Volunteers gather to aid feet

During the harsh Alaskan winter freezes, a group of 10-15 men and women come together every month to do the selfless job of soothing the feet of Anchorage's neediest. In an act that's reminiscent of biblical stories, one woman took it upon herself to organize volunteers to seasonally wash the un-pampered, neglected feet of Anchorage's homeless.

Seawolf Slug: Getting back in the swing of things

George cannot sleep. No, I’m serious. I’m taking advantage of the fact that he’s up at 3:30 in the morning unable to sleep in order to have him translate this into writing. But the holiday break has done something terrible to my host.

Sports in the Slug Empire

Klax discusses basketball, sports and violence

Unusual experience makes donor want to give again

My father and grandfather are two of many people saved by donated blood. My dad has donated more than five gallons of blood during his life. Now he can't give because of medications. But I realized donating blood was still something I could do to make a difference.

Haiti victims not forgotten by Alaskans

On Jan. 12, a massive 7.0 magnitude earthquake rocked the tiny island of Haiti with death toll estimates ranging from 50,000 to 200,000. NBC News has reported that people are ripping water pipes out of...

Hunger and Homelessness Support Network pushes to raise awareness about student struggles

New work group seeks to create resources for homeless and hungry students.

Congratu-lei-te a graduate

Malia Barto describes how to make a graduation lei for the upcoming ceremony

Cooking In College: Chow down on this hearty chowder

Chowder is brilliant. It can be enjoyed by lots of different people because there are so many different types. Cheeseburger Chowder is the way to go for those who want to experiment with hearty soups but have picky eaters to serve.

Tassel the hassle: Origins of graduation traditions explained

In the moment of graduation, students are not thinking about the origins of the cap and gown. It seems funny to wear a robe at a traditional event celebrating one's success in academics.According to...

Late-starting classes still available

Looking for a late-starting class? If you need to change your schedule in an effort to finish well this semester, you still have some options if you act quickly. The University of Alaska Anchorage offers...

New Pacific Islander Organization: Knowledge is power

In the movie “Spider-Man,” Uncle Ben gave Peter Parker solid advice: “With great power comes great responsibility.” For many Pacific Islander students, a college education gives them the responsibility to serve as a voice for their elders who have language barriers and also as role models for their youth.

Drumbeats and headdresses: Unangax dance group connects descendants to their culture

After the World War II evacuation and internment of the Aleutian Islands, many Unangax peoples — Aleutian peoples with roots in Alaska prior to Russian occupation — found themselves in a strange new territory...

UAA alumnus Dimitri Shein runs for Congress

Dimitri Shein, Democratic candidate, is running for Alaska's seat this year in the U.S. House of Representatives."I feel like our country is kind of in a low point right now in terms of our...

Guru Kate: Tackle emotion; eliminate odors

Why do women cry more than men? Presumably to make men as uncomfortable as possible. Just kidding – if that were true, this guru would repel every man on the planet. I’m a first class crier....

UAA One-Stop services now open in student union

A shiny new kiosk is planted smack dab in the middle of the Student Union. What is it? It is the new Campus Enrollment Services One-Stop kiosk, which conveniently offers services students can also find at the One-Stop in the University Center.

Artist features “sinister” work at First Friday

There is something deep resonating within Julie Decker’s painting at the International Gallery of Contemporary Art. Blotches of color, smeared blues and oranges and grays, are plastered against this simple portrait of a lone old...

Moving out: An ode to labor

I’ve never given much thought to moving. In my four years in the dorms, I never stayed long in any one place, preferring instead the ghostly nomad approach to campus life. Some years, I...

UAA students jury statewide high school art competition

For the first time in its two-decade history, the All-State Art Competition, an annual Alaska art contest for high school students, was organized and judged by UAA students. The Alaska Schools Activities Association normally...

Flight prices drop in annual PFD sale

Many local travelers wait for PFD season to snag cheap airline tickets in desire to escape the last frontier. This year was no different. Alaska Airlines is known for great deals on flights year...

Alaska Native civil rights history shaped state

The classic American civil rights story begins with oppression, strides toward equality and triumphs in freedom. It may be overly simplistic - many point out that the struggle is not over - but the American civil rights story is inherent to U.S. culture and identity.

Skin seminar irons out wrinkles about acne and aging

Zits, pimples, acne, whiteheads, blackheads: these have long been a frustrating and embarrassing fact of life for teenagers and many adults. On the other end of this spectrum are wrinkles, the unmistakable mark of...

Word of Mouth: Yak and Yeti brings flavors as diverse and delightful as West...

Replacing Marty’s Bagel Deli in 2012, the addition of Yak and Yeti brought flavor and diversity to the REI strip mall, a perfect reflection of the various demographics that reside in the West Anchorage...

Romero: Court Cases, Civics and Colbert

With Matt Caprioli Four-time Colbert Report guest Anthony Romero, the first Hispanic executive director of the ACLU, spoke last week to a mostly friendly audience at the Wendy Williamson Auditorium. Romero’s presentation touched on a few...

O.R.W.: Black Friday massacre

Black Friday! Any self-respecting person would be fast asleep at these ungodly hours, enjoying their Turkey Day-induced coma, but these are not your typical self-respecting people: these are the Consumer Elite. These are America’s finest, dedicated to preserving our nation’s most important principle: Buy, buy, BUY!

New places and experiences with the National Student Exchange

The National Student Exchange encourages students to challenge life and learn different perspectives

How to stay safe on campus: A guide to resources at UAA

When Megan Hoover walks from the dorms to classes on campus, she always makes sure to carry her pepper spray. For Hoover, a health sciences major living in East Hall, safety while walking...

‘Do it for Duir’ concert raises funds for family

As the snow melts, flower buds sprout and reveal signs of life. Just like a flower that thrives on water, Mabil “Mo” Duir’s legacy thrives on the love people have for him.

Sasha’s super simple savory salmon

Make room in your freezer by making up graduate Sasha Peterson's simple salmon recipe.

Wild Scoops: An icy passion project

Elissa Brown, inspired by the world around her, creates unique and locally minded treats.

Wise words from UAA alumni

Graduating means a lot of things. It’s an end of one chapter of life and the start of another. Students spend years to reach this point, so what does one do after graduation? There...