Healthy lifestyle shop serves Acai Bowls

Nestled deep in the heart of Dimond, Acai Alaska is the state’s first Acai Bowl provider.  The healthy lifestyle shop opened in July 2009 and offers Alaskans an option to dine purely, easily and...

Guru Kate: Are there actually health benefits inherent in alcohol?

Boiling this question down to the molecules, ethanol itself does not carry any benefits. Ethanol is the “active” ingredient in vodka, gin, wine, rum and other alcohols. It requires special detoxification by the liver when ingested so it doesn’t poison the drinker. In people without the detoxifying protein called “alcohol dehydrogenase,” drinking any amount of ethanol can cause a massive reaction including gut-wrenching pain, because ethanol is a biological toxin.

FAQ’s for incoming Freshmen

First-time freshmen are often full of questions on how to navigate collegiate life in and out of classes. Here are some answers to the most common queries.

Book of the Year Goes Beyond the Shelf

The Consortium Library is filled to the brim with all sorts of content, from books to encyclopedias to newspapers.  Among all these works, two were handpicked by a select group of eight faculty members...

A town worth driving through a mountain for

Explore the gateway to Prince William Sound — all of it's quirks and natural wonders.

UAA’s rock garden is a real treasure

It’s no secret that geologist love their rocks. In fact, UAA geologists love rocks so much, an entire garden dedicated to rocks and geology is on display in the west quad. Before you write off...

Create sushi at home

Sushi is a delicate spectacle that balances presentation with delicate flavors. While quietly sitting at the bar of a sushi restaurant, one can watch the practice that goes into every plate. Sushi should be made by the masters of the craft.

SOPA/PIPA protests delay votes

This past week a phenomenon hit the internet, as many websites blacked out content or even went completely black in protest of two bills now under consideration: Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and Protect IP Act (PIPA).

Avalanche Awareness

Contrary to popular thought, experienced backcountry enthusiasts are most often candidates to become avalanche victims at 75 percent, according to the National Snow and Ice Date Center.            Program director for the Alaska Outdoor Education...

Lead story one

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Get away from UAA with UAA

The University of Alaska Anchorage's International Exchange Program allows students to study in more than a dozen countries around the world. For many college students, studying abroad is an opportunity to experience new cultures...

Maria Bamford entertains, educates

She has killed God, sought the Exxon within and gone parasailglidebiking in Rio Guamquai. She is Maria Bamford.

Meet the Provost: James Chapman, Ph. D

The desk of University of Alaska Anchorage Provost James Chapman faces the impressive and protecting Chugach Mountains. Scattered about his office are personal guardians: a gargoyle statue, a leprechaun and a statue of Apollo,...

UAA’s Rachael Hannah to present Planetarium’s ‘Neurotours’

"Neurotours" provides an immersive live experience through the human brain with UAA biologist Rachael Hannah

Where Spenard ends and Midtown begins: A look at Anchorage’s neighborhoods

Anchorage has many diverse neighborhoods, but it's difficult to see where their borders end and begin.

Sex and the Seawolf: To shave or not to shave, that is the question

Pubic hair — we all have it, unless of course you have a genetic abnormality and are a human naked mole rat. Many people ask the question, “How much is too much?” when shaving the dreaded pubic region.

There’s more places to ski in Italy than just Turin

On Dec. 8, the Olympic flame was lit in Athens, Greece, and began its relay to the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. On Dec. 21, UAA senior Aleah Scheick arrived in Italy, where she...

Competition a slam-dunk for performing poets

The crowd waited for Hawkins Wright to take the stage and deliver his poem in the final round of the second annual Poetry Slam For New Voices. He was the current points leader, and...

Grubs, guts and glory

It was a puke-tastic evening Sept. 23 as UAA Student Activities put on its own version of the NBC hit “Fear Factor” in the Student Union. Eighteen students competed in grosser than gross games...

Yet even more whining about the shutdown

Stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid stupid humans. I mean, seriously. What is this. WHAT IS THIS. I want to send George down to the capitol to shake some sense into these people. Everyone wants to do that. According to polls, almost 90 percent of America wants to do that. And for once, I can’t blame them.

Change to Pluto could mean new textbooks

There are few things in life more traumatic than suffering the loss of one's own identity. On Aug. 24, the planet formerly known as Pluto had its previous identity revoked. Pluto, the little planet...

AWAIC disappointed with summer solstice turnout

The Summer Solstice Festival, hosted by Abused Women's Aid in Crisis, is one Anchorage's most popular downtown fundraisers. This year just didn't seem to pop. The event featured live music, dancing, arts and crafts vendors,...

Perception versus reality: Student use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs

UAA Core Alcohol and Drug Survey uses a positive social norming campaign to provide students with a positive perception of themselves and their peers

Prof-iles: A love of language and cats

Chair of the Department of Languages, professor Natasa Masanovic-Courtney didn’t speak her first word until she was four years old. In the time before she said her first words, Masanovic-Courtney was helping her...

In search of employment, housing, and other milestones of adulthood.

It’s quickly becoming that time of year where I begin making the difficult decisions that shape my summer months. Who signs my paycheck? Do I stay in a tent, or is someone in an...

UAA students jury statewide high school art competition

For the first time in its two-decade history, the All-State Art Competition, an annual Alaska art contest for high school students, was organized and judged by UAA students. The Alaska Schools Activities Association normally...

SatS: Playing with fire, FWB

  I should have known dating someone who behind his back was nicknamed the “Red Rocket” by mutual friends would never turn into anything substantially dependable, but I was hooked nonetheless. I met “Daniel” at a...

Miss Alaska 2011- Jessica Chuckran

It was a beautiful day, so we decided to talk on one of those knolls near the Cuddy center. Walking from the bookstore, I informally asked when she began to compete in pageants. I...

Couch surfing: New travel trend connects the world

Traveling is always easier when you have friends or family waiting for you at your destination. Having someone local that you can trust makes the entire travel experience better. Whether they show you around or simply point out which attractions are must-sees and which ones are a touch underwhelming, local knowledge is invaluable.

O.R.W.: The Art of Writing College Papers

Before I begin, I’d like to make a clarifying statement to any of my professors who may be reading this: Know that in no way do I, or would I ever, subscribe to the...

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Seawolf gymnasts debut 2018 season

Having only one unofficial meet prior, UAA competed in their first regular season meet against Cortland.

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