Biking is viable transportation in winter

Despite constant sunshine, winter is here.  UAA students are once again at the point of waking up for school in darkness, only to find themselves going home from class in darkness.  Drivers take extra...

Guru Kate: Non-stick cooking spray: does it work?

Non-stick cooking spray takes advantage of the bio-molecular properties of food. Oil is a non-polar substance, which means that it won’t bind to polar substances, like water or your stainless steel cooking pan!

Lead story one

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Online segments emphasize the University’s strategic plan for many diverse student options

UAA’s diligent pursuit of diversity has recently taken another stride forward in the form of a newly-completed video series by the Campus Office of Diversity and Compliance. The office, in partnership with Monica Kane, has...

Taking action with Generation Action

Generation Action is a club at UAA that is dedicated to raising awareness on reproductive freedom, sexual violence, Planned Parenthood and other related topics. They also host events such at Take Back the Night,...

TNL alumna spotlight: Suzanna Caldwell

Whether it’s about the discovery of dinosaur fossils by the Yukon or headless walruses washed up ashore, many Alaskans are used to reading Suzanna Caldwell’s articles in the Alaska Dispatch.

Sustainable Seawolf: How to preserve anything

Three basic methods make preserving easy

{Getting to know}

How long have you been teaching? I taught in graduate school from 1979 to 1985, for a semester at the University of Hawaii in 1990, and have been teaching at UAA since 1994. How have...

Sustainability Club flash mob strikes SSB to promote recycling

UAA's Sustainability Club held a flash Mob in the SSB on January 27. Students dumped cans and plastic bottles in the SSB as a demonstration to get ore people to recycle. Club President Aleks...

KRUA 88.1 celebrates 15 years of broadcasting on the edge

KRUA celebrates 15 years of FM broadcasting in February 2007. KRUA began transmitting in the spring of 1987, when it was known, not as KRUA, but as KMPS. During this time, the radio station borrowed a small transmitter from Augie Hiebert of Northern Television, Inc.

Miss Alaska 2011- Jessica Chuckran

It was a beautiful day, so we decided to talk on one of those knolls near the Cuddy center. Walking from the bookstore, I informally asked when she began to compete in pageants. I...

College Cookbook: Doughnuts your way

Craving a doughnut in light of a delayed shop opening, Victoria Petersen offers a family recipe for the mini version.

Veterans’ disappearing stories

The Alaska Veterans Museum is working to preserve veterans' oral histories while there's still time

Macarons with Sweet Caribou

Sweet Caribou's executive pastry chef, Sam Wagner, shows me the art of making macarons.

Did you know?

Facts about Sigma Alpha Epsilon Did you know that: • SAE was founded at the University of Alabama Tuscaloosa, on March 9, 1856. • SAE has the highest number of initiates of any Greek-letter organization, with more...

Camp Hard III: Camp hard with a vengeance

On TNL’s website last week, I promised you all a heroic action column. Now, assuming you’ve all significantly lowered your standards for the words “action” and “heroic,” I’m ready to deliver.

Poet’s unique voice shines on notable webcast

Sometimes a voice comes along that has to be shared. For Grace Cavalieri, the host of the "Poet and the Poem," one of those voices includes poet and UAA faculty member Anne Caston. An associate professor of creative writing in the new low-residency Masters of Fine Arts program, Caston was recently featured on the webcast that is sponsored by the Library of Congress.

Orange Rhymes With: Sasquatch festival: A true test of fortitude

Sometimes I make decisions that are inexplicably contrary to every conviction I have. I have no explanation for it. I seem to subconsciously try to challenge myself on a daily basis. So when I was planning out an adventure for this summer, I must have decided to throw caution to the wind and fill it with things that will drive me nuts.

Junk to Funk fundraiser offers treasure made from trash

Anyone can toss a plastic bottle or crinkled paper ball into a recycling bin. Why not take it a step further? The Introduction to Art Education class has been working on a semester long project that culminates with the First Friday Junk to Funk fundraiser, where students will sell functional art made of recycled materials.

Guru Kate: Why do some dentists endorse certain chewing gums?

Although it hasn’t aired in years, a Trident gum commercial was so iconic that it spurred many people to ask, “Why would four out of five dentists recommend a particular chewing gum?”

Examining the creativity effect

UAA’s Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence hosted a workshop Sept. 11 that aimed to encourage student creativity inside the classroom. There, faculty members had the chance to embrace their inner creativities while playing games related to this concept.

Guru Kate: Why do people say that coconut oil is so good for you?

Coconut oil is a unique fat. It’s solid at room temperature, like butter, but has purported health benefits, like olive oil. Many doctors used to warn against consuming coconut oil because it looks like butter at face value.

Orange Rhymes With: Summer Brain

Its official, summer is here. Granted in Alaska that only means that we have a month long window in which it might be sunny, but still, it’s a victory for anyone who had to...

Say yes to the ‘Yellow Dress’

Jamal Reed releases his debut album

John Strohmeyer, civic journalist in pursuit of steel, oil and fish

Behind the dozens of history-stocked shelves in the Alaska Room at the University of Alaska Anchorage's Consortium Library, some people may not know that a living testament of history is seemingly hiding in the...

Accessible Wayfinding and Campus Navigation System comes to UAA

By Katherine Irwin Katherine Irwin is a senior at UAA, majoring in Journalism & Public Communications with a minor in art. Irwin also works at the DSS office as a student worker. Accessible Wayfinding and Campus Navigation...

Tassel the hassle: Origins of graduation traditions explained

In the moment of graduation, students are not thinking about the origins of the cap and gown. It seems funny to wear a robe at a traditional event celebrating one's success in academics.According to...

Professor pursues life-long passion in psychology

At the age of 14, Christiane Brems read a book on human behavior and fell in love with psychology. These days, she directs UAA's new graduate program in psychology and is co-director of Behavioral Health...

Geocaching: A sport with no out of bounds

Adventurous. Exciting. Fulfilling. Time-flying. These are all words to describe the fast-growing sport of Geocaching . For those who are unfamiliar with the term, Geocaching is an outdoor adventure that involves getting a set of coordinates, using GPS to travel to those coordinates, and then searching around the area to find a cache that someone has hidden there. It is a great way to get outdoors and it is even more fun to partake in with friends and family.

Guru Kate: What are the real health benefits of chocolate and at what point...

Chocolate is the Valentine’s Day food mascot. The sugary, creamy snack has developed a reputation over the years of being chock full of antioxidants. However, naysayers have not let their chocoholic friends forget that it is still a sweet and should be enjoyed in moderation.