Fifteen years in, ANSEP works for brighter future

If you were a Native student sitting in Dr. Herb Schroeder’s Intro to Engineering class 15 years ago, you would have been one of several students he approached and asked, “Do you know about...

Proposition 3: Parks and trails

Anchorage Parks and Trails are on the ballot for the April 4 election

This smoking debate is insane

Okay, so let's talk about the smoking thing. On one end, the “Smoke-Free UAA” campaign wants to end smoking on campus, leading to a healthier atmosphere for UAA. On the other, we have smokers who claim...

Locally made French desserts take markets and social media by storm

Alaskan-made French delicacies a popular favorite at local farmer's markets.

@ your library: The Yoko Ono of poetry

Ted Hughes is perhaps best known for being the husband of Sylvia Plath. He’s sort of the Yoko Ono of the poetry world. For 35 years after Plath’s suicide, Hughes said nothing of the...

Getting to know…

How long have you been teaching? It has been four years, two years at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis and one year at the Fu Jen University in Taiwan. This is my second year at UAA....

Noisepop group may bow out after tour, record

Disclosure: The lead singer of The Moon Knights works as a music reviewer for The Northern Light. Going once. Going twice. Gone. Local band The Moon Knights, described by British comic book writer Warren Ellis as "cacophonic bedroom guitarpowered noisepop," are about to be as gone as a day-old eBay auction - and one that local music fans will be wishing they'd bid on a little sooner.

UAA | University Art Analysis – From every angle: Tetradigm

The $26,000 sculpture in the UAA/APU Consortium Library parking lot appears to change at different viewpoints. Tetradigm is constructed out of scrap pipes from the Trans-Alaska Pipeline System. It is a 26-foot tall sculpture comprised...

Adulting 101

Things adults should know

Countdown to snowfall, possibly broken bones

Midterms are hell. You know it. I know it. There’s really no reason to reiterate a topic that 90 percent of these columns reference in one way or another. That being said, the cumulative stress of midterms couple with the last dying gasps of fall have convinced me that I need to find a few new winter hobbies.

Meet the Seawolf: Catherine Walczak

Journalism and Accounting double major. Model. Actress. Fashion connoisseur. Some say she is a blonde hippie goddess from the outskirts of the solar system. Others, a wild-haired mountain girl. No matter what is said, Catherine Walczak is a woman of many talents and dreams.

Checking out furs, skulls and bones in the UAA library

UAA's Consortium Library is home to a most "unusual" collection.

RED ZONE: Local beer accused of promoting rape culture

An Alaskan craft beer that has been around since the 1990s has recently been accused of promoting rape culture and the objectification of women. After Midnight Sun Brewing Company won honors from the Can...

Pot culture in Alaska reaches new high

Pot culture in Alaska is taking on a whole new dimension. Now that the synthetic alternative, Spice, has proven to be far more harmful (See “Senate Bill 17 would ban synthetic marijuana,” in The...

Professor travels globe, finds home in Alaska

Whayne Dillehay considers his greatest achievement during the past 30 years the opportunity to work with journalists from other countries. “I have learned much more about what journalism is from my colleagues in less-developed countries...

Advocacy raises student wages 50 cents per hour

Younger Oliver, a UAA sophomore majoring in English, works at the information desk in the UAA student union. She was thrilled to hear that the July 30 paychecks for all 500 student workers in...

Orange Rhymes With: The Art of Registration

I have no idea what I’m doing in college. Not so much in the day-to-day stuff — I’m told that I’m a genius in the art of waking up and going to class — but more in the long-term planning sense. I tend to flounder when it comes to making decisions that impact my life past the morning’s breakfast. (Bacon and eggs with a side of bacon. Nailed it!)

Women far from home

In case you thought that UAA women’s basketball team was all homegrown talent, think again. “Everything is different here, from people to basketball. Even the electrical outlets and bathrooms,” said senior basketball player Hanna Johansson of Sweden. This is a sentiment that has been echoed by all five of the international women on the UAA basketball team.

Showcase conference highlights top student works

The sex trade in Southeast Asia. The Fascists' construction of maternity. "The Habanero" from Georges Bize's opera "Carmen." Organizers of UAA's Student Showcase say it's the variety that gives this annual conference its spice. "You can go to a music performance, go to the next room and see an artistic project, go to the next room and hear a presentation on a psychological subject, or literature," music professor Mari Hahn said.
Jacob Ballard typically wears a kilt, a button-down shirt and a tie with mj?lnir, more commonly known as Thor’s hammer, pinned to it.

Cultural expression: The kilt, the hammer and the hair

Jacob Ballard, an anthropology and language student at UAA, typically wears a kilt, a button-down shirt and a tie with mjlnir, more commonly known as Thor’s hammer, pinned to it. His long, dark, braided...

Camp Hard III: Camp hard with a vengeance

On TNL’s website last week, I promised you all a heroic action column. Now, assuming you’ve all significantly lowered your standards for the words “action” and “heroic,” I’m ready to deliver.

UAA celebrates diversity with movie showings for Black History Month

Concert Board and Black Student Union provide films for students and general public to celebrate Black History Month

Play about circus clowns delves into love, inner demons

What is it about clowns that is so dang creepy? The trippy "He Who Gets Slapped" by Leonid Andreyev, the latest offering at UAA Mainstage, utilizes the macabre unease clowns inspire to control the tone of its funny, tragic story. Thursday's preview night performance shifted between sweet, sad and existential.

The turducken incident, humor with a purpose

Not all of these columns are created equal. Some are written because I’ve had a questionable experience that needs to be published, some because of a holiday or shared event that needs scathing commentary....

Produce stand brings local produce to UAA

Every Tuesday and Thursday for the month of September, you can find Devin Johnson selling Alaskan grown produce in various spots on campus. The produce comes from over nine different farms from the Mat-Su...

Synthesizer inventor discusses where ideas come from

Robert Moog looks, acts and sounds like an inventor. In a loose fitting black suit, with a nimbus of white hair, surrounded by an assortment of gadgetry and tangled wire, it’s easy to imagine...

UAA’s Summer Secret

It's no secret that Alaska has weird summers, and this one's been weirder than most - arriving reluctantly to begin with, barely nudging the mercury above 60 F, and seldom letting the famous midnight sun show its face. No doubt allergy sufferers are glad to see July depart, with all its pollen and midsummer snow of cottonwood fluff thick enough to give anyone trouble.

Build-a-burger at Union Burger

The newest restaurant on campus, Union Burger, is a fun, build-a-burger restaurant. In the Student Union, students may have noticed that the old Mexican-food restaurant, Caliente, was replaced with a new burger joint. Union Burger...

Voice actor says finding relatable characters key to success

Cosplay: when anime fans come to a convention, "costume roleplaying" as their favorite characters from Japanese animation, video games, or sci-fi and fantasy movies. Cosplaying hit the Egan Center Sept. 23, when the second annual Aurora-Con drew in approximately 1,200 attendees, said convention secretary Mercedes Totman.

Hot tomato soup and grilled cheese, perfect for winter

With the cold Alaska winter of 2013 underway, hot foods are becoming more and more popular. One potent and simple winter classic is nice, hot soup. It’s delicious and warms the body in some of the most satisfying ways possible.