Polar bears, binge-drinking rats enlighten UAA researchers

College has long been associated with drinking alcohol, but at UAA, students aren't the only ones consuming the stuff. Every day, dozens of rats are getting buzzed in the name of science. Studying the effects...

Prof-iles: James Muller, the Richard Gilmore of UAA

Political science professor, James Muller, has lived the life of a TV character

CWLA Graduate program sponsors free reading series

Princesses in tall towers, battles of good versus evil and monsters hiding in closets; all are images from an imaginative child as his or her parents read stories at night before bed. As we get older, we are read to less and less, and it is assumed that by the age of 10 or 11 that we can read our own stories. The Creative Writing and Literary Arts MFA Program is hosting their fourth annual Northern Renaissance Arts & Sciences Reading Series.

Get off the couch!

At UAAGuitar Studio student recitalWhat: University and high school students, alumni and community members enrolled in private guitar classes will perform in this guitar showcase.When: Wednesday, April 11, 7:30 p.m.Where: Fine Arts Building's Recital...
UAA Student Health and Counseling Center is located in the Rasmuson Hall 116/120. Photo by Robert Gant.

Shoot your shot: Get vaccinated

The UAA Student Health and Counseling Center, or SHCC, offers vaccines for students who are living in the dorms, traveling or are part of athletic or extracurricular programs. During flu season, they offer community...

‘Star Wars’ comes to unsatisfying end

Not being a child of the ‘70s, it is hard to imagine that the first release of “Star Wars” in ‘77 changed our culture in ways that no other film, either before or after,...

Hickel leaves legacy of advocating for Alaska

  Wally Hickel, 90, two-time Alaska governor and controversial secretary of the Interior under President Richard Nixon, was laid to rest May 18 with his coffin standing up in his grave and facing Washington D.C....

Cancer-preventing vaccine now available on campus

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the vaccine Gardasil June 8, and it's now available at the UAA Student Health and Counseling Center _" for a price. "For the first time, we have a...

Video gamers revisit oldies at fund-raiser

Not too long ago, playing video games used to be like watching live theater: both took a certain amount of imagination to make it believable. Today, graphics in video games are approaching realistic levels,...

Final Thoughts

Well, it looks like this is it. As I gaze out my window I see an odd cycle of students packing their belongings into cars and throwing trash on the ground, as workers in...

Hunter’s-style Italian chicken

Chicken cacciatora, from the region of Umbria, Italy. Inspired by New York Time's cooking.

Dance enthusiasts get saucy at UAA Salsa Socials

"My hips return to puberty when I'm in dance class," read the poem posted in the entrance of the makeshift dance studio. The hushed rhythm of an alluring and exotic Caribbean beat lured eager ears toward the double doors of the studio. Inside, excitement lingered in the air as dancers awaited the start of the Salsa Social.

Sex and the Seawolf: Take it slow

When people think of relationships, they think of all the good and bad that come from them — the good being the availability of someone who is there for you, to handle your needs...

Camp Hard III: Camp hard with a vengeance

On TNL’s website last week, I promised you all a heroic action column. Now, assuming you’ve all significantly lowered your standards for the words “action” and “heroic,” I’m ready to deliver.

Fellows program cultivates success, friendship

The meeting is called to order at precisely 5:30. As Ezekiel Kaufman addresses the 13 students and three faculty members poised around the conference room table, the playful bantering around the room dies down. The movie Cheaper by the Dozen comes to mind, only more of a “later years” edition and with an extra kid.

Orange Rhymes With: How not to be a jerk on Election Day

“It’s almost election day,” I think to myself with a growing sense of dread. I quickly search my room for a possible escape route. “Maybe if I hide under here,” I whisper hopefully as I check the space under my bed.

Katie Bono’s record breaking climb of Denali

Katie Bono set the women’s speed record and third fastest time overall up the mountain in 21 hours, 6 minutes

KRUA staff: “We just want to be heard”

McHugh Pierce Promotions Director Major: Journalism and Public Communications Year born: 1979 Where he learned his craft: I was born with it What he'd like to see changed or added to student media: I would like to see more...

Groovy fondue titillates the senses

Love, sex, drugs and fondue were just some of the themes that bounced around in the ‘70s. Keep Halloween goodies drug-free yet psychedelic with a colorful array of exotic fruits drenched in warm caramel fondue.

Band has cult appeal

I always kind of wondered why the music press could never mention the Polyphonic Spree without making some inane reference to them as a 'cult' or a 'religious group' or some half-clever remark like...

Orange Rhymes With: Crazed Shootout fans: A user’s guide

It’s that time of year again, and, just in case you didn’t read literally every other article in this issue, the Great Alaska Shootout is upon us. This means that for many of us, our Thanksgiving is fully booked.

Adulting 101

Things adults should know

Alleviating Anchorage’s Spice problem — one gram of marijuana at a time.

Local entrepreneur Nicole Crites uses marijuana and education to help those in need and educate the Anchorage community about the dangers of synthetic marijuana.
Photo credit: Robert Gant.

The aftermath of April Fools’

Most people have encountered some sort of prank within their lifetime, but the line between a harmful prank and a fun joke can be difficult to navigate on April Fools’ Day. Many students at the...

Dancers open the floor for next generation

During these dance battles, all the participants sign up for a specific battle and showcase their moves in front of their opponent(s). While they give it their all, three judges intently watch how they groove to the music and connect with their opponent.

@ Your Library: Banned books week: Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’

Last week was banned books week, and while most books displayed at the Consortium’s entrance have great literary merit—A Clockwork Orange, Song of Solomon, The Satanic Verses—one stood out as having practically none: Hitler’s...

Assault education and awareness under way during the month of April

Every year thousands of people are sexually assaulted. This includes everyone; men, women, and children. However even with the victims of sexual assaulted ranging in age and gender, it is college age women who...

Orange Rhymes With: Salvaging the best-laid plans

If you’ve followed my last few columns (just nod and smile, I need this) then it’s becoming fairly obvious that I’m starting to panic. Suddenly I’ve found myself on the back half of the four-year plan I’m expected to complete, and the pre-graduation panic is setting in. Halfway through mapping out my schedule for spring semester I had a friend glance over my shoulder and incredulously ask, “What in the hell are you even majoring in?”

Energy efficient street lamps shining soon

Anchorage is taking a "green" step towards converting the city's streetlights into more efficient fixtures that will make a significant difference in both savings and safety. On Monday morning, the first phase began. Though the city began installing the fixtures months before in the trial run, Monday was the beginning of the citywide changeover.

UAA takes greener path to campus reform.

As high-energy costs pummel the world residentially, commercially, ecologically and economically, there are forces that stir to remedy the crisis. To find a solution rather than entrenching ourselves into deeper holes of utility debt and energy-stress, one such force rests here in the halls of UAA.