Greek presence grows at UAA

There is an active and growing Greek presence on the UAA campus. For some people, this growing presence conjures up many old stereotypes and movie depictions such as Animal House, but Greek life on...

Surplus division: big impact, little recognition

After the Virginia Tech tragedy in 2007, UAA took safety measures to replace all windowless doors. What many students may not have noticed was the vast amount of planning that went on in the...

Guru Kate: Are there actually health benefits inherent in alcohol?

Boiling this question down to the molecules, ethanol itself does not carry any benefits. Ethanol is the “active” ingredient in vodka, gin, wine, rum and other alcohols. It requires special detoxification by the liver when ingested so it doesn’t poison the drinker. In people without the detoxifying protein called “alcohol dehydrogenase,” drinking any amount of ethanol can cause a massive reaction including gut-wrenching pain, because ethanol is a biological toxin.

Movies are changing, the Academy Awards need to

Klax talks about the Oscars

Orange Rhymes With: Moving on and staying behind

We made it. Somehow, through all the exams, windstorms and false springs, we made it. It wasn’t easy, and I’ll be the first to admit that I probably have some major damage from a...

UAA crosses cultures with growing international program

The University of Alaska Anchorage wants to add an international flavor to its curriculum mix. “Broadening perspectives and learning other ways of thinking is just the kind of mind and attitude expanding experience that a...

Needs-based grants lowest for Alaskan students

The amount of low-income students attending college in Alaska is 7.9 percent. It’s the lowest in the nation and has been for the last 13 years. The latest findings, published by the Postsecondary Education Opportunity in...

Hot tomato soup and grilled cheese, perfect for winter

With the cold Alaska winter of 2013 underway, hot foods are becoming more and more popular. One potent and simple winter classic is nice, hot soup. It’s delicious and warms the body in some of the most satisfying ways possible.

A Thanksgiving appetizer, side and drink for this Thursday

Easy, simple and delicious recipes to help make your Thanksgiving a hit. Whether you're hosting or just a guest, these are sure to please.

Guru Kate: Where does gray hair come from?

Midterms! Well, the stress that they produce anyway. This stress leads to oxidative stress, the primary cause of graying hair. Hair without oxidative stress or artificial dyes is colored by concentrations of melanin, the pigmented compound in your skin that protects it from UV light. The type and amount of melanin determines if you have blond, red or brown hair.

Great American Smokeout: Is it Your Time to Quit?

If you don't take care of your body, where will you live? If you have ever tried to lose weight, start an exercise program, change your study habits or give up chocolate, you know that...

UAF Prof. Loses Grant Funding after Advocating Conservation.

Professor Rick Steiner, a prominent UAF marine scientist, says the University is trying to “gag” him by cutting his Grant funding and moving his office against his will for speaking out against offshore oil...

Stuffed Peppers are a delight

Looking for a fun, easy, and fantastic tasting meal? Then check out this recipe for stuffed peppers which can be made with or without beef for vegetarians.

Professor plans new program based on Russia travels

His goal in life is to never get bored. Perhaps this is why he drinks a couple of pots of coffee a day. Jeremy Tasch, assistant professor of geography, has traveled the world. Now he...

ORW Mini: Work it buddy, work it

As set down in the Undisputable Woman Code, in order to be found attractive, a man must be as swift as a coursing river, have all the force of a great typhoon, all the strength of a raging fire, and be mysterious as the dark side of the moon.

Guru Kate: Nutritional differences between men and women

You’ve heard correctly! Women go through life stages and hormonal changes resulting in the need for more nutrients, namely iron and calcium. All the while, women need anywhere from 200-300 fewer calories per day than men of the same body weight, height and age. This means that women have the added task of eating more nutritionally dense food than their male counterparts eat.

ORW: There and back again: The joys of commuting

There’s something inherently sucky about having to drag yourself up in the early hours of the morning and plod over to the shuttle to get to class. The wait is long, the service is...

Guru Kate: Surefire ways to prevent muscle soreness

Whether you’re reading this as a college-level athlete or a couch-potato level athlete, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) has likely hit you at one point or another.

Guru Kate: Why do people say that coconut oil is so good for you?

Coconut oil is a unique fat. It’s solid at room temperature, like butter, but has purported health benefits, like olive oil. Many doctors used to warn against consuming coconut oil because it looks like butter at face value.

USUAA crafts a cure after suffering budget hiccups

After weeks of haggling, the Union of Students UAA passed a budget on Oct. 19. It's also passed a new bylaw meant to prevent future student governments from suffering similar delays in passing a budget. Student government senators originally passed a budget last spring, but they decided to restructure it this semester after some concerns about it were raised in the assembly.

Guru Kate: What’s so healthy about garlic and onions?

Many naturopathic practitioners have supported the alternative remedy of garlic and onion supplementation. Some suggest that merely leaving sliced onion on the counter will keep sickness at bay.

Diversity Workshop Celebrates Civil Rights

A group discussion got `juicy' while breaking polite silence and attempting to “quit faking the funk” with notions about prejudice, racism and bigotry. Healing Racism in Anchorage, a local non-profit organization, and the campus...

Sunday brunch as easy as 1-2-3

I’m usually a very creative cook and enjoy trying new techniques and recipes, but between school and work lately, cooking has taken a back seat. During spring break, my best friend came over to...

Don’t burrow into your covers once winter hits, get out and enjoy it

As October moves towards a close, we find ourselves still dragging our feet through the muck of the end of construction season (Alaska's take on an Indian Summer, I suppose), memorizing text book pages...

Guru Kate: All About Vitamins

Vitamin supplements are a nice way of covering all of your nutritional bases. You pop a pill every day, and regardless of what you eat, you figure that you can’t have deficiencies. However, not all multivitamins are created equal.

What gravitational waves mean for the Slug Empire

Klax discusses gravitational waves

Growing Alaska job market, a promising future for UAA grads

For the last three months, Alaska’s unemployment rate has hovered between 6.6 percent and 6.4 percent indicating a slow but steady increase in employment for Alaskans. The national unemployment rate has been coming down...

Commencement speaker shares experience, advice

Every year, Student Life and Leadership selects a commencement speaker from the graduating class. Representing the class of 2013 is justice major Kelsey Waldorf, whose speech focuses on continuing the quest for success and personal accomplishments well after graduation. TNL sits down with Kelsey and talks about her current goals, advice for future students, and more.

No-bakes: A classic oven-free snack

We all like cookies. At least, I hope we all do. Anyway, if you somehow have an irrational fear of ovens and bakeries but no fear of stovetops, have I got just the treat for you! Aptly named “no-bake” cookies, they’re well known but rarely seen, for some odd reason.

Chicken, apple & grape salad

This recipe is meant to give a little extra flavor to a classic dish and hopefully encourage you to experiment with ingredients. You can choose to either get pre-cooked chicken or buy fresh chicken...