New Dance

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TNL Covers Senshi-Con 2011

Senshi-Con 2011 is held at the University of Alaska Anchorage Student Union again! Video by Vicente Capala/TNL

VIDEO: Sen. Lisa Murkowski stops ‘skinny repeal’ with swing vote Sen. Lisa Murkowski recently voted in favor of the Affordable Care Act, hammering the nail in the coffin of the Senate Republicans' new health...

International Gallery

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Video: TNL Download 1/31/12

Featuring Chinese Lantern Festival, New leader for UAA's Honor's College, and more. Video by Vicente Capala/TNL

VIDEO: ‘ALAXSXA | ALASKA,’ a multimedia storytelling experience Here’s a glimpse of “ALAXSXA | ALASKA,” a multimedia performance by New York City-based Ping + Chong Company. The theater company will return home...

Senshido Alaska Senshido is a combination of different self defense techniques and offers classes in Alaska to help improve self awareness in times of distress. Senshido...

UA presidential candidate interviews

UA Presidential Candidate John Pugh from TNL Video on Vimeo. UA Presidential Candidate Patrick K. Gamble from TNL Video on Vimeo. UA Presidential candidate Lisa A....

VIDEO: Introducing ‘IDK @ UAA,’ a new series "IDK @ UAA" is TNL's newest video series aiming to shed light on lesser-known activities, events and information at UAA. This first episode focuses on UAA's "Howl Days,"...

Track Team

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Alaskan Grown Produce The UAA Sustainability club has partnered with Arctic Harvest Deliveries to supply locally grown produce to the community. This is the first year the...

TNL covers Bollywood Flash Mob @ Loussac Library

Over 100 students and locals came to the Loussac to perform a dance routine for the mayor. The flash mob has been practicing for 2 weeks in various locations including the UAA dance facility.

Quick Click: Playboy of the Western World

UAA Theatre Department presents their last weekend showings of Playboy of the Western World! Video by Vicente Capala/TNL

Video: Violinist Bryson Andres performs at UAA

Bryson Andres uses his electric violin to loop music, building up different parts of a musical track until it results in the full song.

Video by Heather Hamilton/TNL

Anime Expo

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Quick Click: I love kids and cows

Video by Vicente Capala/TNL