Student debaters discuss smoke-free UAA campus

As part of Engage Week, UAA’s Smoke-Free Task Force, Seawolf Debate, the Journalism and Public Communications Department, and the Department of Health hosted a soapbox debate about whether or not UAA should initiate a comprehensive smoke-free policy.

Alaskan environmentalists sue Department of Interior

The Wilderness Act of 1964 gave protection to about 9.1 million acres of federal land and defined wilderness in the U.S.; the Izembek National Wildlife Refuge is included in the protected areas.

Powerful positions at UAA vacant in coming year

Two of the six academic deans will be vacant once the semester ends. Several professors in the English Department, including the Chair, will be...

Prioritization update

UAA Chancellor Tom Case has announced that reports for the massive review process known as prioritization will be released Aug. 11. In a July 15...

Computer labs to no longer take floppy or zip disks

Representative reports Residence Hall Association Elections were held for next year’s Residence Hall Association members, but the ballots were lost before they were counted. Greek Council There will...

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University police draw guns Indiana University At least four people have filed complaints with the IU Police Department over an early morning incident Sept. 25, when...

Creekside Eatery cuts Friday hours

The Eatery, located in the commons, cut breakfast hours the second weekend of spring semester with little warning to students.

Tuition and the uncertain future at UAA

Concerns regarding the future of UAA have emerged, leaving many students wondering what to expect for the university as soon as next fall

Pared down, focused budget approved for FY11 by BOR

After final deliberations by the Board of Regents, the Regents upheld their decision to leave a plea for state funding for a new sports...

Two deans say goodbye to UAA

After years of dedicated service, deans Jan Gehler and Thomas Case will bid farewell to the UAA community. Gehler, the dean of the Community and Technical College, and Case, dean of the College of Business and Public Policy, have found their professional experience needed elsewhere.

New res. life director excited, with no fear of Alaskan vampires

When Lacy Karpilo first went public to friends and family that she and her husband, Ron, were moving to Alaska, there was initially some jocular concern about vampires and demons. Evidently the recent horror film, "40 Days of Night" inspired their teasing - it didn't sway Karpilo.

Booze and books

If USUAA senator Jonathan Wilcox has his way, UAA students will soon be able finish their day with a cold beer or glass of...

Fruit fly study: Chemicals increase lifespan

A new scientist at UAA shares his work involving fruit flies and increasing the human lifespan.

UAA student found dead at music festival

Dennis Beaudo, an economics senior at the University of Texas at Austin, said in a telephone interview that a man found dead Saturday at the Austin City Limits Music Festival was his friend and UAA student, Cole Christianson.

Safety walk lights the way for a safer campus

As the weather gets colder and the days get shorter, most students will find themselves walking around campus in the dark at one point...

Debt-conscious Millennials wary of credit cards

Matt Palla is a local 28-year-old bartender who does not have a credit card, and no desire to get one. "I spent money I...

Israel-Palestine conflict spurs local debate

Last November, UAA student, Myrna Hammond-Wuerth, 70, went to Israel with the hope of gaining a better understanding of the ongoing confl ict in the Gaza Strip. "To really try to understand how the occupation affects the lives of every Palestinian man, woman, and child, one should go there and see how they live and listen to their voices," Hammond-Wuerth said in a press release.

MAYOR: Policies can affect UAA

Signs of an election season are starting to spring up on lawns around town, proof that the mayoral campaign in Anchorage has begun. Incumbent Democratic...

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News Briefs

David Registe named GNAC Athlete of the Year David Registe, a star member of UAA's track and field team, was named the male "Athlete of the Year" for the Great Northwest Athletic Conference. This is the first time a UAA athlete has won this special honor. Originally from Palmer, Registe has racked up other honors during his time at UAA.

Engineering develops new degree, builds support

Students looking for additional engineering degree options may not have to wait much longer. A new bachelor of science in engineering is proposed to...

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Regents increase UA tuition Students protested at the University of Alaska Fairbanks last week as the UA Board of Regents approved a 10 percent tuition...

As stock market drops, Alaska Permanent Fund remains up

Angela Rodell, chief executive officer of the Alaska Permanent Fund Corporation, says that approximately 40 percent of the permanent fund's portfolio is invested in stocks, or the public equities.

Anchorage vote-by-mail election breaks record for voter turnout

It's important to note that the data for this year's election is from an unofficial report and the official numbers will be confirmed on April 17. Even after polls had closed Tuesday night, elections officials still had thousands of ballots to process through the week and posted summaries by 5 p.m. each day.

Privacy trumps recent safety concerns

Background checks at UAA aren't something the Dean's office is willing to weigh against safety when taking into account a student's right to privacy.

Beware: Campus crime trends show theft is on rise

Thefts on campus outnumber all other crimes reported in 2006.

Despite criticism, UAA plans to bolster Shootout with airline incentive

In an effort to bolster attendance at the Great Alaska Shootout, UAA has announced plans to provide reduced airfare for fans from rural Alaska...

300 protesters gather for Occupy Anchorage

About 300 people entered Town Square last Saturday as part of Occupy Anchorage. Alaska is one of the 47 states and 1,040 cities that have an Occupy movement, as of Oct 8. The protest is part of the Occupy Wall Street movement that began Sept 17, when 1,000 protestors filled Zuccotti Park, two blocks north of Wall Street. Occupy Wall Street began as a demonstration against corporate greed, and has since developed as a vehicle to voice all shades of discontent.

Marijuana tax revenue reaches $4.5 million for state of Alaska

After the state began collecting marijuana tax in October of 2016, the total revenue for fiscal year 2017 came to $1.7 million. Brandon Spanos, deputy director of the department, says that the numbers are not surprising.

Bosco’s Opens New Location

"Geeks are not only opinionated, but passionate about their geekdom." - Eric Helmick, Bosco’s manager