Sex and the Seawolf: Female pleasure points

The female orgasm can be difficult to reach for many people. There are men who have tried search out the orgasmic site of pleasure — the legendary G-spot. Some adventurers successfully bewilder, some are lied to and think they found it, and others just fail completely.

Day of Service unites students and faculty

*This article has been corrected to show that the UAA Assembly, not the USUAA Assembly, organized the UAA Day of Service. On Thursday, UAA hosted its third annual “UAA Day of Service,” a day of...

Orange Rhymes With: The slightly uncomfortable personification of a computer

This is a column about the worst loss a college student can face. Having grown weary of his complex role as gatekeeper to all of my most important memories, an occasional coaster and door prop, my laptop Reginald spontaneously combusted early this Sunday.

Online segments emphasize the University’s strategic plan for many diverse student options

UAA’s diligent pursuit of diversity has recently taken another stride forward in the form of a newly-completed video series by the Campus Office of Diversity and Compliance. The office, in partnership with Monica Kane, has...

Chronic disease topics discussed for two-part UAA lecture series

Throughout the world, chronic diseases are rampant, and medical interventions seem to be the only treatment for many. But next month at the UAA Bookstore, Lyn Freeman, author of “Mosby’s Complementary and Alternative Medicine: a Research-Based Approach,” will be presenting alternatives in her presentation “Evidence-Based Nutrition for Chronic Disease Prevention and Recovery: Time-Saving Strategies for Busy People.”

Title Wave Books and Music

Between Spenard Road and Minnesota Drive, nestled smack in the middle of the Northern Lights Center is a giant bookstore that's out of the ordinary. Title Wave Books and Music is Anchorage's alternative to the...

Kantner discusses effects of depression in book

Depression is a hot topic for Alaskans as well as it is also a difficult issue to address. In his book “Shopping for Porcupine,” author Seth Kantner discusses the effects of a constantly changing world...

Sound sleep important for body and mind

Every Monday at 9:45 a.m., the Student Health and Counseling Center offers a free workshop and group session about healthy sleeping habits and how to address sleep disorders. These workshops are in cooperation with the university’s Multicultural Center and are funded by a grant. Students can attend these workshops at no cost, and no registration is required.

Sasha’s super simple savory salmon

Make room in your freezer by making up graduate Sasha Peterson's simple salmon recipe.

Dancers open the floor for next generation

During these dance battles, all the participants sign up for a specific battle and showcase their moves in front of their opponent(s). While they give it their all, three judges intently watch how they groove to the music and connect with their opponent.

Sweet potato chips

With names ranging from yam, kumara, and camote, the sweet potato is a staple food and resource across the globe. Sweet potatoes, originally found in the Americas, made their way to Polynesia and eventually...

Anchorage go-go trend originates in martini bar

Meaghan Howard The Northern Light   On a Friday night in the amber light of the Paradise Room at Bernie's Bungalow Lounge, techno music throbs in the background. The glossy patrons of the bar are buoyant, mingling...

Grilled cheese and tomato soup bread bowl

Comfort food to keep you warm and cozy in the dead of winter.

Team Archosaurs wins 2018 Cabin Fever Debate

Joey Sweet and Nile Morris made up team Archosaurs, the closing opposition that won this year's 13th Annual Cabin Fever Debates.

Students keeping bikes and butts dry

Snow has officially started to blanket the ground, announcing the arrival of winter. To most students, this means time to put away the bikes and break out the shoe spikes.

Growing Alaska job market, a promising future for UAA grads

For the last three months, Alaska’s unemployment rate has hovered between 6.6 percent and 6.4 percent indicating a slow but steady increase in employment for Alaskans. The national unemployment rate has been coming down...

Orange Rhymes With: Mental mayhem in the new semester

I had a beautiful schedule worked out for this semester that maximized the efficiency of my time and thrust me headlong into my degree path. Seriously, this thing was like some sort of hybrid cross between the Magna Carta and the “Dark Knight” trilogy; something to be revered by historians for centuries to come.

Mountain View urban farm offers opportunity for refugee farmers

The event will be held on Feb. 21 at Resolution Brewing Company on Mountain View Drive from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

Dancing in the dark

The past year hasn’t been full of good news worldwide and people are becoming more politically aware. The performances this year from the UAA Dance Club reflect students’ concerns and views on current events. Every...

College Cookbook: Thirty-minute chicken Marsala

All this elegant dish requires is a pan, a stove and wine.

Book of the semester author, Boyle, visits UAA

Immigration was a border state problem when T.C. Boyle's book "The Tortilla Curtain" was published in 1995. But today, immigration has been posed as everyone's problem, with debates over policies ranging from a fence for the U.S.-Mexico border to volunteer border patrols.

University of Alaska Fairbanks Sunstar

The three-year-old University of Alaska Faribanks (UAF) newspaper "The Sun Star" doesn't have a staffing problem. It has a budget problem. “We have a hard time maintaining a large staff because of our limited...

College Cookbook: Baby steps into brewing

Try your hand at brewing with this simple and easy recipe for mead.

What is a Seawolf?

What on earth is a seawolf? The question is a head scratcher riddled with intrigue. “Outside of UAA, I’ve never heard of it. Most (of) the time I’m thinking, ‘What the heck is it anyway?’” Leinalani Silvira, accounting major, said.

TNL alumna spotlight: Suzanna Caldwell

Whether it’s about the discovery of dinosaur fossils by the Yukon or headless walruses washed up ashore, many Alaskans are used to reading Suzanna Caldwell’s articles in the Alaska Dispatch.

Don’t park it wherever you please

Polina Borisova has been yelled at, screamed at, called names, and has even had people try to run her over with their cars. Borisova is one of the 12 Call Team officers who issue parking...

Get off the couch!

Chat with the chancellor and cabinet, Alaska Olympic gold medalist ceremony, and Prof. Patrick Dulin on "Smartphone Apps and the Treatment of Alcohol Addiction

Kale chips: A healthy alternative to potato chips

Kale chips are a popular alternative to less healthy potato chips and crackers. Essentially you're eating your greens with that oh-so-familiar crunch and that can't-have-just-one flavor brought on by the salt.Kale was the most...

Sex & The Seawolf: Mama’s Boys

The line between clingy guys always seems to be teetering on a line no wider than dental floss. Some say it’s sweet how in love they are, others say it’s awful being so obsessed, but what separates the two is solely decided on how far someone is willing to go.

Summertime marshmallows from scratch

Kick off the beginning of summer with these homemade marshmallows for the campfire.

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Experience traditional Chinese culture with the Confucius Institute

The Confucius Institute, UAA’s center for Chinese culture, will host Chinese Cultural Workshops throughout the fall and spring semesters. The four workshops, Chinese Martial...