Confucius Institute hosts Lunar New Year celebration

The celebrations take place on Feb. 13 from 7 to 9 p.m. in the UAA Recital Hall. For more information, visit the website of the Confucius Institute at

Feeling Berned out

Seawolf Slug Double Feature: The end of an era, and also Bernie Sanders

Students discuss city issues with the mayor

Mayor Dan Sullivan sat casually at the head of a table in the student union last Tuesday. Students gathered at the tables forming a giant square in the middle of the area. More chairs were seated in the back facing Mayor Sullivan, where more students trickled in, slowly filling the space. It was the first ever Morning with the Mayor event hosted by the USUAA, giving students the chance to sit down with Mayor Sullivan and talk about issues in the community.

Student Spotlight: Joey Sweet to serve as Student Representative on the Board of Regents

Joey Sweet was appointed as the student representative to the Board of Regents this summer

Student Life, Leadership Director retires after over 30 years

  Student Life and Leadership Director, Annie Route, is retiring June 30 after almost 31 years at UAA. Route has been recognized for her service to students with the 2009 Staff Make Students Count Award...

MLK Student Appreciation Luncheon: ‘Uncovering’ is the next step to advancing human and civil...

Faculty, staff, family and friends honored teacher-nominated student leaders at the 19th annual Martin Luther King Jr. Student Appreciation Luncheon Jan. 25.

Native corps formed in response to state land grabs, fed projects

"A way to get something back for the people" In the late 1950s, the U.S. Atomic Energy Commission had a plan, called Project Chariot, to detonate thermonuclear bombs at Point Hope to create a harbor. Inupiat Natives in nearby communities were not persuaded by the government's assurances that the thermonuclear blasts would not adversely affect their lives, health or subsistence food stock.

Into the wild: A staycation

Alaska has many options for those who want the vacation without the hassle

Carl Shepro, man of many hats

To those who know him, he's just Carl Shepro, which is how he introduces himself to everyone, but local and national television and newspaper reporters often seek his opinion during elections and on hot...

Celebration and censorship of the heart all over the world

Most people in America are aware of the whimsical holiday known as St. Valentine's Day. A day to celebrate loved ones, exchange gifts and make greeting card companies rich. But how do other countries celebrate this day of love? CHILE Much like here, Valentine's Day in Chile is a holiday for everyone.

Sex and the Seawolf: How to overcome ‘trust issues’

Trust is one of the basic foundations for having a strong connection with a partner. Trust is a valued act between two people, and once that trust is broken we begin to question whether we should place the same trust in that person as we did before.

Susan Orlean, blogger for The New Yorker, to visit UAA

Susan Orlean will be at UAA on April 1st. From 1:30 to 2:55 pm, she will critique the work of local students and journalists. Susan Orlean belongs to a handful of non-fictional characters that are important enough to have been played by Meryl Streep. Because of this, Ms. Orlean has a (very) indirect connection to Margaret Thatcher, Anna Wintour, and Abigail Adams. In my eyes, this connection justifies the time I might spend reading an article on the subject.

College: It’s not just for kids anymore

“Why did I go back to school?” Many “nontraditional” college students are asking this question as they duck out early from yet another family barbecue, only to face the ten page research paper that has...

Edible flowers in bloom

Ever see a flower beautiful enough to…eat? For the curious, UAA horticulture/landscaping supervisor Catherine Shenk skimmed the subject of edible flowers. She named some varieties that can grow in Alaska and shared tips from a...

To walk or not to walk

For UAA students, that is the question

USUAA sponsors celebration of diversity

Students celebrated diverse culture the Friday before spring break. USUAA's Board of Cultural Awareness hosted a cultural awareness fair March 7 in the Student Union. The event was a celebration of cultural diversity at UAA, said Dana Menendez, a chair from the Board of Cultural Awareness.

Swapping pencils for broomsticks

Quidditch comes to life with the help of the Health, Physical Education and Recreation department.

Cooking In College: Curry Pumpkin Soup with Stuffed Portabellos

Time total: 45 minutes Servings: 6 Price: $5.60 per serving Difficulty level: Easy When we think of fall, pumpkins are one of the first things to come to mind. Soup is another. Clearly, these two things should marry...

Midterm crunch

October is a month of shifting expectations. Midterms always seem to come weeks before you’re ready for them, the PFD gives you just enough money to make you spend recklessly and that “easy” class you’ve been ditching since week two has suddenly become an insurmountable challenge.

Contemporary art space and bookstore opens downtown

Bivy specializes in independently published books from around Europe and North America.

Level up your ramen game

Bring instant noodles to a whole new level with these four ramen recipes.

Drumbeats and headdresses: Unangax dance group connects descendants to their culture

After the World War II evacuation and internment of the Aleutian Islands, many Unangax peoples — Aleutian peoples with roots in Alaska prior to Russian occupation — found themselves in a strange new territory...

Panelists disagree on frontier disappearance

Some think Alaska is a land of adventure and those who live here embrace all it has to offer. Alaskans are considered the last of a dying kind. With 70 percent of the state's...

Radical Recreation: Head in the clouds

Aviation enthusiast Maksim Mayer's passion for flight began during childhood.

Caliente: A concept created specifically for UAA

Seawolf Dining replaced Mein Bowl with the Mexican food stop, Caliente, after student feedback and trips to California.

Revived club offers public relations help to student organizations

A core of fresh young disciples is on a crusade to bring the power of public relations campaigns to UAA. In the process, they're learning the art of resurrecting the dead. The UAA chapter of the national Public Relations Student Society of America already has a few Anchorage non-profits on its client roster, and its members are eager to add student organizations to the list.

An Alaska vacation on the cheap

I’m a broke college student. That’s the answer to your impending question of why on earth I’d go on vacation to Homer in January. I say this only because of the incredulous looks I got...

The Sourdough’s sourdough starter

Make your own sourdough starter to create sourdough bread and pancakes.

Art students receive prestigious fellowship

UAA Art students Mitsuko Ikeno and John T. Tucker were awarded the National Council on Education for the Ceramics Arts’ Regina Brown Undergraduate Student Fellowship. Out of 26 nationally nominated students for the biennial...