Video: TNL Coverage of the Chinese Lantern Festival

UAA hosts an amazing performance from a chinese troupe celebrating the year of the dragon! Video by Vicente Capala/TNL

Meet The Seawolf: TNL Interviews student filmmaker Kitty Mahoney

The Northern Light interviews UAA student and filmmaker Kitty Mahoney for the relaunch of Meet The Seawolf. Anchorage International Film Festival: Beneath The Trees (directed by...

Cabin Fever Debates – Week 3 Week three of the UAA Cabin Fever Debates was held last week, February 23rd. Two teams in two separate rounds compete to move on...

TNL Quick Click: New Dances

Theater and Dance are kicking into full gear at UAA with two big events occurring now; Bring Back the Sunshine & New Dances!

Video by Vicente Capala/TNL

TNL Quick Click: Glee Spring Concert 2012

This week's quick click features the preview for the Glee Spring Concert 2012 being hosted April 6th and 7th at UAA's Recital Hall. Free and open to everyone.
Video by Vicente Capala/TNL

Photo story: Women’s March 2018

Following the inauguration of Donald Trump in 2017, millions of women and men around the world gathered to protest abuses of women and power,...

Intramural Gallery

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Slideshow: Shootout decides winner of Cup yet again

The Seawolves took on the Nanooks this weekend, beating them 3-2 Friday night but failing 3-1 in Fairbanks Saturday night. In their Feb. 24 game, UAA started off slow but came forward with a barrage of shots in the second period. UAF was unable to stop their attacks, only scoring once more in the third period. After traveling to Fairbanks the Seawolves played Sat. 25 in the second Governor's Cup game.

Current squad issues good-natured beating

If motivation comes after action, then the Seawolf volleyball team should be motivated now. Freshman players got a taste of their first competition in their second- annual scrimmage against the Seawolf alumni on Aug. 22. In past years, the team only scrimmaged among themselves before the first game of the season.

Thoughts On Graduation Ticket Limits Students express their thoughts on the graduation ticket limits. Every graduate gets five tickets to hand out to friends and family, and for some,...

Idea Bank

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Sled Dog Races

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USUAA 2018 election: Candidate interviews

Vice President President

Tuition hike protest video

UAA Tuition Hike Protest from TNL Video on Vimeo.

TNL Download 10/11/11

Featuring the new Seawolf Mascot, Dr. Connie Mariano visits UAA, why is there no soccer at UAA, and more. Video by Vicente Capala/TNL

Senshido Alaska Senshido is a combination of different self defense techniques and offers classes in Alaska to help improve self awareness in times of distress. Senshido...

Wall Climbing

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International Gallery

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Quick Click: Playboy of the Western World

UAA Theatre Department presents their last weekend showings of Playboy of the Western World! Video by Vicente Capala/TNL

Quick Click: Club Council Meeting

Club council meeting at 1pm on Friday March 2, 2011. Be there or be square! Video by Vicente Capala/TNL

Video: TNL coverage of the December First Friday event

The Northern Light covers the First Friday show for Kari Glass - Artist of the Arctic Zodiac. Video by Vicente Capala/TNL