First Vice Chancellor candidate presents at open forum

"I'm excited about the opportunity to not be flying under the radar anymore and to actually be at the vice-chancellor level where I can have an impact and where I can drive change and be more intentional and more impactful about initiating and leading the charge on the changes that I think would be very productive for not only way but for the system as whole," Culver said.

Frosty January sunrise

Northern Light photographer Bob Martinson leaves us with one of his best. Bob is moving on to a full-time staff position at the Frontiersman.

RED ZONE: Mandatory sex discrimination training due on Halloween

Degree-seeking, residential and exchange students are required to complete a Title IX discrimination prevention training by the end of the month.

What did they mean?

Joe: Who's Joe? By slang definition Joe's an average guy. Joe Sixpack is a pejorative expression that implies a lower-class citizen. Joe the Plumber is a real person, but he's not really a plumber. Ayres: During the final hours of this election campaign, Dr.

Student advocates return from Juneau

While most of the student body was on siesta for spring break, five students went to work. The members of the UAA Legislative Advocacy Group went to Juneau, not to wear bikinis on the beach but to advocate on behalf of their fellow students for the second time this semester.

UAA student to run for mayor, hopes to address student issues

Melanie Leydon, a UAA student majoring in engineering, turned in her application for mayor of Anchorage on June 4. She will be running with former UAA student and mayoral candidate Nick Moe as her campaign manager. Though Leydon's campaign hopes to win the election, being elected is not the only goal.

Instagram to alter censorship guidelines

Censorship update will blur out 'sensitive' content on all accounts

Pricey parking permits back on for fall semester

After receiving considerable negative feedback, university administrators are no longer seriously considering a plan to switch from parking permits to a schoolwide fee. Instead,...

Providence Drive closes for six weeks to repair Chester Creek culverts

The Municipality of Anchorage has closed Providence Drive for six weeks to replace the rusted culverts in Chester Creek. Chester Creek runs under Providence Drive...

Delegates put campus differences aside to represent UA

By all accounts, the USUAA delegates' advocacy trip to Juneau was "a slam dunk." The delegates returned Feb. 5 after advocating as part of the Coalition of Student Leaders to bring UA issues such as need- and merits-based grants to legislators' attention.

Local legislators offer chance for student input

Three East Anchorage legislators held a meeting Feb. 26 to hear the concerns of their constituents. The meeting was long but short on answers...

News Briefs

Debate team discusses Pebble Mine development The Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence invites the public to take part in a debate and discussion: "Should the State of Alaska permit the development of Pebble Mine?" The award-winning Seawolf Debate Team will lay out the issues on this important topic on March 27.

USUAA 2018 fall election recap: amendments pass, Miller and Stover win respective elections

Election season has officially come and gone, and USUAA recently held their fall elections on Nov. 13. Students were able to vote in-person or online...

Tim McDiffett named interim athletic director at UAA

  UAA interim vice chancellor for administrative services Patrick Shier announced on July 5 that Tim McDiffett will serve as interim athletic director for UAA...

Ross, Gagnon debate missile defense system

The national missile defense system was the topic of a heated debate Oct. 29 on the University of Alaska Anchorage campus. Citizens Opposed to...

Hamilton reveals interim chancellor candidates

UA President Mark Hamilton on Friday announced several candidates he is considering to become UAA's interim chancellor after Chancellor Elaine Maimon departs in June for Governors State University in Illinois. Hamilton said he expects the interim chancellor to be in office for about two years, until a search for a permanent replacement can be found.

New editions drive high textbook prices

Nothing sucks the fun and excitement out of a new semester faster than handing over hard-earned cash for textbooks of often dubious usefulness. What...

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Human Resources offers basic supervisor training Human Resource Services is offering basic supervisor training free to the UAA community. New and experienced supervisors are encouraged...

UAA Election Ballot

Besides voting for presidential tickets, the ballot will also include candidates who are running for the 10 open senate seats. While no students met the candidate application deadline for filling two open positions for both concert board and media board student representatives, USAA will be proposing five referendums that will be included on the ballot.

Engineering school deans dismissed

August 25, at 3:30, the Dean of the School of Engineering Rob Lang walked into the office of Mike Driscoll, Executive Provost of Academic Affairs. An hour later, Associate Dean Grant Baker also walked into the office. Both men walked out with a letter of dismissal. Lang said that their work did fit with the vision of the university. Chancellor Tom Case disagreed.

UA Statewide Briefs

The University of Alaska Board of Regents wrapped up a two-day meeting in Juneau on Feb. 7. They approved schematic designs for a roofing and siding project at the Kuskokwim Campus in Bethel. The project, one of the university's top maintenance priorities, involves removing the existing roofing and exterior fascia boards and replacing them with new materials.

Police Scanner

Sunday, Feb. 25 Drunken woman picked up in front of MACs 4:55 a.m. - While on patrol at Sharon Gagnon Lane, an officer observed an intoxicated woman in front of MAC 5. Two officers contacted the woman and determined that she was intoxicated and underage. The officers issued her a summons to appear for Minor Consuming Alcohol and gave her a courtesy transport to her residence.

Aramark gets new chief

Changes are taking place at campus eateries after the hiring of a Rick Leibowitz. Leibowitz replaced Michael Cervantes in June as the Aramark food...

Alaska Native Youth Forums spur discussion

The Alaska Federation of Natives convention began last week but four days before that Alaska Native youth were given a chance to convene. “Warriors for...

Red Zone: Female Empowerment in Sports

When women succeed in sports, they succeed in the world

House Judiciary Committee considers bill pushing for gun violence protective orders

House Bill 75, proposed by Rep. Geran Tarr in January of 2017, would allow families and law enforcement to take away firearms from those who may be at risk of hurting themselves or others.

UA Interns join AK Legislative Session

UA Students from across Alaska have joined the Senate Bipartisan Working Group for the 27th Legislative session. The fours students are: Grace Abbott, interning...

Recent changes to public transit create challenges for students

The four major roads the People Mover travels on have reduced wait times to 15 minutes. However, for some students at UAA, the changes have negatively affected how they get around Anchorage.

UA Statewide Briefs

New book puts Alaska climate in focus On average, Barrow residents see snow in their community 136 days of the year, while downtown Juneau experiences 86 inches of precipitation annually. During the summer months, the Tanana Valley is one of Alaska's hot spots, averaging 70 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer.