This week in UAA history

A look through TNL's archives

Radical Recreation: All fun and games

Jordan Campbell rises to the top five best Melee players in the state

Radical Recreation: Documenting the ride

By furthering her education in film and photography, Shannon Evans wants to inspire others through board sports

From Anchorage to Portland: A conversation with Old Hounds

Photographer Jay Guzman sits down with Portland metal-core band Old Hounds

College Cookbook: Doughnuts your way

Craving a doughnut in light of a delayed shop opening, Victoria Petersen offers a family recipe for the mini version.

Banned Book Week raises awareness on challenged books, ideas and expression

Banned Book Week is back and will be celebrated Sept. 24 through Sept. 30.

Facebook co-founder visits UAA, discusses universal basic income

Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes sees the Permanent Fund Dividend as an economic model for the rest of the country.

College Cookbook: Lemon poppy seed cardamom rolls

Treat yourself with the combined flavors of summer and fall

Tai Yen Jimmy Kim and the American dream

When Tai Yen Jimmy Kim isn't at UAA studying for his justice and theater classes, one can find him performing in plays across Anchorage, working at Rustic Goat or at a local open mic...

New club fills gap in LGBTQ groups on campus

It has high heels, costumes and long-haired wigs. What is it? It’s UAA’s new Drag+ club. Founder and self-proclaimed drag queen Robin O’Donoghue said Drag+ seeks to fill a void in LGBTQ clubs offered...

Radical Recreation: Higher the climb, greater the scenery

Elementary education major joins his two passions: photography and rock climbing

Director hired for Student Life and Leadership

Sarah Garner is the newly hired director of Student Life and Leadership, stepping in after the retirement of former Director Annie Route. Garner comes to Anchorage from a similar position at the University of...

Anchorage Museum expands, renovates

The Anchorage Museum will be opening a new wing featuring an expanded art collection as well as a long-overdue update to its history exhibition.

College Cookbook: My complicated relationship with cooking

You'd think that someone with a cooking column would love to cook, right?

VIDEO: Introducing ‘IDK @ UAA,’ a new series "IDK @ UAA" is TNL's newest video series aiming to shed light on lesser-known activities, events and information at UAA. This first episode focuses on UAA's "Howl Days," as the University's new student orientation is known.

Great-grandma’s gooseberry tart

Full of recipes that require gooseberries, my great-grandmother's cookbook is this weeks College Cookbook challenge.

Opening doors for students to study around the world

The opportunity for education doesn't stop on campus, thanks to the The Office of International and Intercultural Affairs

Radical Recreation: Blooming of expression

Diana Reyes is motivated to help others through dance, education and, in the future, with nursing

Alpha Sigma Phi to join UAA fraternities

One of the oldest fraternities in the U.S. will be opening its doors in Alaska

FAQ’s for incoming Freshmen

First-time freshmen are often full of questions on how to navigate collegiate life in and out of classes. Here are some answers to the most common queries.

Katie Bono’s record breaking climb of Denali

Katie Bono set the women’s speed record and third fastest time overall up the mountain in 21 hours, 6 minutes

Radical Recreation: Rather be in the mountains

Mountain runner and aviation technology major, Conor Deal, recently participated in the Alaskaman Extreme Triathlon, finishing in ninth place

UAA’s Clubs and Greek Life organizations offer opportunities and community

The Student Clubs and Greek Life office is part of UAA’s Student Life and Leadership office and offers various opportunities to enrich students’ experiences on campus. It encourages students to take part on campus...

Late nights: The best places to study around the university area

Studying is an essential part of student life and distractions can severely impair your ability to focus and get your work done. Finding a good place to study can greatly improve your ability to...

Need some extra cash? Check out UAA’s Experimental Economics Lab

UAA's Experimental Economics Laboratory is an easy way for students to make money taking part in game-like experiments.

Undergraduates study swallow colony on base

Several miles north of JBER's military gates you can find a small body of water tucked away, called Otter Lake. This lake almost felt like a military secret kept away from your average Anchorage...

Running with the bulls Palmer style, much different than in Pamplona

  The Musk Ox Farm is hosting its 15th Annual Running with the Bulls race on Aug. 6, starting at 1 p.m. The kids fun run 1k opens the event and is followed by a...

UAA’s Rachael Hannah to present Planetarium’s ‘Neurotours’

"Neurotours" provides an immersive live experience through the human brain with UAA biologist Rachael Hannah

College Cookbook: Rhubodka for midsummer

Enjoy a plentiful rhubarb harvest with this refreshing summer cocktail.