An introduction to the 2016 Red Zone series

College begins as the first day of the rest of our lives. We discover our passions, make lasting friendships and learn skills that will...

Alaska Senate approves bill to cut Alaska Performance Scholarship

Senate Bill 103 passes the Senate, waits for approval from the House

RED ZONE: Mandatory sex discrimination training due on Halloween

Degree-seeking, residential and exchange students are required to complete a Title IX discrimination prevention training by the end of the month.

Tax reform repeals college tuition benefits for graduate students

The impact on graduate and doctoral students who are currently benefiting from tuition waivers could be severe.

Dogs, drugs and the Iditarod

Dallas Seavey drops out of 2018 Iditarod after dogs tested positive for banned substance after 2017 race, says he was set up

Community and Technical College transitioning to University and Technical College

  The Community and Technical College is transitioning into the University and Technical College according to an email memo Interim Chancellor Sam Gingerich sent out...

University changes union requirements following U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling in labor case

On June 27, the U.S. Supreme Court voted 5-4 against the American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees in the Janus v. AFSCME...

Registration holds now temporary

Mandatory training not fully completed across UA system

Chancellor Gorsuch announces retirement

University of Alaska Anchorage Chancellor Edward Lee Gorsuch has announced that he will be retiring in June of 2004, ending a career that has...

Get off the couch!

Art, discussions, live music and more.

Anchorage students take a stand against gun violence

Students at Service High School, West Anchorage High School and Begich Middle School conducted walk-outs and/or gave speeches against gun violence recently, after a Florida school shooting that occurred in February claimed the lives of 17 people.

Generation Action protests Proposition 1

The proposed petition states that the Anchorage Municipal Code shall be amended to “protect the privacy of citizens by requiring that certain intimate facilities such as locker rooms, showers, changing rooms, and restrooms within municipal buildings be designated for and used only by persons of the same sex; and provide that private employers, public accommodations and other persons may lawfully choose to designate intimate facilities for use only by persons of the same sex.”

Student media thrives despite declining revenue

Student media faces cuts with declining enrollment

Alaska Occupational Safety and Health begins second inspection this year

Alaska Occupational Safety and Health recently began its second inspection of workplace safety at UAA this year, following up on initial citations for a serious and other-than-serious violation. UAA is contesting one of them.

Second vice chancellor candidate answers questions at forum

Mark Denney has been an associate vice president at Southern Oregon University since January 2014, according to his resume. Before SOU, he worked as a senior budget analyst at Mt. Hood Community College.

USUAA passes resolution to increase student employee wages

The increase would bring Student Assistant A, the lowest wage level, to the state minimum wage of $9.80, which was effective January of this year.

Bean’s Cafe is facing existential challenges

The soup kitchen, which now exclusively operates as such, seeks an insurer that will meet the organization's needs.

Handling bears and other wildlife: What you need to know

Alaskan summers allow for increased outdoor activity, and that goes for both people and wildlife. In the last month, there have been a string...

Textbook affordability survey results show student concern

According to national data, students are budgeted to spend $1,200 per year for books and materials. However, the median or middle value for UAA students, per semester, is between $500 and $599.

President, chancellors are highest paid Alaska employees

Being a civil servant isn't all bad. Perks in Alaska can include a six-figure salary, free housing and a vehicle - if you have time to use them in between your paid trips around the U.S., and to England, Germany and Austria. Despite that, university officials say a request for proposals now going out to examine the executive salary rates throughout the university is not because they are too high and that it is merely a routine look at procedures.

Anchorage faces highest number of mumps cases in decades

As of Dec. 2, 71 confirmed and 15 probable cases have been identified in Alaska. Since all confirmed and probable cases were either residents of or spent extensive time in Anchorage, the outbreak has been limited to the city so far.

University of Alaska will not fund emergency scholarship

The University of Alaska will not be funding a proposed emergency scholarship fund for students despite an announcement introducing the scholarship by a UA...

Fourth vice chancellor candidate presents at open forums

Cotton Shuford is Associate Vice President of Budget and Analytics at the University of North Texas. She has Bachelor’s of Business Administration degrees in finance and accounting, a Master’s of Science in accounting and she has almost completed a doctorate in higher education administration, according to her resume.

Q&A: Alaska governor candidates on education

By USUAA The Union of Students of the University of Alaska Anchorage (USUAA) exists as a governing body within a publicly funded institution. A large...

Anchorage to hold first vote-by-mail election in April

The Municipality of Anchorage hopes to increase voter turnout and reduce costs by sending out paper ballots for the 2018 election. The deadline for voter registration is March 4.

Code of Conduct violations on par with FY 2016, academic dishonesty violations increase

Student Code of Conduct violations increased in the category of academic dishonesty for the 2017 fiscal year, while other categories decreased or were consistent...

Wolfcard replacement fee increased from $10 to $20

Starting this fall semester it will cost $20 to replace a WOLFcard

USUAA passes constitutional amendment to restructure Student Government Fee

USUAA intends to implement a flat Student Government Fee to better serve the student body

Students discuss plan to use PFD for supporting the state budget

This article was a project by UAA JPC 201 students. Contributors include Malia Barto, Kara Viotto, Austin Michie, Mary Ryan, Suzanna Fonova and Elena...

Chancellor announces changes in research administration

UAA Chancellor Cathy Sandeen recently announced plans for the establishment of a task force for research along with other changes in research administration. Earlier...