College Cookbook: Overnight oats

Too busy for breakfast? Start the night before with this recipe for overnight oats.

The Old Boat

A piece of history from the Old Glenn Highway

General Support Services: More than just a printer

The Copy and Print Center is also offering a new service called the digital storefront. Users will have access to all of the services they currently offer by making an account on their website.

Preserving Alaska’s native culture

Aside from their biweekly meetings, the Native Student Council hosts cultural events, one being dance groups. They feature volunteer community members from different regions of Alaska, who teach traditional songs and dances.

Cha-cha into spring with Latin dance

Remaining classes are bachata, Feb. 20, merengue, March 20 and the cha-cha April 17. All lessons run from 7 to 8 p.m.

College Cookbook: Café Du Monde beignets at home

You can order their beignet mix online, or you can follow this copy-cat recipe I found through The Food Hacker.

Photo story: Women’s March 2018

Following the inauguration of Donald Trump in 2017, millions of women and men around the world gathered to protest abuses of women and power, hoping to spark a movement. One year later, on Jan....

Clay Body club comes together for the ‘clay good’

Bachelor of Fine Arts student Jessi Saiki says Clay Body "just signifies community and ... coming together for the common good, the clay good.”

Empowering girls one kit at a time

In addition to giving approximately 1,000 kits to girls, For The Good Period provides education to the girls on topics in health such as puberty, menses, sex and pregnancy, as well as more culture-directed issues such as HIV, AIDS and female genital mutilation.

Balancing bears and downward dog

On Tuesdays and Thursdays, the Anchorage Museum is offering a 50-minute class called "Yoga in the Gallery" in the recently finished Rasmuson Wing. Classes take place from 12:10 to 1 p.m. and cost $18; members of the Anchorage Museum receive a 10 percent discount.

Get off the couch!

Start the semester off right with concerts, talks and new hobbies.

Voodoo Jams create spirited spreads

"We had a couple of great weekends of making boozy jams in her kitchen. Along the way, I called her up at one point and said, 'Hey, I think we might be on to something here,'" said Noelle Hardt, co-founder of Voodoo Jams.

A taste of Mars on Earth: UAA Robotics club

The UAA Robotics club is working to finish the Iceberg 2, their entry to the University Rover Challenge.

Finding her niche: Alexandria McLearen, UAA’s fall commencement speaker

Throughout her time at UAA, McLearen said her most challenging moment was when she was chair of the Green Fee Board.

Eccentric electives

UAA's 2018 spring semester will offer a wide arrange of select topic courses in all different subjects

Meet the artist behind Alaska’s newest license plate

21-year-old UAA student and Palmer local used her graphic skills and love for Alaska to design the new state license plate.

Radical Recreation: The ultimate sport

Local ultimate Frisbee players take the sport to a new extreme during wintertime

Black Student Union aims for inclusion of all

"The Black Student Union exists to serve the UAA community. It encourages inclusion, it is cultivating a sense of unity within the student body," Nile Morris, BSU vice president said.

A look back at past commencement speakers

Learn about prior commencement speakers Ruddy Abam, Jonathon Taylor and Sophie Leshan.

Graduates look beyond college, discuss career aspirations

Students looking to jump start their career exploration prior to graduation can schedule career development appointments with CES through their free UAA Handshake account under

UAA junior designs official 2018 state medallion

Of the nearly 20 applicants that submitted potential ideas for the 2018 coin, Megan Warren, junior political science major at UAA, came out on top.

College Cookbook: Easy mug cake gifts

Snickerdoodle, blueberry muffin and gluten-free chocolate mug cake recipes.

Swapping pencils for broomsticks

Quidditch comes to life with the help of the Health, Physical Education and Recreation department.

UAA student wins Rhodes Scholarship

Samantha Mack is the first UAA student to be invited to interview for the scholarship, and the first Alaska Native student to win the award.

The benefits of student employment on UAA’s campus

Holding a position as a part-time student employee requires registration in six or more credits in the UA system, as well as maintaining a cumulative grade point average of a 2.0. In addition, more specific requirements, such as a resume or references, are associated with certain jobs.

Get off the couch!

Events to soothe the finals blues, concerts, plays and more.

Medical laboratory science program director to retire after 20 years

Program director Heidi Mannion and adjunct professor David Pierce have kept the medical laboratory technology program alive through creation of a bachelor's degree in medical laboratory science and a certificate in phlebotomy.

West Hall gets lit

The new LED fixtures will save about $80,000 a year of the Housing costs, about 20 percent of the electricity cost.

The bread pudding he never got

This recipe comes with a story

An interactive blend of health care and fitness

UAA's "Exercise is Medicine" club helps to incorporate physical activity into the prevention and treatment of healthcare concerns.

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A critique of power is not critique of identity

If you have had the misfortune to hear a talk by Milo Yiannopoulos or Richard Spencer, or heard conservative mouthpieces such as Tomi Lahren...