The Lake Louise swim team: Part 1

This summer, a group of friends took an RV filled with 12 people up to Lake Louise, promptly sunk it in a gravel lot, named it “The Incident” and vowed to never again be...

General Support Services: More than just a printer

The Copy and Print Center is also offering a new service called the digital storefront. Users will have access to all of the services they currently offer by making an account on their website.

College Cookbook: Fatayer with Genevieve

Genevieve shares her family's favorite Lebanese snack.

Options available for treatment of depression on campus

Everyone has down days. The alarm doesn’t go off, someone steals the last parking spot, there’s no more milk in the fridge or homesickness strikes yet again. Imagine having these “down days” everyday, for...

Students lobby legislators for more scholarships

On Wednesday, November 4, students clustered around nine Alaska state legislators and one state senator and advocated for more state funded scholarships at the annual legislative luncheon organized by USUAA’s student government. “Students are facing...

Great-grandmother’s lemon cake

A tart and refreshing cake perfect for summer days.

Guru Kate: What’s so healthy about garlic and onions?

Many naturopathic practitioners have supported the alternative remedy of garlic and onion supplementation. Some suggest that merely leaving sliced onion on the counter will keep sickness at bay.

Student Union Den is being promoted

When David Murdoch started working at the University as the Coordinator for Commuter Student Services two years ago, he started a mission: make the Student Union a hub of activity on campus. This may seem...

Gallery features best student 2-dimensional art

This year's 2-Dimensional Student Invitational Show at the Student Union Gallery bears witness to a strong and vibrant art department at UAA. The show met with a high turnout Thursday, March 2, on the...

Exploring the Alaskan faith revolution

What is faith? Is it hope? Is it simply believing without seeing? Or is there concrete evidence that faith exists, only in different forms? Deacon Mick Fornelli of Saint Patrick’s Parish believes faith is evident in Alaska.

The annual Alaska Press Club Conference provides community for all workers in fields...

The Alaska Press Club will be having its annual conference this April 20, 21 and 22 at UAA and Alaska Public Media. Every year, the Alaska Press Club hosts a conference for individuals all...

From Anchorage to Portland: A conversation with Old Hounds

Photographer Jay Guzman sits down with Portland metal-core band Old Hounds

Surgery, medicine, and mayhem

Wisdom teeth. The very mention of them makes my head start to throb as if it’s filled with a thousand angry porcupines hell-bent on dancing the tango along my jaw line — which is...

Graduates present research findings in GSA summit

The graduates are speaking, ladies and gentlemen. Culminating over four years of intensive work and study, the graduate students of UAA finally presented their studies in a research summit on April 8th. Hosted by the...

Hello, can you see me now?

UAA’s Consortium Library is excited to present one of the first public videophones

Get off the couch!

First Friday, concerts, a ski swap and more.

Engineering students participate in the SAE Baja competition for senior capstone seminar

Since the fall semester of 2016, the UAA Baja team has been designing, building and preparing for the Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE) Baja competition taking place in Gorman, California on April 27-30. Baja...

Alcohol, suicide: A mixed campus cocktail

  “He was in a fetal position, literally, crying, with his head buried between his legs. He just let it all out, just sat there crying in my arms.” In that moment, supporting his grief-stricken friend,...

Student leader opens up about her struggles and strides toward success.

Bethany Brunelle laughed, unable to hide her smile. "Feb. 16 was my three-year anniversary," she said. She had a chirpy, jovial attitude. "I've been cancer-free since 2010," she continued.

Avalanche Awareness

Contrary to popular thought, experienced backcountry enthusiasts are most often candidates to become avalanche victims at 75 percent, according to the National Snow and Ice Date Center.            Program director for the Alaska Outdoor Education...

KRUA celebrates 19 years of local broadcasting

Maybe it was an ode to all the lonely lovers or just an attempt to make the first transmission count. But 19 years ago, R.E.M.’s “It’s The End of the World As We Know...

More to guns on campus than meets the eye

The issue of whether carrying concealed firearms is safe, legal or prudent on UA campuses is at once alarming and divisive. A protest of the regulation of firearms on UA campuses took place on Wednesday...

The Arc of Anchorage aims to engage community with Sparc

The Arc of Anchorage is an organization that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through their numerous services like care coordination, short-term assistance and referral, community living services, family support services, behavioral health...

A fan-‘stache-tic affair

Student Activities hosts their annual Winterfest Beard and Mustache Competition

{Getting to know}

Northern Light: How long have you been teaching? Ellen McKay: Twenty-four years – four years as an adjunct and 20 years as a full-time faculty member. How have you changed your style since you started...

Artisan food shops a growing industry in Anchorage

With the economic crisis wreaking havoc on America’s traditional way of life, many are turning to small business to ensure their current and future successes, and to pursue their inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. No matter what the economic forecast says, people will always need to eat, and for the food and hospitality industry, one niche that has become successful in the past few years is the artisan food industry.

A look back at past commencement speakers

Learn about prior commencement speakers Ruddy Abam, Jonathon Taylor and Sophie Leshan.

SatS: Playing with fire, FWB

  I should have known dating someone who behind his back was nicknamed the “Red Rocket” by mutual friends would never turn into anything substantially dependable, but I was hooked nonetheless. I met “Daniel” at a...

Fledgling Faygo business

Whether one calls it soda or pop, there are myriad forms of the sickly sweet syrup, and in Alaska some of the most popular soft drinks never see the light of day. Several months ago flyers started cropping up around campus reading, "Faygo sodas from Detroit get yours now from Flight Deck Pizza."

Sex and the Seawolf: Dating after college

So you’ve decided you want to cut ties with everyone in Anchorage when you move out of state for post-graduate adventures. Or maybe you just haven’t had luck in the last four years or...