Feed your intergalactic fetish at UAA’s Planetarium and Visualization Theater

Science has never looked or sounded as clear as it does at the UAA Planetarium and Visualization Theater. The dome-shaped screen boasts over 12 million pixels and rip-roaring sound effects through a Dolby 5.1...

Spring commencement speaker says: ‘You get out what you put in’

Lyndea Kelleher stresses the importance of students taking advantage of opportunities

Caucuses, candidates, and cola

Klax at the Caucuses!

Seawolf alumnus fresh on culinary scene

Various news outlets across Anchorage have painted their headlines with rave reviews about the Downtown Grill, a restaurant hot on the scene. “Oh my gosh, those are good — yummy!” Maria Downey, an anchor for KTUU said in a quote about DT Grill’s beignets. Riza Brown, Anchorage Daily News correspondent, dubbed the restaurant as “Southern flair, excellent fare.”

“Shadowlands” sheds light on love and loss

As the anniversary of Sept. 11 approaches, the nation begins to reflect on the past year. A theater group in Kodiak has found their form of therapy in their production of 'Shadowlands,' the award-winning...

Five Alaska romance writers tell all

In celebration of Alaska Book Week, Linsey, along with four other authors from the Alaska chapter of Romance Writers of America, visited the UAA Bookstore to give a book talk. Though they had fun sharing the details of their own works, they all were also keen on sharing advice for aspiring writers.

Orange Rhymes With: Sasquatch festival: A true test of fortitude

Sometimes I make decisions that are inexplicably contrary to every conviction I have. I have no explanation for it. I seem to subconsciously try to challenge myself on a daily basis. So when I was planning out an adventure for this summer, I must have decided to throw caution to the wind and fill it with things that will drive me nuts.

Weidner Center for Real Estate Management opens this fall

New center is provided to cater to the growing career field

Guru Kate: What are the real health benefits of chocolate and at what point...

Chocolate is the Valentine’s Day food mascot. The sugary, creamy snack has developed a reputation over the years of being chock full of antioxidants. However, naysayers have not let their chocoholic friends forget that it is still a sweet and should be enjoyed in moderation.

Homecoming week to feature new events, old favorites

It's homecoming week at UAA, but the traditional shopping cart parade has been replaced by a photo scavenger hunt this year.

What is an alumnus?

Even after graduation, students still have resources to utilize

Radical Recreation: Head in the clouds

Aviation enthusiast Maksim Mayer's passion for flight began during childhood.

Get off the couch!

A Tribe Called Red, author discussions and more.

The Mint Chip serves organic, locally made ice cream to the Anchorage area

Laura Aubry takes on Anchorage area markets and festivals with her organic and locally made ice cream.

Artisan food shops a growing industry in Anchorage

With the economic crisis wreaking havoc on America’s traditional way of life, many are turning to small business to ensure their current and future successes, and to pursue their inalienable right to the pursuit of happiness. No matter what the economic forecast says, people will always need to eat, and for the food and hospitality industry, one niche that has become successful in the past few years is the artisan food industry.

Guru Kate: Dieting tips

Can cinnamon make you lose weight? It feels so good to write that this isn’t a hoax developed by people who want to gain cult status. There is a realistic background to this spice’s magical powers. It won’t be the only thing you should do to lose weight; it’s not like you can just take the cinnamon challenge (YouTube it) while watching SpongeBob and expect your BMI to plummet as low as your IQ.

Noisepop group may bow out after tour, record

Disclosure: The lead singer of The Moon Knights works as a music reviewer for The Northern Light. Going once. Going twice. Gone. Local band The Moon Knights, described by British comic book writer Warren Ellis as "cacophonic bedroom guitarpowered noisepop," are about to be as gone as a day-old eBay auction - and one that local music fans will be wishing they'd bid on a little sooner.

UAA hosts Healthy Sexuality Week Feb. 7-13

Kinky, routine, awkward or pleasurable — people use all sorts of words to describe their sex lives. But when was the last time you heard someone other than a health professional use the description “healthy”?

Annual UAA Crafts Fair: A meeting of talented Alaskan artisans

UAA’s annual Crafts Fair took place Dec. 6 in the Student Union. The event, hosted by Commuter Student Services, was filled with people of all ages perusing booths manned by local craft vendors showcasing...

UAA student wins Rhodes Scholarship

Samantha Mack is the first UAA student to be invited to interview for the scholarship, and the first Alaska Native student to win the award.

Edible flowers in bloom

Ever see a flower beautiful enough to…eat? For the curious, UAA horticulture/landscaping supervisor Catherine Shenk skimmed the subject of edible flowers. She named some varieties that can grow in Alaska and shared tips from a...

Mental health wellness workshops continue this spring

According to National Alliance on Mental Illness, 75 percent of mental health conditions begin by age 24. Understanding and talking about mental health is easily accessible through UAA’s Student Health and Counseling Center.

Alaska Native Studies Conference comes to life through cultural expression

As the Alaska Native Studies Conference closing banquet came to an end, community member George Holly serenaded attendees with a song about “a good Native springtime” in the Athabaskan language, Deg Xinag.

Experts discuss alternatives in geriatric medicine

Last year, more than 450 people attended the Alaska Health Summit at the Captain Cook Hotel from Nov. 28 to Dec. 2 and learned about modern medical miracles and problems in a weeklong program....

Taiji: Relax, go to it

The rain had returned to Anchorage. While the sun still rose early, the mood was calmer, more relaxed. This feeling continued as I entered the Oriental Healing Arts Center on Spenard Road with Taoist...

Art student starts at the root

If ever there were an exceptional artist sowing the seeds for a career, Kevin Temple would be it. What sets him apart from the mainstream art student is his talent and desire to take...

Sex and the Seawolf: Sex toys and where to get them

When you hear the term “sex toys,” what do you imagine? Most people envision a fake penis when thinking about sex toys. Fake penises do assist those lost without a hardened appendage to ease into their pleasures, but despite the utility of these toys, some are embarrassed to admit they’ve had the pleasure of using them.

Bakery cart stocked full of student-made goods

The bakery cart is where the culinary students sell any left-over products that they’ve made during the week.

NASA scientist explains Mars rovers’ achievements to UAA

For thousands of years our neighbor planet Mars has been a source of intrigue and curiosity to people on Earth. In the United States, scientists have come a long way in discovering the past...

Localize It: Getting down to business with Peak Audio

UAA student releases his own line of wireless headphones

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One in two Alaska students tests below proficient in performance evaluation

More than half of Alaska students fail to meet standard proficiency criteria in English and math, assessments by the Alaska Department of Education and...