Student government lost in budget process

Former paid staff members of student government left the mostly volunteer assembly in a budget bind when they quit their jobs this summer. Assembly members have failed to pass a spending budget two times this semester. In prior years, it has passed before the start of the fall semester.

Locker room talk: Consent and the 2016 presidential election

Locker room talk brings up national conversation of sexual assault.

Annual women’s wellness exams save lives

The mere thought of pap smears sends a shiver of discomfort down most women’s spines. But because the test can detect potentially abnormal cell growth, it can also determine whether a woman might have cervical cancer.

{Police Scanner}

May 31 12:55 p.m. A UPD officer on patrol on Sharon Gagnon Lane observed a vehicle with two different plates. The officer determined that one...

Staff Council broaches topic of unionizing

Faculty are currently divided on whether or not to unionize.

Accounting employee arrested for embezzlement

University police arrested UAA accounting employee Sheralyn Williams Feb. 18 for allegedly stealing $7,699.69 from UAA in the last year. Williams, a 13-year employee of...

USUAA reexamines the rule books

Students can rest assured knowing that some members of the Union of Students at the University of Alaska Anchorage are keeping a close eye...

Bicyclist hit at UAA Drive, “injuries aren’t life threatening”

DEVELOPING STORY: last updated 3:54 pm, Aug 30. A bicyclist was hit on UAA Drive Monday morning at 7:30. UAA student Elizabeth Kubitskey was present at the time, and said it was a minivan that hit the bicyclist. Kubitskey said that the biker was several feet away from his bike, on his back with his feet in the air when she first saw him.

Problems with Wi-Fi Frustrate Students

Campus Wi-Fi: for some students an everyday convenience, but for others the source of a constant headache. In recent weeks, students have complained of inaccessible and unreliable Wi-Fi on campus, particularly in the Administration Building and Cuddy Hall.

UAA student to run for mayor, hopes to address student issues

Melanie Leydon, a UAA student majoring in engineering, turned in her application for mayor of Anchorage on June 4. She will be running with former UAA student and mayoral candidate Nick Moe as her campaign manager. Though Leydon's campaign hopes to win the election, being elected is not the only goal.

Annual security report shows increase in motor vehicle theft

Assistant Dean of Students and Director of Student Conduct and Ethical Development Michael Votava says UAA's motor vehicle theft increased from one case in the 2014-15 school year to 12 in 2016.

Students offer aid to Pakistanis

Pakistanis affected by the earthquake Oct. 8 are getting some aid from an unexpected source. Students from USUAA's Board of Cultural Awareness have begun a...

SKELETON RACE: Adrenaline and ice

Former TNL editor and reporter, Michelle Bartleman Loscher has a relatively typicalresume: UAA Alumni; ex-track sprinter, rugby player, and gymnast; to date: Skeleton Racer...? What is Skeleton racing? Skeleton racing is a combination of breakneck speeds and intense turns, while lying flat on a toboggan-like sled cruising head-first down a track.

Police Scanner

Jan. 20, 2009 Car gets broken into in South lot 9:00 p.m. - A Parking Service offi cer called to report that he was with a student who reported their car was broken into in the South parking lot. Investigation continues. Jan 21, 2009 Someone had to wear shades Between 7:15 a.
Photo of UAA. Photo by Chase Burnett.

UAA School of Education loses accreditation for certain programs

By Cheyenne Mathews and Chase Burnett Updated Jan. 15 What could have been the last first day of school for some UAA education students turned into...

How to protect yourself against identity theft and scams in Anchorage

Michelle Tabler, Alaska Regional Manager for the BBB, provides useful tips and information regarding scams around Anchorage.

Discount cards get revitalized

A new, more streamlined discount card plan that will offer UAA students reduced rates on goods and services around Anchorage is scheduled to be...

Bidding war will decide Subway’s campus future

The future of Subway on campus is up in the air - or not, depending on whom you ask. Several contractors are now in a bidding war to providing food service on campus for the next few years. Depending on how the bidding goes, it is possible that students may be saying goodbye to the sandwich shop, which has been a staple at UAA since 1995.

Human services club gathering food for army

Special to the Northern Light The University of Alaska Anchorage Human Services Club is putting together boxes of food to show support for members...

The Edge Update: New state budget proposals, Standing Rock evacuation and North Korean assasination

The Edge Update can be heard daily on KRUA 88.1 FM The Edge, UAA's college radio station.Local:On Friday, the state senate’s Republican-dominated majority proposed...

With decimal mistake, students become millionaires

Low-income students have inadvertently presented themselves as millionaires on an application for federal financial student aid — making it less likely they will qualify...

The Edge Update: Gov. Bill Walker, Rolling Stone and Brexit

Local news:Governor Bill Walker announced Friday that he had been diagnosed with prostate cancer. However, the governor says that the cancer is treatable and...

Financial crisis impacts UA funds

A student is budgeting for the next school year. They plan on having $1000 once the semester started, with their parents contributing money as needed to that fund. When the parents balanced their checkbook, they realized that they didn't have as much money to give, and instead they had the student reduce their spending plan to $900.

Psychology course examines reactions to disaster

The recent Asian tsunami disaster may not be in the news this summer, but the type of trauma it causes will be part of...

The eagle has landed at Merrill Field: FedEx donates Boeing 727 to Aviation program

When landing, pilots are taught to aim for the numbers. The numbers denote the beginning of the runway and they are used as a reference point on final descent. A pilot aims for the numbers, flattens the plane out and then lands somewhere further down the runway. When a 100,000 pound jet lands on the 4000 ft. runway at Merrill Field the goal is to actually land on the numbers. Instead of aiming for the numbers the pilot aims for the Northway Mall.

Alcoholic energy drink hospitalizes students nationwide

Students across the nation are being hospitalized as a result of drinking the now controversial alcoholic energy drink, Four Loko. Common results include alcohol...

Police Scanner

Monday, Feb. 4 Student followed by unknown stalker 2:33 p.m. -- A student reported that they had been followed by an unknown individual on several recent occasions. They gave a description of the suspect, and the student will notify officers if the suspect is observed again on campus.

Joe Miller visits campus

Last week, United States congressional candidate Joe Miller attended an event at UAA to discuss his campaign platform. The event was hosted in collaboration...

News Briefs

Polaris lecture series wraps up with discussions on Washington The Spring 2007 Polaris lecture series finished its season with guest lecturer Matthew Spalding on Thursday, March 29, in the Consortium Library. Spalding's lecture, "The Command of Our Own Fortunes: George Washington and the Challenge of Founding," addressed issues such as the founding of the United States and the influence of the nation's first president.

Faculty objects to aspects of Fisher Report

Faculty is strongly objecting to the Fisher Report’s suggestion that UAF should be the only research institute in the UA system. James L. Fisher was...