Scholarship lands students opportunity to teach abroad

Ioana Lobontiu and Megan Green will be able to teach English as newly minted Fulbright scholars. Both will be working as English teaching assistants...

Facebook-Cambridge Analytica leaks prompt discussions about user privacy

Earlier this month, Facebook announced that a data firm had improperly collected information about nearly 87 million users, prompting a global debate around the...

Athletics aids athletes in coverage of surgery costs

Sustaining serious injuries as a UAA athlete can have a serious emotional, physical and financial toll. Cam Amantea, forward right wing on the UAA...

Senate subcommittee approves $5.5 million increase for UA budget

The Senate Finance University of Alaska Subcommittee approved a $5.5 million increase for UA funding on April 4. The funding is $5.5 million more than...

University signs contract with Pearson Education

The University of Alaska Anchorage recently signed a contract with the education publishing company Pearson. The agreement allows the university to start shifting from...

Students discuss plan to use PFD for supporting the state budget

This article was a project by UAA JPC 201 students. Contributors include Malia Barto, Kara Viotto, Austin Michie, Mary Ryan, Suzanna Fonova and Elena...

Spring 2018 Residence Hall Association elections

Elections for positions in the Residence Hall Association for the 2018-19 academic year were held on April 8. Positions were available exclusively to current...

Becoming a crisis line responder for STAR

Common calls on the crisis line include information about medical issues, explanations of the criminal justice system as well as information for family and friends of survivors.

April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month

One related event you don't want to miss is the Friendly-Feud Sex Edition on April 12 in the Gorsuch Commons at 6 p.m.

Anchorage vote-by-mail election breaks record for voter turnout

It's important to note that the data for this year's election is from an unofficial report and the official numbers will be confirmed on April 17. Even after polls had closed Tuesday night, elections officials still had thousands of ballots to process through the week and posted summaries by 5 p.m. each day.

University travel expenses include national advocacy

Over the last five years, $322,911.69 was spent on trip expenses for members of the Board of Regents. The board consists of 11 regents...

UAA works on filling interim positions

The fifth unfilled position is for provost and executive vice chancellor.

Claudia Lampman discusses student success in open forum

There is another opportunity to attend the open forum on Thursday, April 5. The 90-minute presentation begins at 2 p.m. in Room 307 of the UAA/APU Consortium Library.

Neo-Nazi organization posters seen in UAA skybridges

Identity Evropa is classified as a hate group by The Southern Poverty Law Center, a public interest law firm and civil rights advocacy organization, located in Montgomery, Alabama.

Sara Childress named Title IX Coordinator

Childress has been in the UAA Office of Equity and Compliance since 2017 as a civil rights investigator, Gingerich’s memo said.

House Judiciary Committee considers bill pushing for gun violence protective orders

House Bill 75, proposed by Rep. Geran Tarr in January of 2017, would allow families and law enforcement to take away firearms from those who may be at risk of hurting themselves or others.

USUAA 2018 election: Candidate interviews

Vice President President

Commuters find humor in #bridgepocalypse

MaryAlice Lovel Larmi, an Eagle River commuter, made a Facebook post that gained over 1,000 likes and reactions. Larmi wrote that she had moved less than a mile in under an hour to Anchorage from Wasilla and that, "I no longer remember what driving feels like... To my loved ones; goodbye. I belong to the Glenn now."

University seeks to reduce its eight-figure travel budget

$358,093.43 was spent on travel for members of the Board of Regents over the past five years.

Meet the students running for office in the spring USUAA election

President and vice president candidates include: Alec Burris and Geser Bat-Erdene, and Jada Caudel and IntiMayo Harbison.

Making money funny

Comedic speaker Colin Ryan, who visited UAA in 2013, has been trained in credit counseling and financial advising. As the author of several books on financial literacy, he speaks to student audiences nationwide about money and offers financial literacy training for schools and financial institutions.

Three accounting students win Paul Hagelbarger Scholarship

Each student won a scholarship of $2,000, as well as recognition on the Alaska Society of Certified Public Accountants Facebook page and newsletter, which is mailed to around 1,000 accounting professionals in Alaska. The recipients were also granted free membership to the AKCPA.

Faculty Alliance pursues faculty regent position

In response to the Alliance, UA President Jim Johnsen wrote that he believes “a number of problems would be created by requiring an employee-regent.”

National outlets announce new firearm sales restrictions

Walmart and DICK’S Sporting Goods limit sales of firearms and will no longer sell to anyone under 21 years old

Putting the miles in ‘milestone’

Seawolf Shuttle reaches a three-year safety goal

Chancellor announces new vice chancellor for Administrative Services

Chancellor Sam Gingerich’s office announced that Beverly Cotton Shuford has accepted the position of vice chancellor for Administrative Services

Library survey shows impact of budget cuts

Cuts to the library budget have impacted staff positions and online offerings from the library.

New academic reinstatement policies approved

The new policies for students will enable academically disqualified students to apply for financial aid and include a mandatory advising program. A previous rule required the applicants to earn at least 12 credits before their official readmission.

Final candidate for vice chancellor presents; chancellor to hire this month

Pat Shier has been serving as interim vice chancellor for Administrative Services at UAA since the previous Vice Chancellor, Bill Spindle, left for a position at Texas A&M University at San Antonio in 2016. Before assuming the role of Vice Chancellor, Shier was chief information officer at UAA.

Spring students still required to complete Title IX Haven Training

The deadline for completion of the training is Friday, March 30. On the following Monday, holds will be placed on student accounts through fall priority registration.