Faculty Alliance pursues faculty regent position

In response to the Alliance, UA President Jim Johnsen wrote that he believes “a number of problems would be created by requiring an employee-regent.”

National outlets announce new firearm sales restrictions

Walmart and DICK’S Sporting Goods limit sales of firearms and will no longer sell to anyone under 21 years old

Putting the miles in ‘milestone’

Seawolf Shuttle reaches a three-year safety goal

Chancellor announces new vice chancellor for Administrative Services

Chancellor Sam Gingerich’s office announced that Beverly Cotton Shuford has accepted the position of vice chancellor for Administrative Services

Library survey shows impact of budget cuts

Cuts to the library budget have impacted staff positions and online offerings from the library.

New academic reinstatement policies approved

The new policies for students will enable academically disqualified students to apply for financial aid and include a mandatory advising program. A previous rule required the applicants to earn at least 12 credits before their official readmission.

Final candidate for vice chancellor presents; chancellor to hire this month

Pat Shier has been serving as interim vice chancellor for Administrative Services at UAA since the previous Vice Chancellor, Bill Spindle, left for a position at Texas A&M University at San Antonio in 2016. Before assuming the role of Vice Chancellor, Shier was chief information officer at UAA.

Spring students still required to complete Title IX Haven Training

The deadline for completion of the training is Friday, March 30. On the following Monday, holds will be placed on student accounts through fall priority registration.

Kathryn Craft appointed senior director of UA Statewide Health Programs

The UA Board of Regents has the goal of doubling the number of health graduates produced in the UA system by 2025. Currently, there are about 870 health graduates; therefore, the goal is to have about 1,700 by 2025.

University switches to Visa ProCards for some

In response to Sam’s Club’s closure the University of Alaska is working on giving a small group of UAA departments Visa cards, which are accepted at Costco.

UA will raise student employee pay to minimum wage

There are about 1,400 student employees in the UA system, according to UA Human Resources, and approximately 20 percent of them are paid below state minimum wage. Their wages range from $8.50 to $9.75 an hour.

Anchorage students take a stand against gun violence

Students at Service High School, West Anchorage High School and Begich Middle School conducted walk-outs and/or gave speeches against gun violence recently, after a Florida school shooting that occurred in February claimed the lives of 17 people.

VIDEO: President Johnsen’s State of the University Address

On Feb. 20, University of Alaska President Jim Johnsen gave his annual State of the University Address. Johnsen's address lasted roughly 30 minutes and touched...

Textbook affordability survey results show student concern

According to national data, students are budgeted to spend $1,200 per year for books and materials. However, the median or middle value for UAA students, per semester, is between $500 and $599.

Fourth vice chancellor candidate presents at open forums

Cotton Shuford is Associate Vice President of Budget and Analytics at the University of North Texas. She has Bachelor’s of Business Administration degrees in finance and accounting, a Master’s of Science in accounting and she has almost completed a doctorate in higher education administration, according to her resume.

Run! Hide! Fight! Treat!

If there is ever an active shooter event at UAA, Emergency Manager Ron Swartz wants you to remember to “Run! Hide! Fight! Treat!” This motto is designed to remind people to find safety for themselves first and then to prevent bleeding in others who may be wounded.

UAA housing struggles with occupancy rates

In the academic year of 2010-2011, the occupancy rate was around 95 percent in the fall and 90 percent in the spring. This year’s data shows a decrease of about 10 percentage points in both fall and spring. This is the lowest fall occupancy UAA housing has ever experienced.

House renames part of Alaska Safe Children’s Act ‘Bree’s Law’

HB 44, otherwise known as the Alaska Safe Children's Act, was implemented in 2015 to require education regarding sexual abuse and assault, dating violence and child abuse in public schools. The act is comprised of two statutes, Erin's Law and Bree's Law.

As stock market drops, Alaska Permanent Fund remains up

Angela Rodell, chief executive officer of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, says that approximately 40 percent of the permanent fund's portfolio is invested in stocks, or the public equities.

Candidate for vice chancellor for Administrative Services presents at open forum

Stephen Malott, vice president for Finance and Administration at the South Dakota School of Mines and Technology, answered questions at a public forum Feb. 13.

Alaskan environmentalists sue Department of Interior

The Wilderness Act of 1964 gave protection to about 9.1 million acres of federal land and defined wilderness in the U.S.; the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge is included in the protected areas.

University advocates for land grant

Officials at UA say that the university has not been granted all of the land it was entitled to because the federal land was ceded to state management in 1959, when Alaska was recognized as a state. Associate Vice President of Government Relations, Miles Baker, said he will advocate at the federal level to obtain the total land grant.

Senate proposes smoke-free workplaces

In his 2017 sponsor statement regarding Senate Bill 63, Sen. Peter Micciche wrote, "SB 63 seeks to protect Alaskan employees from the adverse health effects of secondhand smoke by providing a statewide smoke-free workplace law for business and public places."

Marijuana tax revenue reaches $4.5 million for state of Alaska

After the state began collecting marijuana tax in October of 2016, the total revenue for fiscal year 2017 came to $1.7 million. Brandon Spanos, deputy director of the department, says that the numbers are not surprising.

University advocates seek to preserve Alaska Higher Education Investment Fund

The Alaska Higher Education Investment Fund is managed like the Permanent Fund Dividend, with a principal, or original sum of money, that is invested. Earnings from investments fund the Alaska Performance Scholarship and the Alaska Education Grant.

Second vice chancellor candidate answers questions at forum

Mark Denney has been an associate vice president at Southern Oregon University since January 2014, according to his resume. Before SOU, he worked as a senior budget analyst at Mt. Hood Community College.

Black Student Union discusses racism, prejudice in panel event

"The premise of the panel discussion was to bring a rich conversation, a dynamic conversation about the tools and the narration that are used by the alt-right and neo-Nazis and white supremacists to control the narrative of African-Americans in this country," Morris said.

Legislative session starts, UA officials advocate budget increase

University officials are advocating for a $341 million operating budget appropriation and a $50 million capital budget allocation for deferred maintenance.

Trita Parsi to discuss US-Iranian tensions, nuclear deal

The 2015 nuclear deal was a preliminary agreement between Iran and the members of the United Nations Security Council, as well as the European Union. In return for granted limitations on the Iranian nuclear energy program, the U.N. and E.U. lifted their strict economic sanctions on Iran. President Donald Trump announced that he is considering discontinuing the deal.

Anchorage to hold first vote-by-mail election in April

The Municipality of Anchorage hopes to increase voter turnout and reduce costs by sending out paper ballots for the 2018 election. The deadline for voter registration is March 4.