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June 25, 2013 Ruddy Abam

Since the dawn of time, human beings have expressed ourselves through the clothes we wear. Although style trends are constantly changing each season, clothing serves as a strong representation of one’s self, beliefs and personality to society at large.

Debuting the fashion and style column in The Northern Light, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Ruddy Abam, justice and psychology junior, local model and self-stylist. I have always wanted to write and blog about high fashion, not-so-high fashion and downright don’ts of the style industry — and what better place than by means of a column? My aim with this style column is to showcase the styles that are strolling down the hallways of the Green and Gold and the streets of Anchorage.

Look forward to seeing fashion trend articles, where fellow fashionable UAA students will have the opportunity to submit photos of their styles for a chance to be the feature of the week. Below are the details.

As a fashion fiend or “fashionista,” your style will grow and develop in order to best reflect who you are by creating physical statement of yourself. The aim of this column is to create that buzz and momentum for the fashion in flux. To best use and understand fashion, one ought to have great knowledge of the fashion industry and its history, like one would apply any knowledge gained in a classroom setting.

You need to be knowledgeable in works related to what the French call, “a la mode.” Any fashion-forward individual must understand the science behind why trends come and go by keeping up with what is going on in the industry and the major names behind each trend. To be successful in any of this, one is expected to have an open mind, because not everything you see will appeal to you, which gives you the challenge of, “How do I work with this, to still embody me in a fabulous way?”

Expect to read up on what is in, what is not, pairing, dressing for any occasion, advice for finding high-fashion looks in lower-budget store, and how to develop a sense of chic on a college budget. The fashion column is about the student body, so many of the photos featured will be of the fashionable individuals of UAA and Anchorage. I will also write not only about UAA fashion, but styles from other regions of the world and how that can apply to your wardrobe. Events pertaining to fashion in Alaska and out will be announced, and tips on keeping true to you will be shared too.

If someone would like me to address a certain topic for a given week, I would love to know. I want your feedback on what you want to read about in this new column.

“Fashion is a fickle thing, a process that involves experimentation and learning from

mistakes.” –Style 101



SUBJECT: Fashion & Style UAA, (feature of the week, or FotW)

• Chic photo of you showing your fashion & style

• Your name and email

• What inspires your style

• What you are wearing in the photo for those interested in purchasing the items