Guru Kate: Staying active at a desk job

May 1, 20130

Media has been buzzing in the past year about America’s “sitting disease.” These articles cite studies that claim our society…

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Guru Kate: Does brushing your teeth do more than prevent cavities?

April 24, 20130

Proper dental hygiene is both necessary for your social career and very necessary for the health of your teeth. Regardless…

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Guru Kate: How do I know if I have acid reflux?

April 9, 20130

The digestive system is truly magnificent. It is self con­taining, self regulating, and ensures that all nutrients get to where…

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Guru Kate: What are hiccups? Are there any scientifically proven cures?

April 3, 20130

Hiccups are nature’s reminder that no matter how intricate the human body is, it still has a switch that no…

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Guru Kate: ‘What are anti-inflammatory foods and how do they work in the human body?’

March 27, 20130

Inflammation is your body’s natural response to injury. Noticing that something is awry in the complex system, the wound sends…

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Guru Kate: Nutritional differences between men and women

March 6, 20130

You’ve heard correctly! Women go through life stages and hormonal changes resulting in the need for more nutrients, namely iron…

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Guru Kate: Why do some dentists endorse certain chewing gums?

February 26, 20130

Although it hasn’t aired in years, a Trident gum commercial was so iconic that it spurred many people to ask,…

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Guru Kate: Why do people say that coconut oil is so good for you?

February 21, 20130

Coconut oil is a unique fat. It’s solid at room temperature, like butter, but has purported health benefits, like olive…

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Guru Kate: What are the real health benefits of chocolate and at what point do benefits outweigh the downfalls?

February 12, 20130

Chocolate is the Valentine’s Day food mascot. The sugary, creamy snack has developed a reputation over the years of being…

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Guru Kate: All About Vitamins

February 6, 20130

Vitamin supplements are a nice way of covering all of your nutritional bases. You pop a pill every day, and…

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Guru Kate: Which is a better breakfast: Eggs or cereal?

January 29, 20130

Many factors influence whether eggs or cereal makes the better breakfast decision. How are the eggs prepared? What do you…

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Guru Kate: What’s so healthy about garlic and onions?

January 22, 20130

Many naturopathic practitioners have supported the alternative remedy of garlic and onion supplementation. Some suggest that merely leaving sliced onion…

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Guru Kate: How are calories in food measured?

December 3, 20120

In the past 100 years, the primary method of measuring calories has not changed course. The Atwater method uses classical…

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Guru Kate: Surefire ways to prevent muscle soreness

November 19, 20120

Whether you’re reading this as a college-level athlete or a couch-potato level athlete, delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS) has likely…

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