at…

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Don’t cut the Alaska Performance Scholarhip

April 10, 20160

Dear Alaska State Legislators, Seven of my 16 staff are able to go to school because of the Alaska Performance…

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A threat to the university

March 20, 20160

As the chair of the University of Alaska subcommittee, Rep. Tammie Wilson holds the future of over 32,000 students in…

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Kesha was doomed to fail

February 28, 20160

The Dr. Luke vs. Kesha battle is in full swing (and yes, she changed her name back to the regular…

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Walk or Not: Should you go to your own Commencement?

December 6, 20150

TNL writers debate attending Fall Commencement

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Can you feel the Bern?

October 21, 20151

As a journalist I’m told to keep my opinion private, to not let anyone on to my beliefs, but a…

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Can’t stump Trump

October 21, 20153

In my official capacity as just some guy, I’m told that I shouldn’t have deeply held opinions about complex issues…

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“Our thoughts and prayers are not enough”

October 5, 20152

Chris Harper-Mercer walked into Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon with six guns. Upon entering the classroom, he shot the…

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She’s beautiful, all 20,310 feet of her

September 4, 20150

I don’t try to get involved in politics. Wow, everyone says that, I get it. Really, though. I ignore Facebook…

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After Graduation

April 29, 20150

For seniors: What do you plan to do after graduation? For alumni: What did you do after graduation? Chloe Akers…

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