Unusual temperatures cause twoday campus closure

Relief from schoolwork came early this semester when unexpectedly warm weather forced UAA officials to close school for two days in a row last week due to poor road conditions. UPD Chief Dale Pittman said that despite few classes in session, school was reopened on Friday, with the road conditions considerably better than the day before.

UA College Savings Plan reduces its fees

As life goes on and parents watch their children grow into maturity, contemplation of college becomes more important with every passing school year. Mothers...

Graduate research in African Savanna

When Andrew Kulmatiski first arrived in Kruger Nation Park, South Africa five years ago, he was reluctant to leave the safety of his vehicle....

“Is Homosexuality Moral?” Recap

Philosophy Professor John Corvino spoke to the UAA community at the Wendy William Center on Feb. 17. The lecture titled “Is homosexuality immoral?” presented...

Crimes of the Week! January 26-February 3

Breakdown of the shady happenings around UAA campus between 1.26.12 and 2.03.12. Over 22 calls were investigated in the span of one week. Wondering...

College Bound

Prop 8 protests rage on In Sacramento, Calif., the largest crowd yet gathered at the State Capitol for the fi fth day in a row protesting the recent rulings of Proposition 8, which bans same-sex marriage in the state. Prop 8 has brought together over 5,000 activists who have gathered in front of the Capitol to protest the rulings and to voice their anger for the ruling.

UAA sponsors academic freedom forum

Freedom of speech has become quite the issue at the University of Alaska Anchorage. UA President Mark Hamilton's response to Sept. 11 and his...


The University has three sources of funds: Unrestricted (general fund, UA receipt, etc.) Restricted (federal/state funds for grants/contracts) Auxiliary (bookstore, housing, health center, parking) The percentage of funding for schools and...

Money secured for 42-inch flat screen TV

Student Leadership Coordinator Diane Kozak encouraged USUAA members to distribute Election Board’s bookmarks advertising the upcoming USUAA spring 2005 elections. Attendance registration forms for the...

Quarantine’s ability to slow bird flu debated

Fifty people attended the debate and discussion Oct. 27 in the Consortium Library focusing on what role the United Nations should play and what...

Crowded classrooms becoming standard

According to a June report from the U.S. Department of Education, the growing number of American 18-year-olds are expected to peak in 2009 when...

Loophole allows those deemed dangerous to purchase weapons

Alaska law has a loophole similar to the one that allowed Virginia Tech shooter Cho Seung-Hui to purchase guns illegally, according to an Anchorage representative - a problem he hopes will soon be remedied.

UAA’s dental program finds new teeth

These days, when military personnel and their dependents walk into the dental clinic on Elmendorf Air Force Base, they may be surprised to find themselves in the chair of a UAA dental student. A dozen dental students are enrolled in the UAA Dental Hygiene Program, is a partnership between the University of Alaska and Elmendorf dental clinic.

Agitated moose on campus killed to avoid run in with students

Having a college campus in Anchorage means sharing campus with wildlife residents that were here before the buildings, streets and sprawling parking lots. Most...

Alaska political themes on display as Murkowski declares victory

There were two Alaska political themes making a stark debut as Sen. Lisa Murkowski declared victory Wednesday for the historic write-in campaign she waged...

Sequestration could cut funding

In an effort to pay government bills, the United States government will begin sequestering money Jan. 1 if Congress does not find a way...

Search for provost coming to a close

The search committee for UAA’s new provost and vice chancellor of academic affairs is coming to a close. In Dec. 2014 the former Provost...

First-time voters: Utilizing their voice

The 2016 Presidential Election: It may just be the most conflicting political decision yet.

News Briefs

Chevron donates $1 million to UAA Chevron has donated $1 million to support the University of Alaska's Alaska Native Science and Engineering Program (ANSEP), and the Process Technology, Instrumentation, and Computer Electronics programs located at UAA's Kenai Peninsula College (KPC) Kenai River Campus in Soldotna.

UA land management plan released

Seven houses in Palmer that are on university-owned land are slated to be sold competitively within the next several years, according to the Statewide...

International students could face new city law

Anchorage universities educating international students may have a harder time recruiting if the city assembly passes a new ordinance meant to crack down on illegal immigrants, said Erick Cordero, spokesman for the Alaska Immigrants Rights Coalition. Ordinance 125 would require that the Anchorage Police Department and municipality employees enforce federal immigration laws by reviewing citizenship documents for all people living, working and traveling through Anchorage, he said.

Creative writing minor moves to English department

Students looking pursue a minor in creative writing will now have to head to the English department, effective this fall. Starting Fall 2008, the creative writing minor will be absorbed by the English department as the Department of Creative Writing and Literary Arts moves from a full-time faculty department to a low-residency Master's of Fine Arts program.

USUAA elections go unannounced, uncontested

A week after the presidential elections, students might have noticed ballot boxes and polling stations around the UAA Campus. Unbeknownst to many, four students were running for USUAA Student Government positions. "There were two senators running. and there were two students for Concert Board," said USUAA president Karl Wing.

Suicide, the hidden social issue

The season has returned when the rate of suicides, both attempted and fatal, goes up in Alaska. According to UPD Det. Mike Beckner, the rates of both have increased on the UAA campus from last year, with four or five attempts since January. Suicide is often considered too taboo for media to report on.

What women want: the challenges faced by today’s superwoman

The meaning of feminism has shifted throughout history along with the roles and responsibilities of women. Women in the 1950s were expected to find...

Priority registration in place for next semester

Did you have any problems with registering for this semester? USUAA President Miles Brookes and the student government worked with Vice Chancellor Schulz to...

State Legislature passes House Bill 6

In 2007 Jim Hayes, of the UA Board of Regents, refused to step down after he and his wife were indicted upon 92 charges of fraud, theft and money laundering. Hayes reportedly missed almost of half of the board meetings in 2006 and refused to resign even after he was directly asked to step down by former governor Sarah Palin.

Students weigh in on VP debate

Vice President Joe Biden squared off against Republican candidate Paul Ryan in the only vice presidential debate of the election, as 20-30 UAA students watched the event on a projector screen in the Student Union.

UAA Advocacy Team presents student body issues in Juneau

In the next few weeks, important decisions about issues affecting students will be made. Students will be able to vote on the issues such as the smoke-free initiative and the introduction of a $6 recreational fee. For other issues, such as the funding for building operations, students are dependent on USUAA student government for representation. Student representatives were in Juneau after battling flight cancellations last Friday and brief delays Saturday morn- ing. The annual advocacy trip officially commenced Saturday afternoon.

UAF starts laying off people amid budget woes

A reduction in state funding combined with rising fixed costs will force layoffs at the University of Alaska Fairbanks. The university said about 40 positions...