Recent events raise public, campus safety concerns

In the first week of November, the United States experienced an airport shooting, an airport bomb threat, and an armed individual in a New Jersey mall and a university lockdown. The events sparked discussion about public safety across social media sites. Are people overreacting, or are they not concerned enough?

Large military presence forms Anchorage’s foundation

A large military presence in Anchorage is nothing new. In fact, during the Cold War in 1967, military personnel comprised 33 percent of Anchorage's...

Students get say in how they read

For the first time, the Consortium Library is conducting a LibQual survey to learn what students want and expect of library services. First tested at Texas A&M, LibQUAL is a nationally accredited survey created by the Association of Research Libraries. The survey will include students, faculty and staff at both the UAA and APU campuses.

After seven years, UPD chief to retire

The University chief of police is taking his patrol somewhere else. After 18 years of service at UAA, UPD Chief of Police Dale Pittman will...

Bret Bohn now ward of the state

After 12 days in court, Lorraine Phillips-Bohn and her husband say their son, Bret Bohn, is now under guardianship of the state against his will. Bohn's family claims hospital officials and ruling Superior Court Judge Erin B. Marston have ignored their son’s original power of attorney, which gave Bret Bohn’s parents the right to make medical decisions on behalf of their son. Bohn’s general power of attorney and health care power of attorney were drafted in 2007, before Bohn’s current illness. According to court documents, during the course of Bohn’s medical treatment at Providence Alaska Medical Center, his parents informed the medical staff of these documents and began acting accordingly.

Outdoor Club seeks university money for training

You don’t have to be a burly sourdough to enjoy the Alaska outdoors. If you’re a member of the Outdoor Club, you just need...

UPD nets $150,000

The UAA Police Department has been awarded a $150,000 grant from the Alaska Department of Homeland Security. The money will be used to update...

Lead story two

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UAA grads in high demand job areas

The graduating classes of UAA include hundreds of nurses, teachers, managers, engineers and technicians. Professionals of these fields are in demand throughout the state...

Red Zone: Mandatory Title IX training explained

Two years ago, degree-seeking students entering the University of Alaska were not required to complete training on sexual assault prevention. At the same time,...

Student retention rates lower for Native Students

The application for the University of Alaska gives students the opportunity to characterize themselves into 17 different ethnic origins. After a prospective student checks...

Military force provides comforting presence

The 3rd Wing at Elmendorf Air Force Base has not yet received a deployment order. But their bags are packed. Our military is on a...

Smut icon arouses locals at Castle

Last week the Castle Mega Store in Anchorage opened its doors for the small "Jewish Boy" that helped set the establishment. Actor, director, endorser, and king of pornography Ron - "The Hedgehog" - Jeremy has been in over 1,000 adult movies and directed more than 200.
Sarah Garner started her first day as director Aug. 28, 2017. Photo by Jay Guzman.

UAA searches for new director of Student Life and Leadership

Sarah Garner recently announced her resignation as Director of Student Life and Leadership. Kim Morton, the associate director for the department, will serve as...

They’re back – National Guard troops return from Iraq

About 3,500 troops from Anchorage deployed to the Middle East are returning home this semester, UAA Military Programs reports. This week, more than 500 Alaska Army National Guard troops are coming home and UAA's second session is starting at Fort Richardson and Elmedorf Air Force Base.

Results of UA Transcript Study by ANSEP suggest crucial change in local education system

Research on college readiness shows 60 percent of students from Alaska's high schools arrive unprepared

Engineering degree awaits regents’ approval

By Brian Bublitz Northern Light A new engineering degree, designed to satisfy the needs of Alaska’s industries, is on the horizon for UAA. The proposed new...

DHSS publishes comprehensive report on health impacts of climate change

According to the report, Alaska’s annual average temperature is expected to increase by 2 to 4 degrees Fahrenheit until 2050 and by 8 to 9 degrees until 2100.

Run! Hide! Fight! Treat!

If there is ever an active shooter event at UAA, Emergency Manager Ron Swartz wants you to remember to “Run! Hide! Fight! Treat!” This motto is designed to remind people to find safety for themselves first and then to prevent bleeding in others who may be wounded.

{News Briefs}

Parking permit update Parking permits must now be purchased online at Parking Services, located on the lower level of the Student Union, has...

Big oil can equal big target

Security at the Alyeska trans-Alaska pipeline and the Valdez port are not new issues, but in the wake of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks,...

University travel expenses include national advocacy

Over the last five years, $322,911.69 was spent on trip expenses for members of the Board of Regents. The board consists of 11 regents...

Newcomer Doug Urquidi challenges House Rep. Don Young in next election

House Representative Don Young has newfound competition in the upcoming house election. Democratic candidate Doug Urquidi, of Eagle River, is running against Young in the race to become Alaska’s sole representative.

Strategic Pathways: A path of uncertainty

Strategic Pathways explained and what it means for your major

New fee proposal set for vote next week

The average Alaskan resident who attends UAA full time, pay’s a minimum of $806.00 in student fee’s each year. Therefore if a student attends college for four years, that total grows comes out to $3,224.00. This money amount is made up of smaller amounts such as $108.00 for the Athletic fee, a $96.00 fee for the Health center and a $10.00 fee for the Concert Board.

Larp -A-Palooza hits UAA

Larp-A-Palooza is an event held by the UAA Game Club scheduled for March 5. At this event, students will have the opportunity to meet...

{News Briefs}

Alaska Highway gas line proposed Governor Tony Knowles has sent a letter to the U.S. Senate Energy Committee that puts the Alaska Highway natural gas...

Icicle gives for a second time

Students interested in pursuing a business career in the fishing industry can look forward to more funding from Icicle Seafoods, Inc. A donation of $200,000 was announced in February from Icicle Seafoods, most of which will go directly to UAA's Institute of Social and Economic Research.

Second vice chancellor candidate answers questions at forum

Mark Denney has been an associate vice president at Southern Oregon University since January 2014, according to his resume. Before SOU, he worked as a senior budget analyst at Mt. Hood Community College.

Number of Title IX reports in the UA system increases

The number of Title IX reports have increased across the UA system compared to last year's data. At UAA, the numbers from last year...