Black Student Union discusses racism, prejudice in panel event

"The premise of the panel discussion was to bring a rich conversation, a dynamic conversation about the tools and the narration that are used by the alt-right and neo-Nazis and white supremacists to control the narrative of African-Americans in this country," Morris said.

Course hide-and-seek

There is a feeling of accomplishment for a student who is able to lock in the perfect class schedule, a harmonious balance struck in...

{Police scanner}

Sunday, June 11 Got no game 12:15 a.m. - A resident of West Hall reported a loud group of males in front of the building harassing...

Continued budget uncertainties for the 2017-18 year

After an uncertain and emotional year for several of UAA's athletic teams, the previous monetary difficulties have still not been resolved yet teams are still bringing on large numbers of freshmen athletes.

Marko Cheseto, holding strong despite complications

Update on Marko Cheseto: As a result of his recent episode, UAA student-athlete Marko Cheseto experienced severe frostbite of his hands and feet. While his hands are expected to make a full recovery, damage to his lower extremities was so severe that it required amputation above the ankle on both legs. He is expected to remain in the hospital for some time as he continues his recovery and rehabilitation.

Departments made attendance exceptions for H1N1

Without a University-wide policy concerning H1N1 related absences, departments, and in some cases professors, have been left with the task of creating their own...

Local and Statewide news briefs

Preschoolers, college students share learning experience A new partnership is underway between the College of Education and Tanaina Child Development Center. According to a release...