Channel 9 provides no content for students

University of Alaska Anchorage currently has a television channel dedicated solely for their free use. GCI Channel 9, “UAA Tele-Campus,” has existed since 1972, when a mandate by the FCC started requiring large television markets to dedicate a channel to educational access.

Statewide Briefs

Palin names Schmidt as succession choice Alaska's Corrections commissioner is second in line to head state government behind Lt. Gov. Sean Parnell under a revised succession plan announced by Gov. Sarah Palin. Palin recently appointed Corrections Commissioner Joe Schmidt to succeed Parnell if the office of lieutenant governor becomes vacant.

Earmarked funds sweeten university research programs

Which came first, the research or the funding? It's a tough question to answer for the University of Alaska Fairbanks. University officials, who label UAF the dominant research campus of the university, say UAF annually gets the bulk of the operating budget because it is the research campus.

Employee discrimination lawsuit dismissed by Superior Court

Judge John Sedwick of the U.S. District Court recently dismissed UA employee John Mun's racial and religious discrimination lawsuit against the university because of...

Medical researcher nationally recognized work

A university professor has dedicated his life to treating hepatitis - a disease that causes liver cancer and is killing Alaska Natives more than any other people worldwide. Dr. Brian McMahon, an affiliate professor of the Alaska five-state Biomedical Program who works at a clinical practice at the Alaska Native Medical Center, was recently chosen to be the Science in Medicine Lecturer for 2007-08 for his involvement in research programs, according to UAA.

Green Fee forum heads towards a sustainable future

The UAA Green Fee Board hosted an open forum informing students about its newest project in the Student Union Den on Oct. 24. Students...

{News Briefs}

JPC announces re-establishment of Ad Fed Student Club With the assistance of the Ad Fed Alaska chapter, the University of Alaska Anchorage Journalism and Public...

New oil tax may fund UA

Alaskan Democrats this week are pushing a "Two Percent for Tuition" bill that is designed to provide need-based tuition and grants to students looking...

Plants take over UAA landscaping office in SU

From the hall, Room 110 in the Student Union looks like a janitor's closet, but the view through the building's tinted windows shows an...

Energy test in Anchorage results in conservation

In October, UAA participated in a citywide energy conservation test. Mayor Sullivan’s “Energy Watch” campaign was in preparation for potential energy shortages during the...

Tuition Increase: How did it happen?

Tuition rises five percent starting Fall 2016 semester — up 26 percent from 2011.

UA presidential candidate interviews

UA Presidential Candidate John Pugh from TNL Video on Vimeo. UA Presidential Candidate Patrick K. Gamble from TNL Video on Vimeo. UA Presidential candidate Lisa A....

NANA Management Services in USUAA’s sights

USUAA's new Food Service Student Investigative Commission was approved Feb. 26. FSSIC will serve as a basic forum for student feedback regarding NANA Management Services, since students have recently been expressing their displeasure with its performance at UAA.

Regents propose statewide tuition increase

Student leaders at UAA are preparing to respond to a Board of Regents recommendation to increase tuition by 17 percent over the next two...

Magistrate says no questioning FBI in hacking case

A federal magistrate judge has told defense attorneys they can't question FBI agents who scoured the laptop of a University of Tennessee student charged with improperly accessing Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin's personal e-mail account. The Knoxville News-Sentinel said U.

Staying on track

On Oct. 28, the University of Alaska’s Stay on Track, Finish in Four campaign launched a photo contest. Upload a photo of how many years it will take you to finish your degree and be entered to win 2 free Alaska Airline tickets. The Stay on Track campaign is a system-wide effort created to get students graduated on time.

Board of Regents discuss UA changes

“It’s about leadership and collaboration. We must focus on the students and listen to the students, even when they burst our bubble. When we think that we have it nailed, and then talk to a group of students, and they say, ‘No, that’s not where we are at. That was 10 years ago,’ we must listen,” said University of Alaska President Pat Gamble at last week’s Board of Regents meeting in Juneau. Gamble is referring to the University of Alaska system’s Strategic Directive Initiative, or SDI. “SDI is about collaboration,” he says. “Collaboration means incentive.”

RED ZONE: 1 in 2 Anchorage women experience sexual or intimate partner violence

“Alaska’s rates of child sexual abuse are six times higher than those of the Lower 48. Statistically, once someone is harmed by sexual violence, they are more likely to be harmed repeated times,” Olson said.

{News Briefs}

Library celebrates The Government Documents department of the Consortium Library is celebrating 40 years as a U.S. Government Depository.  The Depository receives 40 percent of...

Suspects cause disturbance at Providence, prompt UPD involvement

Just before 11 p.m. last night, two suspects were asked to leave Providence Hospital and, after refusing to leave, were escorted from the building by a private security staff.

Green cafés hope to serve community more than just coffee

Every day around the world, millions of people filter in and out of coffee shops, getting their jittery, sugary fix encapsulated in a printed paper cup. At the end of the day, those empty cups will find their way into a garbage dump, and little thought is given to the fact that these polyethylene-lined cups may take thousands of years to break down.

ITS adopts new SPAM filter

Students tired of deleting Viagra advertisements and get-rich-quick offers from their student e-mail accounts will no longer have to do so, starting Oct. 1....

Residents protest Glenn Beck event

Thousands of people gathered an the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center on Saturday evening to hear former Governor of Alaska Sarah...

Sandra Day O’Connor to visit Anchorage

The Supreme Court of the United States was comprised solely of men until 1981. Former U.S. President Ronald Reagan changed history that year when he appointed Sandra Day O'Connor as the first female Supreme Court justice.

The Edge Update: New police officers, unemployment drops and French presidential election

Last Thursday, 26 new officers graduated from the Anchorage Police Department Academy. Anchorage has had a rise in crime this year and APD has...

{Police Scanner}

Monday, Oct. 11 Fall fisherman lets dogs loose 2:12 a.m. - A housing resident reported a male subject fishing in Chester Creek with two loose dogs...

Senior McKenna Hanson works in project to save Aleutian Terns

Environment and society senior McKenna Hanson is attempting to help save the Aleutian tern, a species of bird dying off at a rapid pace....

The Edge Update: New state budget proposals, Standing Rock evacuation and North Korean assasination

The Edge Update can be heard daily on KRUA 88.1 FM The Edge, UAA's college radio station.Local:On Friday, the state senate’s Republican-dominated majority proposed...

Becoming a crisis line responder for STAR

Common calls on the crisis line include information about medical issues, explanations of the criminal justice system as well as information for family and friends of survivors.

Police Scanner

Sunday, Sept. 30 Minors with alcohol run through woods 4:21 a.m. - An officer on patrol observed two subjects near Providence Drive that appeared to be intoxicated. The officer attempted to stop the subjects, who then attempted to leave the area by going through the woods.