Freshman survival guide: Tips and tricks to navigating your first year at college

There is a steep learning curve to navigating the responsibility, new environment and life changes that come with beginning your collegiate career. Feeling lost, misplaced or unsure are all normal reactions that come with...

Eat, drink and be merry: Finding food, coffee and more on campus

Being a freshman can be daunting; there are so many buildings, classrooms, professors and events to find and meet. Another tricky thing to figure out as a freshman is where to eat and how...

UAA student assists Mobile Medics International

On June 13, Moira Pyhala, a senior studying political science at UAA, traveled with Mobile Medics International, an Anchorage-based non-governmental organization, to Cebu Island in the Philippines. For three weeks, Pyhala served as photographer, clerk,...

UAA health and medical programs land students jobs

UAA offers various programs like engineering, health, medicine and business. Among the many degrees available, health and medicine are in high demand, especially in Alaska. Through nursing, pre-med and natural science programs geared towards...

Is an unpaid internship worth it?

Part of the college experience is being able to apply the knowledge gained from classes towards our desired career paths. An internship is a hands-on experience that puts a student’s knowledge to the test....

History of ALCAN incorporated into UAA classes

Many Alaskans are familiar with the Alaska Highway, built during World War II to connect the contiguous United States to Alaska via Canada. But what many might not be aware of is that the...

Romanticism lives on through the legacy of Professor Clay Nunnally

In the class, Literature of Romanticism English A330, Professor Clay Nunnally often recited poems. He recited long poems that stretched to not just one or two stanzas, but 30 plus lines filled with romanticism...

Artistic passions bring local artists to The Writer’s Block

Various books written by local authors are displayed throughout The Writer's Block, along with paintings hanging on walls from Anchorage artists. Officially opening their doors January 2018, The Writer’s Block houses books, music, art...

College Cookbook: Spam musubi

Growing up, my family would spend plenty of time in Hawaii visiting relatives during the summer. On days we would spend at the beach with our cousins, spam musubis were the go-to snack for...

Dipper Donuts makes its rounds throughout Anchorage

Local businesses are booming in the heart of Spenard. Among the new wave of businesses like The Writer’s Block and TK Korean BBQ Restaurant is Dipper Donuts, owned by UAA alumna Laura Cameron. Coming from...

College Cookbook: A sweet snack for summer days

My summer has started off typically spending my time with my grandparents after work. My grandfather had recently undergone surgery, and we had almost lost him due to a medication gone wrong. I have...

Sustainable Seawolf: Energy efficiency at home

The words “energy efficient” have become buzzwords in recent years, with many large companies signing agreements to become more energy efficient. But what does it really mean to be efficient in the way that...

Sustainable Seawolf: Eating sustainably

Eating sustainably has become a big topic of conversation in recent years. The New York Times cooking section has included recipes designed for more sustainable food practices, such as their Meatless Monday recipes. With...

College Cookbook: Creamy parmesan garlic mushroom chicken

Over the course of the month, I have graduated from cooking meals that consist of ramen, eggs and hot pockets to an adult meal made to serve more than one person. I recently learned...

Couple plans 20,000 mile bike ride, from Alaska to Argentina

With the rise of popularity of travel blogs, many dream of quitting their nine-to-five jobs to travel the world. Bloggers like Nomadic Matt, The Young Adventuress and Adventurous Kate all walked away from their...

To increase student enrollment, ‘Explore UAA’ offers Seawolf experience

“Explore UAA” will take place June 1 at the Student Union from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. To RSVP or for more information, you can go to the official “Explore UAA” page.

PrideFest 2018 is ‘more than a rainbow’

The theme of PrideFest 2018, which will take place June 9-16, is “Next Generation - More than a Rainbow.”

Two Homemade Cleaners

Here are two recipes for household cleaning sprays that will cover most of your needs...

College Cookbook: The story I meant to write a long time ago

This is my final College Cookbook. I'll be moving to the Peninsula and am leaving The Northern Light behind. My three-plus years here have been full of growth, with the paper acting as a...

Confucius Institute Day: Study abroad opportunities in China

For more information regarding the HSK Chinese language proficiency test, or to take a practice HSK test, visit or go visit the Confucius Institute at Rasmuson Hall, Room 115.

Congratu-lei-te a graduate

Malia Barto describes how to make a graduation lei for the upcoming ceremony

Get off the couch!

Plenty to do during the last week of class

Spring commencement speaker says: ‘You get out what you put in’

Lyndea Kelleher stresses the importance of students taking advantage of opportunities

Sustainable Seawolf: How to make candles

Beyond selling candles, you can also stock up on them for emergencies. With last month’s windstorm knocking out the power of almost 10,000 Anchorage residents, many people found themselves in need of light.

Alumni-run business fills niche in Anchorage

Grenel Sumabat, who has been restoring shoes and sneakers since 2012, graduated from UAA with a degree in computer science in 2017. After graduating he decided to pursue his passion, which led to the creation of RAGE.

College Cookbook: Sweet, sweet graduation

This fun, sprinkle-smothered cake is rich chocolate with a cream cheese frosting

Get off the couch!

UAA's Book Buyback starts Monday, April 30 and runs until Monday, May 7

To walk or not to walk

For UAA students, that is the question

Alaska Native dance group brings cultural recognition to commencement

Lepquinm Gumilgit Gagoadim will perform at the UAA spring commencement ceremony on May 6.

Moonwalk into the 80’s with the AE Club

On April 28, grab your leg warmers and head over to the Social Sciences Building for the AE club’s annual ‘80s Fun Run/Dance/Walk. The club focuses on hands on experience, community service and raising...