Board of Regents passes two considerable motions

Late last week the 11-member University of Alaska Board of Regents met in Kodiak to work through a lengthy agenda, and two of the...

Student veterans attempt to unite

Welcome to college. It’s a scramble to situate yourself, figure out what you’re supposed to be doing and find where you belong. Many find...

Course hide-and-seek

There is a feeling of accomplishment for a student who is able to lock in the perfect class schedule, a harmonious balance struck in...

Keith Hackett to leave position as UAA Athletics director

After four years of athletic and academic leadership, Keith Hackett will transfer to an identical position at Cornell College.

Arun Gandhi: advocating peace and non-violence

With most of the world's countries in or on the brink of war, it may seem like any chance of world peace has been put on the back burner. One man, however, is being highly sought-after by both the media and the public for his message of peace. It is the same message his father and his father's father have been teaching for nearly a century.

UAA emergency messaging system offers new contact options

As of last week, UAA students and employees got the option of enrolling in an emergency messaging system designed to notify students about crises on campus.

Alaska first in chlamydia, high STD scores all around

Sexually transmitted diseases, also known as sexually transmitted infections, are a large problem in Alaska. The Center for Disease Control state profile data for...

USUAA president Ryan Buchholdt heads for Russia

USUAA President Ryan Buchholdt will be in Russia from Nov 13 to the 20. Buchholdt is one of 15 student government presidents to win the...

University budget amendment dies in Legislature

Some state senators' attempts to add almost $5 million to the University of Alaska budget recently failed in multiple levels of the Alaska State Legislature. This leaves UA $3.6 million short of meeting its projections for fixed costs for the 2008-09 fiscal year, which starts in July.

Bidding war will decide Subway’s campus future

The future of Subway on campus is up in the air - or not, depending on whom you ask. Several contractors are now in a bidding war to providing food service on campus for the next few years. Depending on how the bidding goes, it is possible that students may be saying goodbye to the sandwich shop, which has been a staple at UAA since 1995.

Code of Conduct violations on par with FY 2016, academic dishonesty violations increase

Student Code of Conduct violations increased in the category of academic dishonesty for the 2017 fiscal year, while other categories decreased or were consistent...

RED ZONE: How Hollywood influences rape culture

Even back when movies were in black and white, Hollywood films normalized sexual assault. The media has played a serious role in de-stigmatizing rape,...

Lead story two

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Sara Childress named Title IX Coordinator

Childress has been in the UAA Office of Equity and Compliance since 2017 as a civil rights investigator, Gingerich’s memo said.

High school seniors state their opinions of UA

Expect to see some new advertising campaigns and bombardments of information about the University of Alaska. UA is out to combat its image of...

Paint, a brush and the head of a president

Freedom of expression questioned after a controversial painting depicting Donald Trump's decapitated head

Student advocates return from Juneau

While most of the student body was on siesta for spring break, five students went to work. The members of the UAA Legislative Advocacy Group went to Juneau, not to wear bikinis on the beach but to advocate on behalf of their fellow students for the second time this semester.

Guest speakers, parking fees, new scholarships and senators

USUAA members welcomed two guest speakers to the Sept. 23 meeting, who focused on parking fees and need-based scholarships.   Executive reports Vice-president USUAA vice-president Kortney Hintsala said...

State reopens trail closed for bear concerns

The state has reopened a stretch of a popular trail closed earlier this month because of concerns of grizzly bear activity. Chugach State Park officials say the portion of the Indian to Girdwood bike trail, which parallels the Seward Highway south of Anchorage, is open again because there have been no observed or reported aggressive brown bear behavior.

{Police Scanner}

Sunday, Feb. 27 Stuck in the spine 12:44 a.m. - A male called to report that he was in the spine and could not locate an...

USUAA hits the road

When it comes to helping make a difference in the Anchorage community, sometimes students just have to get their tongs dirty. This summer, the Union...

Crowded rooms cramp tardy students’ style

Looking around campus classrooms, many students may notice a shortage of available seats. And, while not everyone on campus feels classroom crowding is a problem,...

Stevens and Begich too close to call

Election Night in Anchorage, hours after President-elect Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech, voters continued to wait with anxious anticipation for statewide election results. The most talked about campaign was the senatorial race between incumbent Ted Stevens and Mayor Mark Begich.

Agitated moose on campus killed to avoid run in with students

Having a college campus in Anchorage means sharing campus with wildlife residents that were here before the buildings, streets and sprawling parking lots. Most...

UPD report: February 24– March 16

Total calls for service: 1,011 Feb. 24: Theft in the East Campus Central Parking Lot. Medical assist: Injury in the Fine Arts Building. Disturbance in...

The recruiters’ lair

When I entered the army recruiting office on Dimond Boulevard, I received three strong handshakes and one question: "Thinking of joining the army?" Hesitation. I...

Student-written legislation dies in subcommittee

Student-written legislation, introduced into Alaska's House of Representatives, was killed in the Finance Subcommittee in the latest legislative session. The Alaska Achievers Incentive Program is a need- and merit-based piece of financial aid legislation for students in college.

UA regents discuss money, facilities and land

The Board of Regents along with the UAA chancellor came together to discuss pressing consent, ongoing and future agendas. After the motion for the...

Session outcome not good for UA

The highly anticipated new sports arena at UAA, on which construction was slated to commence this year, has met another setback. Alaska's state legislature adjourned on Sunday, ending its 26th session, and the money needed to construct the arena was not included in the final tallies.

Dorms open to non-students to raise money

When summer comes to UAA, dorms aren’t just for students anymore. University Conference Services began renting out dorm rooms to the general public in the...