Conduct ye yourselves as adult students

January 28, 20140

Plagiarism has been the scourge of academia for centuries. But should every culprit be punished? When does plagiarism become an…

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Prioritization plods forward

January 21, 20140

First, take the over 300 programs and 200 or so functions that constitute UAA and have staff and faculty describe…

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USUAA hosts 5th annual Legislative Luncheon

November 26, 20130

USUAA and Alaska state legislators persevered through a handsome ice storm to sit down for lunch Friday afternoon in the…

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Student debaters discuss smoke-free UAA campus

November 12, 20131

As part of Engage Week, UAA’s Smoke-Free Task Force, Seawolf Debate, the Journalism and Public Communications Department, and the Department…

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Prioritization: a review under review

November 5, 20130

Faculty and administration are working to iron out the kinks in the juggernaut that is prioritization. Many details of the…

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The CAS hub

October 22, 20131

The bustle slowed to a murmur this past May as UAA students broke away from class loads and many faculty…

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Smoke-free initiative increases momentum

October 22, 20132

There is no safe exposure amount to smoke. This is the message UAA’s Smoke-Free Task Force hopes to communicate. The…

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Committee attempts to bring outdoor recreation back to UAA

October 22, 20133

In spring 2012 the Northern Light mourned the loss after seven years of the UAA Housing & Recreation Activities program…

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How the government shutdown affects UAA

October 11, 20131

Congress failed to reach an agreement last week on a budget to fund the government for the next year, which…

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Board of Regents discuss UA changes

October 1, 20131

“It’s about leadership and collaboration. We must focus on the students and listen to the students, even when they burst…

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Transgender students on campus: Bridging the gap

October 1, 20132

It was a new semester when Sarah, an engineering student, began her transition from a man into a woman. “In…

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Keith Hackett speaks publicly for the first time as athletic director

September 24, 20130

Keith Hackett was officially introduced as the new athletic director at a press conference Friday afternoon. He used the event…

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A farewell to educators

May 1, 20130

Every few years UAA says farewell to decent staff and faculty who have dedicated numerous years of service the the…

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UAA’s long awaited sports complex named Alaska Airlines Center

March 27, 20130

Chancellor Tom Case stood in front of a crowd of about 50 students, staff, faculty and members of the community…

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