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Graphic by Roz Kirkelie.

Prioritization plods forward

First, take the over 300 programs and 200 or so functions that constitute UAA and have staff and faculty describe their importance. Next, assemble two respective task forces culled from staff and faculty for the purpose of evaluating the responses.

USUAA and state officials attend the fifth annual Legislative Luncheon to discuss current issues Nov. 22. Photo by Dan Duque.

USUAA hosts 5th annual Legislative Luncheon

USUAA and Alaska state legislators persevered through a handsome ice storm to sit down for lunch Friday afternoon in the Student Union Den. All but two guests were able to attend the event, which was cut short by campus closures.

Political science major Mark Simon speaks against a smoke-free UAA Nov. 5. Students were invited to debate the pros and cons of the anti-smoking campaign and whether or not it should be enacted on campus. Photo by Dan Duque.

Student debaters discuss smoke-free UAA campus

As part of Engage Week, UAA’s Smoke-Free Task Force, Seawolf Debate, the Journalism and Public Communications Department, and the Department of Health hosted a soapbox debate about whether or not UAA should initiate a comprehensive smoke-free policy.

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Prioritization: a review under review

Faculty and administration are working to iron out the kinks in the juggernaut that is prioritization. Many details of the massive assessment of programs and services at UAA are still undecided, but several decisions have been reached following motions passed by the faculty Senate.

The CAS hub

The bustle slowed to a murmur this past May as UAA students broke away from class loads and many faculty and staff members disappeared for the summer. While it didn’t seem like much was going on, radical changes were being implemented within the College of Arts and Sciences. Twenty-eight administrative positions were to be eliminated, and the 24 departments that comprise the CAS would be grouped under four different divisions: Humanities, Social Sciences, Fine Arts and Math/Natural Sciences. A centrally located hub would oversee the operations of each of the four divisions.

Improperly discarded cigarette waste can be found near university buildings. Non-smoking initiatives will forbid smoking anywhere on campus. Photo by Tim Brown.

Smoke-free initiative increases momentum

There is no safe exposure amount to smoke. This is the message UAA’s Smoke-Free Task Force hopes to communicate. The task force was formed in response to a challenge made by the United States Department of Health and Human Services for all college campuses to go smoke and tobacco free by 2016.

Committee attempts to bring outdoor recreation back to UAA

In spring 2012 the Northern Light mourned the loss after seven years of the UAA Housing & Recreation Activities program in an editorial chastising the university’s budgetary reasoning.

Now a group of students and faculty is hoping to bring back outdoor opportunities — not only to students who live on campus but to everyone at UAA. This time around the money would come from a student fee.

How the government shutdown affects UAA

Congress failed to reach an agreement last week on a budget to fund the government for the next year, which caused a government shutdown. This means all non-essential programs, such as the panda cam, will be closed, and workers will remain on furlough until an agreement is reached.

According to Eric Pederson, associate vice chancellor for Enrollment Services, UAA is holding a wait-and-see position on this right now. When sequestration began, the same thing happened, but the decision was quickly reversed.

Board of Regents discuss UA changes

“It’s about leadership and collaboration. We must focus on the students and listen to the students, even when they burst our bubble. When we think that we have it nailed, and then talk to a group of students, and they say, ‘No, that’s not where we are at. That was 10 years ago,’ we must listen,” said University of Alaska President Pat Gamble at last week’s Board of Regents meeting in Juneau.

Gamble is referring to the University of Alaska system’s Strategic Directive Initiative, or SDI.

“SDI is about collaboration,” he says. “Collaboration means incentive.”

New athletic director Kieth Hackett introduced himself to the Seawolf athletics community at a press conference Friday. Photo by Dan Duque.

Keith Hackett speaks publicly for the first time as athletic director

Keith Hackett was officially introduced as the new athletic director at a press conference Friday afternoon. He used the event to share his vision for UAA athletics and to address some lingering questions. Hackett’s plan for the department is a three-headed monster.

The first step is ensuring they are always in alignment with the educational mission of the university. He wants to stress the “student” aspect of being a student-athlete.


A farewell to educators

Every few years UAA says farewell to decent staff and faculty who have dedicated numerous years of service the the university. The Northern Light sat down with three professors, Robin Crittenden, Robert Crosman, and red bradley, to see what they will leave behind and what their aspirations for the future are.

Photo courtesy of the UAA Office of University Advancement

USUAA hosts Chat with the Chancellor

Chancellor Tom Case is scheduled to attend a Q&A session with students this week, giving them the opportunity to ask questions about the future of UAA. The event is at 2:30 p.m. Wednesday on the second floor of the Student Union, directly outside the Student Life and Leadership office in Room 218.

Tuition hike would increase costs by 2 percent

A recent proposal by University of Alaska President Pat Gamble would increase resident undergraduate tuition by 2 percent for the 2013-2014 school year. The proposed hike would be the smallest increase since the late 1990s and would apply to all students of the 16 campuses within the UA system. The increase in tuition is meant […]

Students waiting for the bus outside of Consortium Library.

New WOLFcard changes the way UAA travels

On the afternoon of June 11, buses were running late all across town as People Mover bus drivers explained a new fare box system to boarding passengers along their routes. Though the new fare boxes held back the bus schedule on that day, now that passengers are more familiarized with the process, they streamline the […]

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