Rum and Cola is a simple cocktail for summer get-togethers, but it’s even more enjoyable if a little grenadine is added in. If you’re a...

‘Ise Kadoya’ ale a stunning surprise

Brown Ale Ise Kadoya Microbrewery Ise City, Japan 5% Abv. I have to say, when I think of Japan and alcohol together, the combination usually equates to sake....

Would you like pancakes with that wild blue?

Steelhead Extra Pale Ale For anyone who fi shes the draw here is obvious, but even if you have not yet seen the light, Steelhead Extra Pale Ale from Mad River Brewing Co. offers plenty of merit to be worth your attention. On the pour Steelhead is quite, well, pale.

Mixology course needed for Graduate

Graduation parties are places for family, friends, food and fun. It’s also a place for beer and cocktails because most grads are over 21. One cocktail to stay away from...

Drink Review: Fu-Ki Sake

Fu-Ki Sake may sound like a silly name, but this traditional Japanese rice wine packs quite a punch. It’s clear, heavy and possesses a light, earthy aroma that’s subdued but powerful once it’s in your nose.

Oktoberfest returns, bringing German style lager Maierfest along for the fun

Maierfest Lager Rogue Ales Brewery 29 IBU, 77 AA, 5.60% ABV The first brew review of the season, Maierfest Lager by Rogue Ales Brewery out of...

‘Liberty Ale’ tribute to Paul Revere’s ride rife with citrus flavor

By Trevor O'Hara “Liberty Ale” from Anchor Brewing Company in San Francisco is aptly named. It was brewed in commemoration of Paul Revere’s famous ride....

Amber lager by George Killian influenced by Irish roots

George Killian’s Irish Red Coors Brewing Co., Golden, CO 4.9% ABV 4 out of 5 stars Categorized as an amber lager, “George Killian’s Irish Red” possesses many qualities...

Surprisingly vibrant ale for a Dead Guy

When in doubt, ask a waiter for one of the darkest beers the restaurant carries. But even if the darkest brew he or she has to offer is an ale, don’t turn him down. It might surprise you.

Zombie Zin offers an undead perspective on a very human wine

The zombie apocalypse is upon us, and the only way to get out alive is to act like the ene­my. You must shamble as they shamble, groan as they groan and drink what they drink — which, for the more sophisti­cated undead out there, is appar­ently a zinfandel.

Historic stout is dark & smoky but lacks a bite

Murphy's Stout is an Irish stout with a long recorded history to prove it. This beer is dark. It pours black with a white head. It gives a promising aroma and starts thick and creamy and chocolaty. But there is no bite. Moving into the swallow, Murphy's seems to thin a little (not undesirable) and there is a definite presence of hops.

Viking’s Blood a kick in the mouth

Viking’s Blood isn’t a mead to be taken lightly. It boasts a deep and rich gold color that flirts with bronze, resembling a darker...

Moscato a sweet and tangy wine

Kenwood Vineyards’ vintage 2010 North Coast Moscato is a delightful white wine. The nose is sweet, and is perfumed chiefly with honeysuckle. It also...

Red Chair a deceptively dark pale ale

Brew: Red Chair, NWPA Brewery: Deschutes Available: January to April ABV: 6.2% IBU: 60 For those who aren’t fond of pale ale, Red Chair is a decent in-between to...

Kilt-lifting goodness makes great ale

Winterhook Winter Ale Redhook Ale Brewery, Woodinvile, WA, and Portsmouth, NH 5.5% Alc, 29 IBUs 3 out of 5 stars As its name suggests, Winterhook is a winter ale from the Redhook Ale Breweries, peddlers of the famous Redhook ESB. If you are not familiar with the winter ale (or winter warmer) category, think of it as spicy and flavorful, full, and on the darker side.

Dessert cocktail good anytime

This week's drink review features the delectable Reese's Martini. When in doubt, do it yourself. That’s the spirit of the Reese’s Martini, the chief ingredient of which (Reese’s infused vodka) isn’t sold in stores.

Fairbanks California Sherry: Not an original, but still a tasty wine

Despite not actually being from Fairbanks, this California Sherry wine definitely packs a punch. This sherry is light in color, a touch of amber in an otherwise clear liquid, and it’s got a powerful scent. At first, the scent is consumed with the odor of alcohol, but a second try reveals a deeper, nutty and earthy undertone.

Mosel Riesling Qualitätswein, a German treat

There’s something to be said about pretty packaging. While it’s never smart to judge a book, or wine, by its cover, doing so might just lead to an interesting and new experience.

Dr. Mac mentholmint schnapps a dangerously smooth treat

Dr. McGillicuddy’s (“Dr. Mac” for short) quite possibly makes the finest schnapps there is, and their mentholmint flavor is possibly the best in their...

Non-alcoholic beer, a tragic misconception

A glass of Vino, a bottle of Corona; these are foreign concepts to the underage here at UAA. But for the individual who loves...

Sierra Nevada’s anniversary ale nothing to celebrate

Sierra Nevada’s “Anniversary Ale” is a celebratory brew produced each year to commemorate the brewery’s inception (29 years and counting). The brew style for “Anniversary...

‘Urban Wilderness’ rides the fence in flavor

By Trevor O'Hara “Urban Wilderness” is an English-style pale ale from Anchorage’s own Sleeping Lady Brewery. It is a moderate among beers. “Urban Wilderness” walks...

‘Raison D’Etre’ one more reason to enjoy beer

"Mahogany ale" is the most accurate term to classify Dogfish Head's "Raison D'Etre," both in color and in flavor. "Raison D'Etre" is a rich beer, which is not surprising as the ale is brewed with beet sugar and green raisins. (See the pun?) "Raison d'etre" means "reason for living" in French.

Labatt Blue and Oak Aged Yeti Imperial Stout

Labatt Blue 3/5 stars Simple and unpretentious, Labatt Blue is a beer that mellows with you. Advertised as a Canadian Pilsner (pilsner being a loose categorization), Labatt Blue is essentially a golden lager. With a distinct clear golden color, this beer is slightly drier and a hint fuller bodied than the average lager.

Hard Apple Ale a local brew for the change of seasons

BREWERY: Moose’s Tooth Brewing Company BREW NAME: Hard Apple Ale BREW STYLE: Specialty Beer Stars: 4 Specs: 5.5% abv In keeping with the change-of-seasons theme, apple cider is a...

One great beer and one greatly disappointing ale go under scrutiny

Alaskan ESB Alaskan Brewing Company, Juneau, AK 5.0% Alc, 42 IBUs 5 out of 5 stars Remember Bridgeport IPA? Well, Alaskan ESB is its first cousin by marriage. This likewise untitled beer from Alaskan Brewing Company is a little less assuming than Bridgeport IPA, but it does possess its own set of multi-faceted layers.

Jellybean shooter, a springtime must

Jellybeans don’t just come in Easter baskets anymore. This shooter will knock you on your rump, so pay attention. Pour half an ounce of the blackberry brandy into a shot glass, filling it about a third of the way. Slowly pour in a third of a shot of Sambuca, which will layer it due to the differing densities of the alcohols. Layer the Southern Comfort on top.

‘Keystone’ is good, but its no ‘Wise’

Keystone Ice Coors Brewing Co. Golden, CO 5.9% ABV Ah, Keystone - most of you who recognize the name do so out of a familiarity with the most publicized of the Keystone family, Keystone Light. And if I am going to personify the Keystone brand as a family (complete with three offspring, Keystone Light, Keystone and Keystone Ice) then Keystone Ice would inevitably land itself in the role of the brooding eldest.

‘Juju Ginger’ a unique style, but lacks real flavor

Before "Juju Ginger" from Left Hand Brewing Co., I couldn't say I had heard of an ale brewed with ginger before, aside from the soft drink bearing the name. The incorporation of this spice into a beer seems to have led to an outcome unlike what I look for in a fermented beverage.

Drink Review: Manischewitz Blackberry Wine

The Manischewitz blackberry wine is made completely from blackberries, with no additional fruits thrown in. Its color is a deep red hue, similar to strawberry jam, and its scent is sweet and fruity, though not easily identifiable as blackberries.