UA students pay for their silent opinions

February 26, 20150

At the Feb. 20 Board of Regents Meeting at Gorsuch Commons, the University of Alaska Board of Regents voted 8-2…

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When faced with budget cuts, what at UAA would you cut?

February 18, 20150

Austin Bauer Freshman Music Education “I personally would cut funding to student loans. There are many scholarship opportunities, so we…

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Students cut short by UAA athletics again

February 18, 20150

With the recent release of the prioritization report plans for an expanded Seawolf Hockey area in the Wells Fargo Sports…

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Letter to the editor: Where do the priorities of UAA truly lie?

February 18, 20150

Submitted by Kyle Pace Where do the priorities of UAA truly lie? I have been to three different prioritization meetings since…

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What are your plans for Valentine’s Day?

February 11, 20150

1. Jose Cardenas Sophomore Electrical Engineering “Most likely a movie date. If not, I plan to hang out with friends…

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Captain America vs. Iron Man: Who would win in a fight?

February 2, 20150

Logan Turner Freshman Undecided “Iron Man. He has more technology and armor.” Freddy Camarena Senior Psychology “Captain America would win…

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If not the game itself, what do you plan on doing on Super Bowl Sunday?

January 29, 20150

Larissa Kramer Freshman English “Usually I tune in to the Super Bowl commercials, but the Puppy Bowl isn’t a bad…

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A lesson in ethics

October 19, 20140

Chances are we have all said something we wish would have never come out of our mouths. It happens to…

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RED ZONE: Hello, my name is not ‘slut’!

September 7, 20140

In a perfect world, rape and sexual assault victims would not be associated with terms like “slut” and “whore” and…

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Advice from UA President Pat Gamble

August 5, 20140

UA President Pat Gamble has some ideas for us to bear in mind: Take your college education seriously … it…

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Developments in the Gaza Crisis

July 25, 20140

Earlier this year, Secretary of State John Kerry was involved in Israeli-Palestinian peace talks, prior to their collapse. Amid increasing…

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South Lot sprawl

July 22, 20140

Complaining about the parking situation at UAA is, well, low hanging fruit — but something has been hanging over my…

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Is four years realistic?

July 8, 20140

How many years does it take to get a degree? Ask UAA’s marketing department, and they’ll tell you to stay…

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Hot Topic: Funny River Fire

June 10, 20140

HOT TOPIC: What effects do you think the Funny River Wildfire has in store for Alaska? Name: Lyle Moore-Krol Majors:…

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