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Debate over marijuana reform hazy

“Doobie or Not Doobie?: That is the Marijuana Question,” was one of the playful titles suggested to assistant professor Jason Brandeis of the UAA Justice Center for an upcoming public discussion at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium on March 5.

The problem for Brandeis, who acted as moderator, was that “marijuana legalization is a serious subject and a serious public policy issue,” and though many may find pot-related puns irresistible, the event ended up simply being titled “Time to Legalize?…

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University experiencing budget deficit

Governor Parnell announced in February that the state’s unrestricted general funds are expected to see a decline from $6.9 billion to $4.5 billion due to the reduction in oil revenues. This is a 35 percent reduction in state operating costs, and these numbers have caused a deficit of about $2 billion.

U.S. assistant surgeon general visits UAA Fresh Air kickoff

Members of UAA’s Smoke Free Task Force hosted an event on Feb 24, to kick of their campus-wide Fresh Air Challenge. The Fresh Air Challenge is a region-wide effort to encourage all college campuses in Alaska, Oregon, Idaho and Washington to become smoke- or tobacco-free.

The event opened with performances from the Underground Dance Company and UAA’s Glee Club.


Bret Bohn now ward of the state

After 12 days in court, Lorraine Phillips-Bohn and her husband say their son, Bret Bohn, is now under guardianship of the state against his will. Bohn’s family claims hospital officials and ruling Superior Court Judge Erin B. Marston have ignored their son’s original power of attorney, which gave Bret Bohn’s parents the right to make medical decisions on behalf of their son. Bohn’s general power of attorney and health care power of attorney were drafted in 2007, before Bohn’s current illness.

According to court documents, during the course of Bohn’s medical treatment at Providence Alaska Medical Center, his parents informed the medical staff of these documents and began acting accordingly.

Photo courtesy Bohn family.

Update: Bret Bohn now ward of the state

After fourteen days in court, Lorraine Phillips-Bohn and Glenn Bohn say their son Bret Bohn is now under guardianship of the State against his will. The Bohn’s claim hospital officials, and ruling Judge Erin B. Marston, have ignored their son’s original Power of Attorney which gave them (the parents) the right to make medical decisions on behalf of their son.

On October 16, 2013 after several nights of insomnia, Bohn’s parents brought him to the Providence Hospital Emergency Room to seek treatment.

English education major Caity-Ann Stigen is a resident adviser at Templewood Apartments. Her's is one of the apartments being remodeled in an ongoing renovation effort.

Student housing renovations make new accomodations

The cost of renting an apartment in Anchorage can be high, and working to pay for rent, utilities and groceries can be difficult while attending college. The residence halls also offer many programs to help students succeed in education. One of the programs offered is the First Year Experience program in North Hall. This program […]

USUAA Advocacy Report

The USUAA student government Advocacy Team returned from the state capital after a slew of productive meetings with state legislators between Feb. 1 and 4. Along with their other University of Alaska associates, the advocacy team met with senators and representatives in an effort to garner a bigger budget for UA projects. The UA Coalition […]

Fall Commencement in new sports complex

Running the risk of an unprofitable overlap of graduation and Christmas gifts, UAA students will have the chance to walk at the newly opened Alaska Airlines Center on Dec. 14, just after fall final exams week. The decision to host December and May commencements at the new arena was made at a meeting of the […]

In this Chemistry 105 class, students of term instructor Derek Bascom practice reading and dispensing volumes from glassware

General Chemistry Concentration Cut

The University of Alaska Anchorage offers a major in chemistry with two concentrations: biochemistry and chemistry. At present, a total of 80 students have declared chemistry as their major. Of these 80 students, 70 have declared a concentration in biochemistry, and only five have declared a concentration in a general studies track of chemistry called […]

USUAA President Drew Lemish represents UAA at the Juneau Advocacy Trip. 

Photo courtesy KRUA

UAA Advocacy Team presents student body issues in Juneau

In the next few weeks, important decisions about issues affecting students will be made. Students will be able to vote on the issues such as the smoke-free initiative and the introduction of a $6 recreational fee. For other issues, such as the funding for building operations, students are dependent on USUAA student government for representation.

Student representatives were in Juneau after battling flight cancellations last Friday and brief delays Saturday morn- ing. The annual advocacy trip officially commenced Saturday afternoon.


Homelessness: Defying the odds

At any given time, there are approximately 3,000 homeless individuals and families with young children in Anchorage. The average age of Anchorage’s homeless population is below the age of 10.

Dancing decker strikes random UAA students

Dancing decker strikes random UAA students

An alert was issued by University Police on Jan. 24 when a report came in that a suspicious male allegedly struck a female student at the Consortium Library bus stop at 8:27 a.m. He was described as “a white male in his mid-twenties wearing a knit hat, a flannel jacket, dark khakis or green pants, and was carrying a backpack.”

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Conduct ye yourselves as adult students

Plagiarism has been the scourge of academia for centuries. But should every culprit be punished? When does plagiarism become an opportunity for teachers to teach?

A simple Google search would reveal that the paragraph above was lifted directly from an article in the Rhode Island College News. At UAA, plagiarism this blatant can earn stiff penalties, and according to a recently released report published by the Dean of Students Office, “Students of Concern and Their Behavior,” it has.

Alaskans experiencing heat wave in January

While Lower 48 states are experiencing unusually cold weather this winter because of the polar vortex, Alaska is experiencing unseasonably warm weather with temperatures in the 40s and 50s.

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