UAA’s Booher and Brown lose their Assembly bids

Voters went to the polls on April 6 to cast their ballots in five Anchorage Assembly races and decide on five propositions. Two new Assembly members were voted in. Ernie Hall, who is supported by...

Journey into the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes

Ninety years after the largest volcanic eruption of the 20th century, the Valley of Ten Thousand Smokes is still a moonscape of ash and volcanic rock, without a tree or a shrub. The valley,...

Love on the line

Keeping romance alive in a long-distance relationship is no easy task. Rose Helens-Hart, a junior journalism student at UAA, learned this when her boyfriend sent her chocolates from Hawaii. “The chocolates melted when they...

Anchorage welcomes Ron Jeremy and box store porn

Anchorage celebrated Groundhog Day Feb. 2. Two days later, Anchorage celebrated Hedgehog Day – as in Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy. The well-known adult film star, who gets his nickname because of his...

Sex & The Seawolf: Mama’s Boys

The line between clingy guys always seems to be teetering on a line no wider than dental floss. Some say it’s sweet how in love they are, others say it’s awful being so obsessed, but what separates the two is solely decided on how far someone is willing to go.

Making the last minutes of summer count

Summer is coming to a rapid finish, and the race to make every minute count continues. With this roundup of Alaska events and activities, even the most avid of couch potatoes can ensure that...

Landscaping crew makes UAA all shiny and green

UAA puts a lot of effort into aesthetics, made most evident around campus courtesy of the Landscaping and Maintenance Department. As opposed to having a single grounds crew, the department instated two separate groups, horticulture and...

Staying alert is first line of defense

It's not possible to prevent every threat to personal safety, but often keeping an eye out makes the difference between averting disaster and becoming a victim, experts say. "The biggest thing is to spot things out of place, then follow your instinct," Ian Raygor, an assistant instructor at the Anchorage Self-Defense Academy, said.

Finals week tips for students by students

December has arrived and students all over UAA will be preparing for finals this week in various different ways. Three of the most important factors that many students begin thinking about in preparation for...

Radical Recreation: Rather be skiing

Reaching high speeds, being in the mountains and coaching an alpine ski team are a part of Madeline Tschappat's winter pleasures

Localize It: Jesse Mellor prepares for this year’s snow sculpting contest

Few places outside of Alaska can say they have the weather conditions and capability for snow sculpting, let alone the talent and hard work that is necessary for the art.Jesse Mellor serves as a...

Homemade butter makes everything better

Make fresh butter at home in three easy steps.

Empowering girls one kit at a time

In addition to giving approximately 1,000 kits to girls, For The Good Period provides education to the girls on topics in health such as puberty, menses, sex and pregnancy, as well as more culture-directed issues such as HIV, AIDS and female genital mutilation.

The 49th Supply Company celebrates their three-year anniversary

The 49th Supply Company collaborates with local restaurant and hip-hop artists to celebrate their three-year anniversary

UAA students rally to Take Back the Night

UAA students rallied for the third annual Take Back the Night march on Sept. 28. Along with representatives from the Student Health and Counseling Centers and some community members, the students protested sexual violence...

Copycat pumpkin spice latte

Warm up this season with a drink that's become synonymous with Fall.

Sex and the Seawolf: How to overcome ‘trust issues’

Trust is one of the basic foundations for having a strong connection with a partner. Trust is a valued act between two people, and once that trust is broken we begin to question whether we should place the same trust in that person as we did before.

Senior McKenna Hanson works in project to save Aleutian Terns

Environment and society senior McKenna Hanson is attempting to help save the Aleutian tern, a species of bird dying off at a rapid pace. She is working on a bachelor of science degree with...

National Wellness Week sparks awareness

In previous centuries, the mentally ill have faced ridicule, torture and have been burned alive by religious figures who believed evil spirits possessed their minds. But over the years, these beliefs have changed because of scientific research and education about the brain. Despite this, discrimination has yet to fade entirely.

First field ROTC training exercise ends with success

Only four weeks into school, cadets armed with M16s firing blanks executed objectives for their training exercise on Fort Richardson. Unlike most college classes, Army ROTC teaches cadets not only in the classroom but also...

Word of Mouth: Spenard pop-up offers elevated comfort-foods with artisanal flair

Craft brews, live music and hearty food — need I say more? La Bodega has been offering craft beers and wines to Anchorage residents for over 12 years. La Bodega has since been searching for...

Google selects Homer as Alaska’s 2013 eCity

The Salty Dawg Saloon and an endless flow of colossal halibut are just some of Homer’s attractants. This summer the city has just added another notch to its bragging belt. Google recently announced Homer as Alaska’s official 2013 “eCity.” The technology mogul’s eCity Award recognizes the strongest online business community in each state as “the new digital capitals of America,” according to a press release.

The many benefits of earning a college degree

A college education can bring more than just a diploma

Employment and Everything After

So my never-ending quest to find employment has finally ended, and my status as a mangy, unemployed hobo has finally been revoked. Well I mean, I’m still living on a couch and “mangy” is...

Getting to know

How long have you been teaching? Since 2000 at the University of Alaska Anchorage and several years before that at other institutions. How have you changed your style since you started teaching? I use the computer...

Orange Rhymes With: Moving on and staying behind

We made it. Somehow, through all the exams, windstorms and false springs, we made it. It wasn’t easy, and I’ll be the first to admit that I probably have some major damage from a...

Student Health and Counseling Center; more than just free condoms and cheesy sex kits

The Student Health and Counseling Center is famous for their basket of free condoms and their free “sweet and sour sex kits” – Chinese take-out boxes stuffed with goodies like more condoms, lubricants, fortune cookies with messages that read, “no glove, no love” and pamphlets explaining the sweets and sours of sex. “They are great about promoting sexual health in clever and helpful ways,” UAA student Leina Silvira said.

Published authors in our midst

There is an adage in academia, “publish or perish.” Few students realize that while we sweat over essays and midterms, our professor counterparts slave over papers and research of their own. The difference is that...

Seawolves amp up for upcoming hockey game

On March 2, UAA will ravage the Sullivan Arena with green and gold spirit. Whether you’re a timid 18-year-old or a spunky 60-year-old, every Seawolf fan is invited to come out and revel in the camaraderie.

Sex and the Seawolf: Holiday Kiss

The holiday season calls for family gatherings, presents, playing in the snow and free time to do anything you want. For many young people, winter vacation is like the spring break of holidays. There’s always a big party celebrating December birthdays. Food and champagne get thrown around everywhere. The dating and hookup scenes become more lively during the break.