Students educate UAA community about upcoming implementation of a smoke-free campus during Kick Butts...

On March 18, volunteers scatted across campus to educate students and faculty. Volunteers gave out free brochures, swag and ice cream sundaes to capture...

University rated with high confidence in public survey

This spring, the University of Alaska worked with the McDowell Group, a research and consulting firm, to conduct a statewide public opinion survey. The...
Wells Fargo Pool

University considers future of Wells Fargo Sports Complex pool

The university administration is currently considering repurposing the swimming pool in the Wells Fargo Sports Complex. A review by UAA Facilities found that the...

Bean’s Cafe is facing existential challenges

The soup kitchen, which now exclusively operates as such, seeks an insurer that will meet the organization's needs.

UA Statewide Briefs

UAF Professor receives 2008 Edith R. Bullock Prize for Excellence Fairbanks - Judith Kleinfeld, psychology professor, director of the national Boys Project and co-director of the Northern Studies program at the University of Alaska Fairbanks, is this year's recipient of the University of Alaska Foundation's prestigious Edith R.

A new sports complex for UAA requires hurdling

The Well's Fargo Sports Complex hosts numerous sporting events, but as UAA grows, many are finding it too small to house events, training and recreation comfortably. The complex was built more than 30 years ago and was not designed to accommodate Division I and Division II athletics, let alone the number of students and alumni that make use of the facilities.

News Briefs – March 3rd, 2015

UAA Women Basketball Team ranked No. 1 in the NCAA Division II West Region On Feb. 28, UAA’s Seawolves beat Montana State Billings 74-64, giving...

Legislative session starts, UA officials advocate budget increase

University officials are advocating for a $341 million operating budget appropriation and a $50 million capital budget allocation for deferred maintenance.

Power generation may be a future career for UAA students

Some Alaskans are seizing the problem of power generation and creating solutions that could benefit many people. At a conference organized by the Automotive and Diesel Technology department at UAA, local instructors and representatives from Alaska industry gathered to learn about new technology.

Oil companies contribute $4.7 million to UA

The Alaska state university system will receive millions of dollars from oil revenues in the form of donations from BP (British Petroleum) and ConocoPhillips,...

Tuition to climb

Tuition may rise an additional 17 percent over the next two years. A 10 percent tuition hike has already been planned for academic years 2006...

Proposed alcohol tax fails to make ballot, affect campus

Petitioners couldn't get the more than 7,000 signatures they needed to put a 10 percent wholesale alcohol tax on the 2008 ballot, Anchorage municipal clerks report. The tax's proponents said it would enable the city to reduce alcohol-related crimes. University police said the tax would not reduce the number of students already choosing to drink illegally on campus.

Providing a solution to Anchorage homelessness with Think Tank

The “What does a solution to homelessness in Anchorage look like?” Think Tank event will take place on Thursday, Jan. 25 from 11:30 a.m. to 12:45 p.m. in the Consortium Library, room 307. The event is free, and open to all students, staff, faculty and other community members.

Target arrives in Alaska, sponsors Iditarod program

A freshly painted building on Muldoon with the Target sign proudly displaying, has confirmed the rumors that have been circulating for years. Target, the fifth largest retailer in the United States, has come to Alaska. First opening their doors in 1962, Target now owns more than 1,300 stores in 47 states.

Chancellor announces changes in research administration

UAA Chancellor Cathy Sandeen recently announced plans for the establishment of a task force for research along with other changes in research administration. Earlier...

‘Claybody’ lets ceramic art, artists breathe

It starts with a block of clay. Pieces are lopped off, rolled between hands and fashioned into objects and bodies. The edges are delicately pressed and raised. These projects are ideas and viewpoints molded into being by the talented students of the ceramics department. After months of toil, selected student artists will present their work at the Claybody Ceramics Invitational in the Student Union Gallery this month.


People around the country unite through the social media campaign and stand up against sexual harassment and assault

Students hold common hatred for UAA fire drills

This Tuesday began rather unpleasantly for many campus residents, as they woke to an unusual sound. Most thought that they were hearing distant car alarms, while others didn’t hear the sound at all until the blaring noise hit their own room, and firm staff members came pounding on doors. On drill day, the alarm sounds, followed by an officer who performs a sweep of every residence room, closet and even the mechanical rooms. The fire drills are an annual test that the University emergency response unit coordinates to create safety awareness.

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University police draw guns Indiana University At least four people have filed complaints with the IU Police Department over an early morning incident Sept. 25, when...

California activists beam their way to campus

Hundreds of volunteers are expected to gather at Alaska Pacific University Oct. 21-23 to host a Bioneers in Alaska Conference. Scientific and social innovators are coming together to promote Alaska's ecological achievements while exploring solutions to the state's health and environmental issues.

Meet student government’s freshest senators

The Union of Students at UAA announced its senate election results prior to Thanksgiving break. More than 300 students went to the polls and voted on a ballot with seven unopposed candidates and multiple write-ins for student government's senate. The seven new senators for 2007-08 are Karl Wing, Ashley Hice, Zachary Liszka, Lorena Nay, Joel Carrick, Kelcie Ralph and Marcus Welker.

Students drink despite alcohol laws, costs

Petitioners couldn't get the 7,086 signatures they needed to put a 10 percent wholesale alcohol tax on the 2008 ballot, Anchorage municipal clerks report. The tax's proponents said it would enable the city to reduce alcohol-related crimes. University police said the tax would not reduce the number of students already choosing to drink illegally on campus.

FYI: your rights to privacy– FERPA

Before 1974, schools could hand out student GPAs, disciplinary records, or phone numbers to almost anyone who asked. The Family Educational Right and Privacy Act...

Accreditation report gives UAA prospects for improvement

UAA has a plan. As may have been overseen by many students attending UAA in fall of 2009, an evaluative team from the Northwest...

Campus alcohol policy won’t go dry, now revamped

What makes binge drinking among college students so constant and appealing? For many students, it is the excitement of illegal activity. Once a student passes on into college, a lot more opportunities present themselves, including more chances to screw up. The UAA Dean of Students Office has laid down one policy in particular that is backed by state law and threatens harsh consequences should it be violated. An email sent to UAA students on March 15th addressed the consequences, restrictions and objective to promote “responsible behavior."

Money directed to pump up school spirit at basketball game

Representative Reports Club Council There have been 11 budget requests made by clubs. Rep. Jessica Armstrong said most of the clubs are requesting about $2,000. Club...

Unusual temperatures cause twoday campus closure

Relief from schoolwork came early this semester when unexpectedly warm weather forced UAA officials to close school for two days in a row last week due to poor road conditions. UPD Chief Dale Pittman said that despite few classes in session, school was reopened on Friday, with the road conditions considerably better than the day before.

Student government president and vice president platforms and priorities

USUAA President Stacey Lucason and Vice President Jolaine Polak won out the student government election with 455 votes, leaving competitors Johnnie E. Templeton and Ashleigh Gaines a distant second with 344 votes. As a part of their platform, Lucason and Polak want to make campus worth staying on after class. Working with Student Union Operations Coordinator Dana Sample, Lucason and Polak have coordinated to make both the Student Union Advisory Board and the Student Union Gallery more active.

University budget amendment dies in Legislature

Some state senators' attempts to add almost $5 million to the University of Alaska budget recently failed in multiple levels of the Alaska State Legislature. This leaves UA $3.6 million short of meeting its projections for fixed costs for the 2008-09 fiscal year, which starts in July.

MAC goes high speed

Dial-up Internet service is so ‘90s, but Main Apartment Complex residents still live with glacial connection speeds and tied-up telephone lines. Until December. ...