Financial experts say charge less, save more

Bradley Bourdon was a sophomore in college facing finals week when the transmission and radiator blew in his 1991 Nissan Pathfinder. The repairs cost over $3,000. He charged it. Now in his last semester at UAA, Bourdon will soon graduate with a history degree and $10,000 in credit card debt.

Sky bridge is higher ground

“No ice, no weather, no waiting!” University Police Department officer Paul Honeman shouts while directing traffic on UAA Drive on an overcast September afternoon.

Redoubt Erupts!

At 11:56 p.m. Sunday night, Mt. Redoubt erupted sending smoke and ash 50,000 feet into the air. At 12:28 p.m. light winds have been reported, blowing the volcanic debris toward Anchorage. According to the U.S. Air Force, an ash cloud is expected to hit Anchorage by 2 a.m. Residents along Turnagain Arm and within Anchorage are cautioned to stay indoors. If outdoors, cover face with damp cloth. Turn off and cover electronic appliances and vehicles if possible. When ash hits ice, it is severely slippery and hazardous to drive on. For more information and updates on Mt. Redoubt go to for information on school closures call 907.786.1800

Future plans don’t account for traffic

Anyone who’s been stuck for 20 minutes at the Lake Otis and Tudor intersection knows traffic is a huge problem at UAA. ...

Recycling program reveals where all the garbage goes

This is the first story in a three-part series on UAA's recycling program, the men and women who work to keep it running, and the outside companies that transfer recyclables off campus and out of state. Matt Lewis and Eric Snyder get up early every Friday morning and come to campus with one goal: to recycle as much as they can from 29 university buildings in eight hours.

Police Scanner

Sunday, April 6 UPD orders snow removal 7:53 a.m. -- UPD noticed that there was an accumulation of snow that needed to be removed for safety. The maintenance staff was contacted to conduct groundskeeping. Car slides on icy roads 11:39 a.m. -- A driver's car slid off UAA Drive and hit a tree.

‘It’s more and it’s familiar’: John Stalvey appointed as interim provost for academic affairs

John Stalvey, formerly dean of UAA’s College of Arts and Sciences, has been appointed interim provost for Academic Affairs. Duane Hrncir’s term as interim provost...

Registration holds now temporary

Mandatory training not fully completed across UA system

Budget cuts mean travel restrictions for University employees

On Jan. 6, University of Alaska President Jim Johnsen sent a memo to UA employees explaining that as a result of state budget cuts...

Tuition increases continue at UAA, funds are needed

In April 2010, UA President Mark Hamilton proposed a 5 percent increase for lower division classes. This proposal was passed and will take affect...

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Parking permit update Parking permits must now be purchased online at Parking Services, located on the lower level of the Student Union, has...

University breezes through accreditation, sets sights on ‘UAA 2005’

The Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges stamped UAA with its 10-year seal of approval by reaffirming the university's accreditation through the year 2010. The...

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Aviation English program lands at UAA A program designed to improve in-flight communication between crews will launch at UAA Community and Technical College CTC Aviation Technology Division spring semester. The new Aviation English Language program is being developed to respond to an international aviation industry's safety needs to improve language communication in the flight deck.

UAA launches “Amazing Stories” branding campaign

This week is launch week for UAA’s three-year effort to officially brand itself as an integral facet to the Anchorage community.

Students wait for seats in general education requirement classes

UAA enrollment numbers are up 2 percent from last year, and the university is experiencing positive growth in each of the colleges. However, these statistics are misleading. While more students are attending UAA, the number of credits being taken collectively throughout the university's community has stayed the same, Vice Chancellor Linda Lazelle said.

Microbiology focus is now available for aspiring biology majors

UAA’s new microbiology course is on its road to become a major

USUAA, Seawolf Dining work toward ideal food service

USUAA is in the process of addressing student complaints about dining on campus. Students expressed discontentment regarding Seawolf Dining, managed through NMS, formerly known as NANA Management Services. Complaints have cited a decreased quality in food, increased prices and a failure to contract promised new vendors, among other things, said USUAA president John Roberson.

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USUAA vice president Student government vice president Bahnaaz Irani announced her decision to resign from her position at a recent USUAA meeting. Irani will be graduating in December, and will no longer be able to carry out the duties of vice president in the upcoming spring semester.

Student fees explained

In the wake of budget cuts, university officials are brainstorming ways to save money in the state’s uncertain economy.  In late February, the Board...

The Edge Update: New police officers, unemployment drops and French presidential election

Last Thursday, 26 new officers graduated from the Anchorage Police Department Academy. Anchorage has had a rise in crime this year and APD has...

Budget-cut aftermath: UA officials begin decision making

After the University of Alaska’s declaration of financial exigency on July 22, UA officials have planned progress toward reducing spending and voted on joining...

Nobel laureate assesses Alaska issues

“Globalization is a new word for an ancient world process,” Nobel laureate Vernon Smith said. Smith lectured Sept. 4 at the University of Alaska Anchorage’s...

Final candidate for vice chancellor presents; chancellor to hire this month

Pat Shier has been serving as interim vice chancellor for Administrative Services at UAA since the previous Vice Chancellor, Bill Spindle, left for a position at Texas A&M University at San Antonio in 2016. Before assuming the role of Vice Chancellor, Shier was chief information officer at UAA.

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Kelly Ireland and AP BOSNIA FLOODS TRIGGER LANDSLIDES, UNEARTH MINES BRCKO, Bosnia-Herzegovina (AP) - Floodwaters triggered more than 3,000 landslides across the Balkans on Sunday, laying...

Weekly Buzz: October 1st, 2013

Have you heard? We're one step closer to a lightsaber, there has been a motion filed to free the Fairbanks Four, homeless housing has been proposed near Kincaid Park, and an Anchorage man fatally beaten outside mental health clinic.

UAA dorms enforce marijuana policy

For many students, their years spent in college are about trying new ideas and new identities and sometimes this entails illegal activities such as smoking marijuana. This entails risk and consequences. For students residing on campus, the risk is escalated - it can mean expulsion.

The beginning of Bartlett Lecture Series

The Bartlett Lecture Series was established in 1970 by the Bob Bartlett Memorial fund and the University of Alaska Anchorage. The series is designed...

P.R. in O.T.

Joette Storm was on the treadmill the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, when she heard the news. That morning and the ones that followed...

UAA Keynote Speaker delivers a riveting discussion

“If you take it seriously, you can get serious opportunities very young,” Peter Sheahan said as he talked about innovation and entrepreneurship Thursday evening...

New meal plan changes reflect UAA’s efforts to provide better food options, services

This fall, UAA is implementing a new way to provide meal plans for students residing on campus. This change includes adding more meals per...