Moving out: An ode to labor

January 27, 20160

I’ve never given much thought to moving. In my four years in the dorms, I never stayed long in any…

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The post college experience

January 27, 20160

As a freshman, I was often naively irritated by the non-traditional students in my classes. While everyone in my cohort…

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On the subject of Anchorage housing

October 25, 20150

When you’re in your twenties, the places you live tend to be contingent upon low cost and little else. While…

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An ode to the Templewood

October 21, 20150

In college, you tend to gravitate towards a social group based on mutual interests. In my case, the common denominator…

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Nearing the end: A look back and nervous glance forward

September 17, 20150

  13 weeks. By a rough estimate, that’s the imprecise remainder of time in which the excuse of being a…

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Finals stress; reflections of a weary senior

April 29, 20150

The last two weeks are always a chaotic mess for me. Even when the rest of the semester has run…

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In search of employment, housing, and other milestones of adulthood.

April 21, 20150

It’s quickly becoming that time of year where I begin making the difficult decisions that shape my summer months. Who…

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Powder runs and spring slush; an unexpected comeback for Alyeska

April 14, 20150

Halfway up the stairs to my bedroom I came to a grinding halt soaked in sweat, desperately trying to squeeze…

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My final outdoor class (for now)

April 7, 20150

Friday marked the last field day of my backcountry ski course with one final trip to Sunburst, in Turnagain Pass,…

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Four years of campus housing; a fond(ish) farewell

April 1, 20150

As I near the end of my stay at our high class campus housing, I feel the need to reminisce…

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Backcountry medicine and other ramblings

March 24, 20150

So over spring break I eschewed the normal range of college break activities, such as drinking (too poor), studying (too…

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The Walking Shred: an adventure in Alaska’s backcountry

March 19, 20150

  My backcountry ski course met way too damn early the Friday before spring break, loading the bus with what…

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A backcountry getaway

February 26, 20150

It’s been a rough year to be an outdoor enthusiast. Alyeska is a rock-ridden sheet of ice, the flu dashed…

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(Please don’t) Be my valentine

February 18, 20150

Valentine’s Day: that dreaded “holiday” which brings all the worst aspects of romance together in one soul-crushing day of chalky…

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