Summer layover at Alaska Zoo

Alaska is one of the last remaining sanctuaries for wild polar bears. Polar bears are currently  ‘conservation dependent,’ which means that they do not yet have endangered species status, but are acknowledged as needing support....

Guru Kate: How are calories in food measured?

In the past 100 years, the primary method of measuring calories has not changed course. The Atwater method uses classical knowledge about how food is metabolized via fats, protein and carbohydrates.

Orange Rhymes With: Trick, treat or trash

I’ll level with you here: A good number of these columns require a small bit of embellishment. It’s nothing huge, but some stories just need a bit of exaggeration to be worth printing. This story, however, isn’t able to hide behind the guise of artistic license. I only wish I was lying about spending Halloween surrounded by trash, cracker crumbs and a very old dog.

Crime-busting enthusiasts get their fix with CSI Alaska series

There are three versions of "CSI" and more similar crime dramas on TV than can be counted on two hands. High-profile crime stories dominate the cable news and popular appetite for stories about grisly...

Pay-to-park meters to increase parking options

Starting Sept. 18, visitors and students without parking permits may find bringing their vehicles to campus an easier task. With the addition of automated payment stations in many of the large parking lots, any person...

Government Hill

Government Hill first got its start as a tent community in the early 1900s. The tents eventually gave way to cottages and created Anchorage's first permanent settlement. Today, Government Hill is a small and isolated neighborhood located between Elmendorf Air Force Base, Ship Creek and the Knik Arm.

Jalapeno cheese dip: A party for the mouth

Since it’s finals week and you’re probably too busy to cook up food right now, you might as well whip some jalapeno cheese dip together in order to get your snack on. If you’ve finished finals already, this is the best dip for your after-finals party.

Moving pains of a starting semester

A well-meaning column rife with clunky metaphors and horrible advice, Orange Rhymes With is the go-to place to break the monotony of classes and laugh at someone else’s misfortune.

Radio company denies censoring

Mark Murphy knows the biz. He's been in radio for more than 10 years as a program director for KGOT and he's now director of programming for Clear Channel Radio's six-station Anchorage operation, including...

New league offers cash prizes at open tournaments

Jeremy Baker, owner and founder of the newly formed Alaska Basketball Federation, hopes to raise the level of competitiveness in this state. To accomplish that goal, ABF has begun hosting regular open tournaments, with...

Interntional program offers life-changing experiences

Each year, interested students all over the world, from universities and colleges in North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and the U.K., travel to other nations to take part in environmental and humanitarian programs geared to bettering our world. The program that provides students with this life-changing experience is a nonprofit organization called International Student Volunteers (ISV).

Justice Center determines Mat-Su service needs

Most Matanuska-Susitna Borough residents are not afraid of becoming victim of any sort of crime, yet over 70 percent kept a firearm in the home. Only 7 percent attend neighborhood watch meetings. Those are a...

A word on nostalgia

George recently put his Permanent Fund Dividend into building himself a new PC to ring in the next generation of gaming. He’s confident it’s a fair bit more powerful than the new consoles coming out about a month from now. He’s prepared for the future. But if his recent gaming habits have anything to say, he’s still pretty stuck in the past.

The mosquito menace

Well, I was feeling pretty great about the Slug Empire's arrival a couple centuries from now. But now I feel as if there's a creature lurking among us that could easily overthrow us. On Earth,...

Klax Zlubzecon’s commencement speech

An intergalactic message for today's Earth graduates

Hip new venues flourished during the long winter

While students were studying during fall and spring semesters, Anchorage's commerce scene blossomed into something resembling a real cosmopolitan city. Some may scoff at this, but Anchorage residents are witnessing a real renaissance and...

Book of the semester author, Boyle, visits UAA

Immigration was a border state problem when T.C. Boyle's book "The Tortilla Curtain" was published in 1995. But today, immigration has been posed as everyone's problem, with debates over policies ranging from a fence for the U.S.-Mexico border to volunteer border patrols.

SatS: Relationships 101

We are a month into school and new romances are the thing about campus. Step into my office. The girl you have been making eye contact with all night comes over and says “Hey.” Go ahead...

Guru Kate: Food additives: Are they bad for you?

The term “food additives” is so broad that if it were a tarp, it could protect all of Anchorage from the winter’s snowfall. It covers wood pulp cereal, orange juice concentrate packets, nitrates in lunch meat, chemical preservatives and anti-caking agents found in spices.

Orange Rhymes With: The beginning of the end

“Where the hell is all the snow?” This was my first thought upon touching down on the runway at 5 a.m. As I gingerly exited the plane I found myself shivering and mouthing the words, “Dear God, why?” quickly followed by some creative phrases that are unprintable in a wholesome-ish college newspaper.

Cooking In College: Roast beef sandy with fries

College should not only be about book knowledge, but should also teach practical knowledge about how to make life easier. I offer this solution: invest in a slow cooker.This recipe is easy and leaves plenty of leftovers for lazy days on the weekend. A total of $9.70 was spent on this recipe, and the only thing purchased at the store was beef.

Guru Kate: Staying active at a desk job

Media has been buzzing in the past year about America’s “sitting disease.” These articles cite studies that claim our society stays seated for far too long, and this is to blame for America’s national...

Why was ‘The Interview’ so successful?

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde I've seen the world! I've been to the concrete jungles of Manhattan, the actual jungles of Brazil, the beauty of Europe, the wonders of Asia, the overblown hype of...

SEAWOLF SLUG: It’s still too early for VR

Klax meditates on Virtual Reality

A guy thing!

Recently, I have become aware that men seem to have very little knowledge about their body. Oh sure, they know where most of their parts are, but they don't always know the important health...

Cairo compassion

I pictured spending my first days in Cairo with a group of students. Unfamiliar with the language and culture, I figured we would find our way around the city together. I knew I was...

UAA women’s hockey to skate again

Nearly a month after hockey was cut from the intramural sports program at UAA, the women's hockey team has rallied to stay on the ice. In a meeting last week with Athletics Director Steve Cobb...

Fulbright winner says mentoring key to accomplishment

Rebekah Moras insists she's an average student. She dropped out of high school in favor of traveling to Switzerland in her teens, and then earned her GED when she was 20 and enrolled at UAA. This year she was awarded a Fulbright teaching scholarship - one of the most highly regarded scholarships in the country.

Hippotherapy works to help Alaskans

The Rainbow Connection Therapeutic Horseback Riding Program is a nonprofit organization in Anchorage working to help people with emotional and physical disabilities improve their emotional, physical and mental health. The group claims to "emphasize abilities rather than disabilities.

Food Quest Round Up

Food should be delicious, and The Northern Light went on a summer-long mission to find the best of the best in Anchorage. The second annual Anchorage Food Quest featured a different dish in every...