Police Scanner

Driver caught smoking marijuana 02/08/2009 1:44 a.m. Offi cer Chafi n contacted a suspicious looking vehicle and found the driver to be smoking marijuana. A summons was issued for misconduct involving a controlled substance in the 6th degree. UPD lends a helping hand 02/09/2009 1:43 p.

Statewide Briefs

University Regents decry recent NCAA development The UA Board of Regents unanimously backed a resolution criticizing a change to the NCAA's Division II playoff format. The change keeps Alaska and Hawaii from hosting full eight-team tournaments. The measure received Gov.

UAA looks into banning bottled water

Imagine going to the grocery store and seeing a display advertising pints of air for only $1.99. They're advertised as being fresh from the Rockies, without all the pollutants of regular city air. If this sounds ridiculous, then replace air with water, and you can see why Washington University banned the sale of bottled water across their campus.

Students must rate

The Alaska Commission of Postsecondary Education introduced a new bill to the State Legislature on Monday that stands to have a great impact on student loans. Drafted by Rep. Paul Seaton (R-Homer), HB 109 will require students applying for an Alaska Supplemental Education Loan (ASEL) to have good credit, or apply with a credit-worthy co-signer.

Easing library searches

Forget printing fees. Students now can scan and download documents at the library - at no cost. The scanner is just one of a series of improvements the Consortium Library is working on after receiving the results of the LibQual Survey that was administered by the library last November.

Student election lacks qualified candidates, 1 student – 2 positions

Student elections are taking place this week on the UAA main campus, and there is hardly a buzz about it. On Feb. 17 and 18, students will have the opportunity to vote in their UAA choice for the Student Regent and Student Commissioner. Both offi ces require the candidate be enrolled at UAA for two more years with a minimum of 12 credits for an undergraduate and nine credits for a graduate student.

Sparking relationships

Sometimes people continue to do the same things over and over again, and each time they expect to get different results. Einstein's defi nition of insanity could certainly apply to dating today. If the right person has not turned up using the same old tactics, maybe it is time to change habits up.

UA accused of anti-development

A state representative created a political uproar last week when she criticized the political views of UA students and faculty. When UA president Mark Hamilton presented his case for UA's budgetary needs to the House Finance Committee meeting on Feb. 5, Rep.

STIs rampant in AK

Alaska is known for its vast scenic parks, its clean water and its incredible revenue from oil reserves, but its staggering rate of reported sexually transmitted infections is not something to be terribly proud of. According to the Center for Disease Control's 2007 STI report, Alaska is ranked number three in the nation for reported chlamydia cases, with gonorrhea and syphilis right behind it.

Smut icon arouses locals at Castle

Last week the Castle Mega Store in Anchorage opened its doors for the small "Jewish Boy" that helped set the establishment. Actor, director, endorser, and king of pornography Ron - "The Hedgehog" - Jeremy has been in over 1,000 adult movies and directed more than 200.

Israel-Palestine conflict spurs local debate

Last November, UAA student, Myrna Hammond-Wuerth, 70, went to Israel with the hope of gaining a better understanding of the ongoing confl ict in the Gaza Strip. "To really try to understand how the occupation affects the lives of every Palestinian man, woman, and child, one should go there and see how they live and listen to their voices," Hammond-Wuerth said in a press release.

New dining advisory board comes to UAA

Next month USUAA will launch a new committee to analyze and assess student opinion of food services on campus. USUAA Senator Cristina Gaina is the sponsor of the new Dining Advisory Committee. Gaina said the original committee, the Food Services Student Investigative Commission, was fi rst organized a few years ago.

RUNWAY: Extension would hinder trail use

A point of contention between airport and park offi cials for the past two years may fi nally be fi nding resolution. The Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport may soon undergo a runway extension project that will improve airport effi ciency and reduce congestion.

Enrollment stays steady despite economic concerns

As the country's economy tumbles toward a depression, it is unlikely UAA enrollment will feel the same affects. Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs, Linda Lazzell said that contrary to what some might think, enrollment has not dropped off at UAA. Rather, it has been relatively fl at with a difference of only 10 students less than spring of 2008.

Statewide Briefs

Alaska veterans get a reversal on a reversal The lives of 25 elderly Alaska Natives are currently of great interest to politicians around the nation. In mid-January it came to the state's attention that the Department of Defense was planning to cease military retirement pay to 25 Alaska Native Elders on Feb.

Statewide Briefs

Juneau hit with two power outages The capital city got hit with two power outages on Jan 23. Both struck early Friday morning. The city is being powered by diesel fuel thanks to a recent avalanche knocking down a transmission line linked to a hydroelectric plant.

55th Inauguration of 44th President

Last Tuesday morning it seemed the enthusiastic crowds gathered in the Washington Mall had extended all the way to Anchorage. Nearly 1,000 people politely, and with big smiles, filed into the Wendy Williamson Auditorium to watch the live telecast of President Barack H.

New system to alert campus

Starting this week, a new voice over alert system will be put in place to notify students and staff of an emergency on campus. All active CISCO IP phones will now be equipped with Burbee, a computer server system that will alert individuals by sending a voice message out over the phone speaker, University Police Chief Dale Pittman said.

Error results in additional charge at UAA

If UAA students think they have paid their semester fee in full, they might want to check again. A billing error has left many student accounts with a $5 charge even if the rest of their account has been paid, due to a mistake in not charging the increased Concert Board fee.

Call to service

A week before the presidential inauguration, an e-mail endorsed by both Barack and Michelle Obama hit the inbox of millions of Americans. Titled "Renew America," the email called on everyone to step up to volunteerism on Jan. 19, Martin Luther King Jr. Day, and in King's honor declare the day a National Day of Service.

HPV vaccination free for some, but not all

What seems to be a genuine effort to assist those in need may just be a thinly veiled bureaucracy. The Anchorage Department of Health and Human Services is currently doing a big push to promote the human papillomavirus vaccination for young girls. DHHS is offering the vaccination Girls and young women between the ages of 9 and 26 are recommended to vaccinate themselves against HPV.

State to sue over beluga whale protection

Last week Governor Sarah Palin announced that the State of Alaska fi led a notice of intent to sue over the federal government's decision to list the Cook Inlet beluga whales as endangered. The governor's announcement caused many scientists and wildlife protection groups to quickly criticize her decision.

Say What?

Sarah Palin fan unknowingly buys effi gy with noose The maker of a Sarah Palin mannequin says a would-be buyer backed out when he discovered its past - as a effi gy hung by a noose in a West Hollywood home's Halloween display. Professional window dresser ChadMichael Morrisette said the winner of the eBay auction thought he was buying a pro-Palin item until he heard a radio report about it.

Arun Gandhi: advocating peace and non-violence

With most of the world's countries in or on the brink of war, it may seem like any chance of world peace has been put on the back burner. One man, however, is being highly sought-after by both the media and the public for his message of peace. It is the same message his father and his father's father have been teaching for nearly a century.

Unusual temperatures cause twoday campus closure

Relief from schoolwork came early this semester when unexpectedly warm weather forced UAA officials to close school for two days in a row last week due to poor road conditions. UPD Chief Dale Pittman said that despite few classes in session, school was reopened on Friday, with the road conditions considerably better than the day before.

Circus Art in the Arctic gets warm

Most people in South Central Alaska have known the circus to be an annual state fair event stock with ringmaster, elephants, horses, candy, and a big striped tent, but it's not the only circus in town. The space at the state fair for Circus Borealis, recently sold to Motocross, and local circus entertainment has fallen upon a motley group of underground performers, working in some way to keep an aspect of the circus art and lifestyle alive.

Statewide Briefs

Panel nixes Palin pay increase A state commission has reversed it recommendation to grant a pay raise to Gov. Sarah Palin, but the panel is still pushing for a $15,000 average raise for state legislators. The State Offi cers Compensation Commission had earlier recommended salary increases for Palin, top state department heads and lawmakers.

College Bound

Prop 8 protests rage on In Sacramento, Calif., the largest crowd yet gathered at the State Capitol for the fi fth day in a row protesting the recent rulings of Proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriage in the state. Prop 8 has brought together over 5,000 activists who have gathered in front of the Capitol to protest the rulings and to voice their anger for the ruling.

Miss AK prepares for national stage

For one Alaskan, the month of January is not just the start of a new year, but the beginning of new possibilities. UAA student Stephanie Jeffers, a 23-year-old theater major, is the state's 50th Miss Alaska, and in the last week of the month, she will be in Las Vegas for the 78th annual Miss America Pageant.

Anchorage man hero to the hungry

The past holiday season proved to be a cold and dense one, however, one man with a mission didn't falter. With help from his community and donations from across the city, he sought to feed those who were hungry. Many children were fed despite tight funds due to the economic drudge.