Mexican inspired restaurant ‘Caliente’ to replace Mein Bowl in Student Union

Caliente, a Qdoba-style eatery, will take the place of Mein Bowl, adding a new option for on-campus dining.

{Right Under Your Nose}

In a town quickly becoming dominated by fast food restaurants, franchised eateries and pancake houses, it can be increasingly difficult to find original, healthy eating options. And though it may be true that every...

Whats up with parking at UAA

Challenges facing the Parking Services at UAA

Sandra Day O’Connor delivers message to Anchorage despite weather

Amid stormy weather and canceled venues, retired United States Supreme Court justice Sandra Day O'Connor still made an appearance in a gathering held Wednesday at the Alaska Supreme Court. O'Connor was scheduled to appear at West High School and Central Middle School to promote her online education program, iCivics, before the Anchorage School District closed schools because of high winds.

RED ZONE: Bystander ethics – what to do if one witnesses a sexual assault

If you see something do something, is a commonly known phrase when it comes to actions a bystander should take if witnessing a sexual assault. But what does “do something” truly entail? “In the event...

Student explores different world, finds many similarities

DAMASCUS, Syria—When the taxi driver set my bags on the curb and drove off, I looked around and said to myself, “Oh girl, what have you gotten yourself into now?” I was alone and...

BANFF is back for annual showing at UAA’s Wendy Williamson Auditorium

One of UAA’s biggest events is approaching this weekend on March 3 and 4 starting at 7 p.m. in the Wendy Williamson Auditorium. Every year, UAA hosts the BANFF Mountain Film Festival, which is...

Radical Recreation: The weight of college has been lifted

Kally Greene-Gudmundson will be strutting the stage this spring commencement

Sex and the Seawolf: Condom Crash Course

We see them everywhere: in department stores, glove compartments, wallets, cabinets, shelves, under the bed, attached to flower leis — the list goes on and on. I’m talking about the powerful tool crafted for...

Campus greening gains ground with scattered activities

The momentum driving sustainability projects at UAA has picked up, said Allison Butler, an anatomy and physiology instructor here. "It's an accumulation of little things that's about to reach the tipping point," she said. In January,...

Youth sub-culture rejoices over Bitoz’ return

Ecstatic youth clogged the sidewalk at Fifth Avenue and B Street for the most anticipated social event of the season: the resurrection of Bitoz Pizzeria. The tangle of teens and 20-somethings formed a mass of dark clothing, young skin and the energy of Christmas morning and still believing in Santa Claus.

UAA | University Art Analysis – Meet ‘Archibald’ the mechanical moose

A foreign species of moose has made his home on the UAA campus, and the happiness he spreads is invasive. Bonnie Nygard has filled many roles in her time at UAA. Currently, Nygard is...

Local Artist Spotlight: Brian Schuch

Originating from a background in wilderness survival, Brian Schuch’s knife making follows traditional practices to produce unique, authentic and practical works of art. In under two hours, Schuch turned a seemingly unassuming piece of obsidian...

Refugees of war: a galactic history

A brain slug's perspective on the refugee crisis

UAA student assists Mobile Medics International

On June 13, Moira Pyhala, a senior studying political science at UAA, traveled with Mobile Medics International, an Anchorage-based non-governmental organization, to Cebu Island in the Philippines. For three weeks, Pyhala served as photographer, clerk,...

Confucius Institute Day: Study abroad opportunities in China

For more information regarding the HSK Chinese language proficiency test, or to take a practice HSK test, visit or go visit the Confucius Institute at Rasmuson Hall, Room 115.

Sustainability office urges students to recycle

Use, recycle, reuse, repeat. This is the general goal that UAA’s Office of Sustainability has been attempting to do to make the school a greener place. Throughout the entire campus, rectangular green boxes display signs with plastic bottles and aluminum cans, while blue bins signify paper products.

Cornell scientist tells of whale songs interrupted

Dr. Chris Clark, director of the Cornell Laboratory of Ornithology, gave a two-hour talk on the effects that industrial noises in the ocean present on the marine wildlife that lives there and how man-made noises are effecting the songs of the whales and the natural acoustic order in the ocean.

Celebrity Chef Invite raises money for culinary department

The Ravens Brew coffee shop in Cuddy Hall was converted into a wine bar, tables were set with five crystal glasses for each person and the welcoming line of guests in tuxedos and gowns...

Whipsaws to bring road-wise live show to UAA

On a dark, cold night, The Northern Light sat down in the Blue Fox bar to warm up and talk with the Whipsaws, a band that's no stranger to the bar scene. The Alaska band formed in 2002 under lead singer, guitarist and songwriter Evan Phillips, with band mates Aaron Benolkin on lead guitar, Ivan Molesky on bass and James Dommek Jr.

Why clubs are important

Where do you see yourself after you get your degree? You've probably been asked this many, many times, but humor me for a minute. Really think about this. You want to be in a highly respected...

What can students do with a Wolfcard?

A Wolfcard is more than an official UAA ID. This information from the UAA Web site shows why.

Series allows adventurers to share expertise with students

Hanging off the side a of mountain in a blizzard, standing your ground when a brown bear sow charges in order to protect her cubs, making a runway out of the smoothest piece of...

Alaska flavors fuel Wild Scoops ice cream

No one was screaming for ice cream downtown on the overcast evening of May 26, but people were eagerly lined up down the block from Wild Scoops’ new ice cream shop. It was the...

Great American Smokeout: Is it Your Time to Quit?

If you don't take care of your body, where will you live? If you have ever tried to lose weight, start an exercise program, change your study habits or give up chocolate, you know that...

Alpha Sigma Phi to join UAA fraternities

One of the oldest fraternities in the U.S. will be opening its doors in Alaska

USDA regulations define ‘organic’

Organic foods, sequestered by their high prices and fancy little USDA stickers, snuggle up in their own little corner of the produce aisle. According to the USDA, which created national standards for organic food in...

Free tax assistance program helps those in need

It’s that time of year again. Lady Liberty, dressed in her customary gloves and heavy winter boots, can be found dancing and waving signs out on the street corner, probably bumping to some iPod tunes to fight back against the winter chill. W-2 forms are being scrounged up, 1099 forms are being collected, banking receipts are being rifled through. Tax season will soon once again be in full swing.

Blast from the past keeps away unwanted pregnancies

When it comes to birth control, a blast from the past may be the next big thing. Intrauterine devices, called IUDs, are a form of birth control gaining popularity among women because they are hassle-free, 99 percent effective against pregnancy and economically unbeatable.

A gambler’s guide to Anchorage open mics

An open mic is a risky ordeal. You can never tell who's going to show up. Seasoned musicians might wow the audience or a tone-deaf troubadour may herd the crowd towards the exits with a rendition of Sir Mixalot's "Baby Got Back." When a performer steps up to the mic, they face a room full of people that would just as soon laugh them off the stage as cheer for them.