NASA scientist John Grotzinger to speak at UAA

Mars was known as the “Bermuda Triangle” of the solar system. With travel logs like “missed planet” or “lost on arrival,” some NASA scientists dubbed Mars the “evil planet,” the place where more than half of the world’s attempted missions have failed. When NASA’s Curiosity rover landed successfully on Mars, the date August 5, 2012 became forever stamped into history. One of the scientists behind this audacious mission is NASA project scientist John Grotzinger. Grotzinger will be the keynote speaker for a free public lecture at 7:30 p.m. April 16 in the Wendy Williamson Auditorium.

AWAC explains the trends of domestic violence

A call came through on the crisis line from a frantic woman on St. Paul Island. "I need someone to come get me right away," she said.  "If I stay I'll be killed.” Before her partner...

Sustainable Seawolf: What is composting?

For people starting out, the biggest concerns are the smell, the mess and fear that conditions will become unsanitary. However, placing a compost bin in a garage or outdoors in the summer will keep a clamp on smell. The mess and sanitary conditions depend on keeping the compost going in order for everything to properly decompose.

Landscaping crew makes UAA all shiny and green

UAA puts a lot of effort into aesthetics, made most evident around campus courtesy of the Landscaping and Maintenance Department. As opposed to having a single grounds crew, the department instated two separate groups, horticulture and...

Radical Recreation: Retired Marine pursues career as personal trainer

While Tina Dominguez was in the Marine Corps, she became certified as a fitness coach and fitness nutrition specialist through the International Sports Science Association.

Anchorage residents choose alternative to the pump

As gas prices reached an all-time high this past year, many Anchorage residents have been using bicycles and city buses as their primary form of transportation. KRUA DJ, Chris Himes is an avid bicycle commuter who has to compete with autos for road space on a daily basis.

Thoughts from the first week back

I thought I’d share a few bite-sized observations from my first week back that you can superficially skim during your horribly rerouted shuttle rides between classes.

Guru Kate: food weight vs. gained weight

This week Guru Kate tackles the question of food weight vs. gained weight. She explains why eating a lot of food that doesn't weigh very much can actually totally ruin a person's diet.

Students protest proposed 22% tuition increase

By Joshua Tucker and Josh Edge UA tuition could increase 15 percent by 2012, adding up to a 22 percent increase by 2013 as proposed by outgoing University President Mark Hamilton. Tuition increases will occur incrementally...

Bean’s Cafe and the Food Bank of Alaska are serving thousands of Anchorage citizens...

Every Thanksgiving, families gather around the dinner table to give thanks and have a big Thanksgiving meal, but this year, 38,000 Anchorage residents will not have enough food to eat, according to Food Bank...

Photography best left to the professionals?

Nowadays, with sites like Instagram on the rise, just about everyone has dubbed his- or herself a “photographer.” Yet there are still individuals making careers out of photography. What qualifies someone as a photographer?...

Board of Regents to discuss future student programs

Updates in BOR: There are two new members to the Board of Regents, Jyotsna Heckman and Mike Powers who were both appointed by Governor Sean Parnell for the 2011 year and will serve their term...

College Cookbook: A sweet snack for summer days

My summer has started off typically spending my time with my grandparents after work. My grandfather had recently undergone surgery, and we had almost lost him due to a medication gone wrong. I have...

Engineering students participate in the SAE Baja competition for senior capstone seminar

Since the fall semester of 2016, the UAA Baja team has been designing, building and preparing for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Baja competition taking place in Gorman, California on April 27-30. Baja...

Orange Rhymes With: A pessimistic lesson in aviation

Traveling is always an adventure. Whether you’re exploring the tropics of the South Pacific or simply crossing the street to check the mail; you’re bound to run into something unexpected. One of the best parts...

Prof-iles: James Muller, the Richard Gilmore of UAA

Political science professor, James Muller, has lived the life of a TV character

Seeking enlightenment in Meditation and Wellness Club

When first walking into UAA's Meditation and Wellness Club, the first thing I noticed was a very restful, quiet atmosphere. The act of making too much noise in their meeting room verged on the...

College Bound

"Fake frat" with ultimate goal of partying A group of college students at the University of Michigan created a "fake frat" seven years ago with one ultimate goal in mind:to throw parties. Concerned about future living arrangements, John Mittleback, Tom Champion and about 40 other members moved into a group of houses in a neighborhood lined with fraternities and sororities and took on the name of Beta Omega Chi (BOX).

Orange Rhymes With: Television zombie creeps into real life

They’re all around me — lurking in the shadows, following me on the street, groaning softly as they shuffle mindlessly from class to class. I can feel them even now, their bloodshot eyes watching me hungrily as I write what may be my last column. I’m talking, of course, about the zombies.

Rainy days in England still shed light on culture

The past few weeks back home, in America, were full of not only Halloween celebrations but also the Election. My schedule has also been consisted of holidays and a busy agenda here in England as well. I spent last weekend on the seaside of Great Yarmouth with other members of UEA's Christian Union, where we spent late nights walking the beach in the rain.

Right under your nose

On the corner of Fourth Avenue and E Street, an alternative art venue is being cultivated. Upon entering Bitoz Cafe"s snug, colorful lobby, it is clear that you are not in some cookie cutter...

{Getting to know}

Northern Light: How long have you been teaching? Mariano Gonzales: Full time since ’88, part time since ’80. NL: How have you changed your style since you started teaching? MG: I have much more experience...

Easy puppy birthday cake

Treat your furry friend to a special, homemade birthday cake that only your four-legged companion will enjoy.

Radical Recreation: Tommy Nguyen kicked off his college career by joining UAA Judo and...

Psychology and nursing pre-major found his love of martial arts during his freshmen year at UAA

Options available for treatment of depression on campus

Everyone has down days. The alarm doesn’t go off, someone steals the last parking spot, there’s no more milk in the fridge or homesickness strikes yet again. Imagine having these “down days” everyday, for...

Lurking moose, decreased crime

Aside from the ever-present danger of a moose mauling, the University of Alaska Anchorage is a relatively safe place. According to 2000-2001 UAA Campus Security Report, crime is not as prevalent as one might...

Avid cyclists prepare for the long season ahead

Students are breaking out studded tires for their bikes in preparation for winter, which will not put a damper on the sport and what we are seeing more as a form of transportation. Despite bikers' desire to keep active in the winter, other reasons are effecting the number of cyclists.

Hello, can you see me now?

UAA’s Consortium Library is excited to present one of the first public videophones

Party gets people to the polls: Ballot Box Bash is a blast

If you're between the ages of 21 and 35 and aren't registered to vote, Unity in the Community has a bull's eye on you. The non-partisan group held its first-ever Ballot Box Bash at...

Smoke-free initiative update

UAA students voted to support smoke-free initiative on campus last April. If passed, the smoke-free UAA policy would mean zero allowance of smoking tobacco products on campus. Students and faculty would be able to...