The undiscovered country

April 24, 20160

Klax Zlubzecon's last hurrah

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Feeling Berned out

April 17, 20160

Seawolf Slug Double Feature: The end of an era, and also Bernie Sanders

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A confused brain slug discusses SB174

April 10, 20160

SB 174 and friggin' laser beams: the Seawolf Slug perspective

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Klax’s recap on UAA’s emergency response exercise

April 3, 20160

Klax's account of the Emergency Response Exercise

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Microsoft’s Twitter artificial intelligence serves a cautionary purpose

March 27, 20160

Klax is philosophically inspired by @TayandYou

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The secret to Trump’s success

March 20, 20160

Could Donald Trump be hiding something sinister?

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‘XCOM’ is not an accurate alien invasion simulator

March 4, 20161

'XCOM 2:' the Klax Zlubzecon review

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Apple is right to make a stand

February 28, 20160

Brain slugs and backdoors: Klax talks Apple

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What gravitational waves mean for the Slug Empire

February 20, 20160

Klax discusses gravitational waves

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Caucuses, candidates, and cola

February 14, 20160

Klax at the Caucuses!

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Valentine’s: the vicious cycle of corporate holiday celebration

February 7, 20160

Corporate America and Valentine's

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Palin and Passivity

January 31, 20160

On existentialism, apathy and hockey moms

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Movies are changing, the Academy Awards need to

January 24, 20160

Klax talks about the Oscars

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SEAWOLF SLUG: It’s still too early for VR

January 17, 20160

Klax meditates on Virtual Reality

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