Photo story: Women’s March 2018

Following the inauguration of Donald Trump in 2017, millions of women and men around the world gathered to protest abuses of women and power,...

World Heath Organization to classify ‘gaming disorder’ as mental health disorder

The drafted document, posted on WHO's website, describes the disorder as "a pattern of persistent or recurrent gaming behavior ('digital gaming' or 'video-gaming'), which may be online (i.e., over the internet) or offline."

DHSS publishes comprehensive report on health impacts of climate change

According to the report, Alaska’s annual average temperature is expected to increase by 2 to 4 degrees Fahrenheit until 2050 and by 8 to 9 degrees until 2100.

Alaska population declines for first time since late 1980s

For the first time in nearly 30 years, Alaska's population has declined by 2,629 people. According to estimates released by the Alaska Department of Labor...

Providing a solution to Anchorage homelessness with Think Tank

The “What does a solution to homelessness in Anchorage look like?” Think Tank event will take place on Thursday, Jan. 25 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. in the Consortium Library, room 307. The event is free, and open to all students, staff, faculty and other community members.

Sam’s Club closure hurts UAA

Wal-Mart Stores, Inc., the parent company of Sam’s Club, announced Jan. 11 that it will be closing 63 different Sam’s Clubs nationwide, including ones in Alaska.

Digital money with real effects and risks

While mistaken money transfers or purchases can be handled by a phone call to the bank, it's not the same case for using cryptocurrency.

YouTube star faces backlash, criticism after uploading controversial video

Logan Paul apologizes for footage of his trip to Japan showing dead body

Completion degrees meld UAA history as university and community college

“This degree is perfect for a certain population of students,” Brekke said. “If you are an associate's degree student and you want to get your leadership skills without losing all the credits towards your major, this is the perfect degree.”

University considers implementing refresher training

“We don’t want to, just every year, have people do exactly the same thing, exactly the same training,” Kamahele said.

Implementation of UAA 2020 goals continues

The 2020 initiative is replacing UAA 2017, the university’s previous 10-year plan.

Audio Piece: Alaska bat researchers brace for white-nose syndrome

Bat research in Alaska has only started gaining traction within the last decade or so and biologists are working to gather even the most...

Do UAA alumni donate to the university?

Jim Johnsen, president of the University of Alaska, has spoken about increasing philanthropy to the university to offset declining contributions from the State of Alaska. In the fall of 2013, UA had a general fund allocation of over $376.7 million. This fall, the fund allocation was roughly $317 million.

Survey shows 9 in 10 UAA students enjoy living on campus

The Quality of Life Survey of students living in the UAA residence halls and apartments for the fall semester was conducted and showed positive...

Alaska Occupational Safety and Health begins second inspection this year

Alaska Occupational Safety and Health recently began its second inspection of workplace safety at UAA this year, following up on initial citations for a serious and other-than-serious violation. UAA is contesting one of them.

Recent changes to public transit create challenges for students

The four major roads the People Mover travels on have reduced wait times to 15 minutes. However, for some students at UAA, the changes have negatively affected how they get around Anchorage.

UAA signs into partnership agreement with National University of Mongolia

Last month, UAA signed a partnership agreement with the National University of Mongolia. This agreement will open doorways to collaborative research and faculty and student...

Anchorage faces highest number of mumps cases in decades

As of Dec. 2, 71 confirmed and 15 probable cases have been identified in Alaska. Since all confirmed and probable cases were either residents of or spent extensive time in Anchorage, the outbreak has been limited to the city so far.

Library survey will track impact of budget cuts

The Consortium Library surveys stakeholders at the university every three years by asking about users’ minimum, perceived and desired levels of service.

Tax reform repeals college tuition benefits for graduate students

The impact on graduate and doctoral students who are currently benefiting from tuition waivers could be severe.

DACA applications rejected due to post office delay

A number of renewals were delayed and thus rejected by the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services, but the agency will be reconsidering some applications

Bean’s Cafe is facing existential challenges

The soup kitchen, which now exclusively operates as such, seeks an insurer that will meet the organization's needs.

FCC to vote on repealing net neutrality rules

Federal Communications Commission chairman Ajit Pai announced his proposal in November to roll back Obama-era regulations

Board of Regents extend President’s contract

The Board of Regents approved an extension to UA President Jim Johnsen's employment contract through Aug. 10, 2022.

USUAA passes resolution to increase student employee wages

The increase would bring Student Assistant A, the lowest wage level, to the state minimum wage of $9.80, which was effective January of this year.

Board of Regents approves tuition increase

From the fall of 2005 to the fall of 2019, tuition rates for lower-division courses (100-200) will have increased 104.5 percent.

An array of benefits for Green Fee’s newest UAA project

Nine new solar panels have been added to the roof of the Administrative and Humanities Building

RED ZONE: ‘Weinstein effect’ sparks national reckoning against sexual assault and harassment

It’s not just women that have spoken out; several men have come forward with stories of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by Kevin Spacey, the now former "House of Cards" actor.

New education abroad committee established

“We are at a global crossroads here in Anchorage, so whether we want to or not, we're part of the wider world. So having greater opportunities to get our students out into that is definitely a good thing,” Paul Dunscomb, chair of the history department, said.

Chronic Blackboard problems frustrate students, faculty

“Blackboard has always been a kind of a sticky wicket… even when I was a grad student. But this fall semester has been really trying,” Howard said.