ORW: Unprepared and caught off guard

I’m not ready for this. I don’t mean that in some grand symbolic sense, like when Luke wasn’t ready to confront Darth Vader or when...

“Dreaming Bears” is a captivating memoir

Trading Greenwood, South Carolina for the remote Alaskan village of Venetie, then medical student J. Michael Holloway, along with his brother, Ted and friend...

Police Scanner

03/20 Vehicle thefts continue on UAA campus 3:00 - 11:09 p.m. A student called to report the theft of his vehicle from the Spruce Lot. An officer responded and investigation continues. 03/22 Text message causes man to call police 11:40 Male called to report a threatening text message he had received.

ORW: There and back again: The joys of commuting

There’s something inherently sucky about having to drag yourself up in the early hours of the morning and plod over to the shuttle to...

ORW Mini: Work it buddy, work it

As set down in the Undisputable Woman Code, in order to be found attractive, a man must be as swift as a coursing river, have all the force of a great typhoon, all the strength of a raging fire, and be mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

Seawolf Slug: After the debates, Sanders has a long road ahead

Well, the democratic debates sure were fun to watch. This is the thing with you democratic societies, isn't it? I keep forgetting that it's not...

Jellybean shooter, a springtime must

Jellybeans don’t just come in Easter baskets anymore. This shooter will knock you on your rump, so pay attention. Pour half an ounce of the blackberry brandy into a shot glass, filling it about a third of the way. Slowly pour in a third of a shot of Sambuca, which will layer it due to the differing densities of the alcohols. Layer the Southern Comfort on top.

What gravitational waves mean for the Slug Empire

Klax discusses gravitational waves

Should ANWR become a part of the nation’s strategic reserves?

ANWR is not a sustainable energy option Teresa Combs By Teresa Combs The Northern Light From the mouth of the man who spoke of a bridge to replace a seven-minute ferry ride to Ketchikan, and who referred to the "Internets" as "series of tubes," 84-year-old Ted Stevens has also flapped his lips in defense of opening up Arctic National Wildlife Refuge to oil drilling.

Police Scanner

Sunday, March 23 UPD finds screaming drunk 1:19 a.m. -- While patrolling near Providence Drive, an officer heard a male subject screaming. Two more officers responded, and it was determined that the male was an underage minor who had been consuming alcohol.

Date Night on a Budget

Valentine’s Day is only three days away. Chocolate sales are rising, restaurants are booked and florists are working their fingers to the bone in...

Police Scanner

Wednesday, October 22 Student doesn't read TNL articles on theft and must report stolen item 8:26 p.m.- A student called UPD to report that an item he had reported lost on Oct. 20 has not been found and he now wants it listed as stolen. Lt. Munn spoke with the student and took the report.

Should Alaska continue offering benefits to same-sex couples?

Benefits struggle reveals intolerance By Teresa Combs "The Government of the United States of America is not, in any sense, founded on the Christian religion." Sound familiar? Probably not. That's a bit of historical evidence from 1796 in the Treaty of Tripoli, and one of the explicit statements that emphasize the nonreligious founding of our nation.

ORW: The recreational vehicle incident

As a general rule, I try to find an upside in everything. I may not be happy about it, I may view it through...

Sex and the Seawolf: How to overcome ‘trust issues’

Trust is one of the basic foundations for having a strong connection with a partner. Trust is a valued act between two people, and once that trust is broken we begin to question whether we should place the same trust in that person as we did before.

The Ten-Week Gaming Initiative: Gaming classics I’ve never played before

  I like to think of myself as a pretty decent gaming critic. But with that said, with the many new releases that I cover...

Long time Alaskan launches book

Victor Fischer, an Alaskan resident since 1950, has a book launch Oct. 30 for his up-and-coming book, “To Russia With Love,” a journey about his adventurous life.