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Guru Kate: Staying active at a desk job

Media has been buzzing in the past year about America’s “sitting disease.” These articles cite studies that claim our society stays seated for far too long, and this is to blame for America’s national...

From boys to men to gentlemen

The True Gentleman is the man whose conduct proceeds from good will and an acute sense of propriety and whose self-control is equal to all emergencies; who does not make the poor man conscious...

Performer fuses electronic tools with wind instrument

Jane Rigler's flute has five little triggers. While her fingers tap a tune from the breath traveling its silver shaft, her thumb and pinky use the five extra buttons to select sound files; record,...

The benefits of student employment on UAA’s campus

Holding a position as a part-time student employee requires registration in six or more credits in the UA system, as well as maintaining a cumulative grade point average of a 2.0. In addition, more specific requirements, such as a resume or references, are associated with certain jobs.

Cheers to Campus Politics

More often than not, there’s friction between the Democrats and the Republicans. Yet, when the season ends, these two adversaries must make amends and bury the hatchet in order to accomplish a similar goal of maintaining political interest among UAA students. TNL interviewed Jonathan Taylor and Joe Samaniego, representatives from UAA College Republicans and UAA College Democrats, respectively. See those interviews here.

Localize It: Locally made jewelry offered through Molly & Bella

Cleo Anderson talks about the growth of her jewelry making business

‘Fourplay’ to run wild at Cyrano’s

Having recently returned from a few years abroad, local actor and author Schatzie Schaefers hasn"t wasted any time in getting her feet wet. Schaefers, a graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage theater...

Stroke risk with use of common medicines

People who use medications containing phenylpropanolamine, or PPA, may be at higher risk for stroke, the Food and Drug Administration said recently. PPA is an ingredient in many over-the-counter cough and cold remedies made...

College Cookbook: Easy mug cake gifts

Snickerdoodle, blueberry muffin and gluten-free chocolate mug cake recipes.

Prof-iles: From one frontier of Eastern Christianity to another

For UAA professor, Medeia Csoba DeHass, religion has always been important to her life and her career in Alaska.

Urban indoor farm to provide fresh produce to Anchorage consumers year-round

Hydroponic vertical farm in Spenard is growing fresh produce year round for wholesale local grocers.

New features turn students on to Myspace.com

Myspace.com.com, the free online community that is popping up in conversation and computer screens everywhere, may have some practical uses after all. Though used mostly to find old friends and make new ones, Myspace.com can...

Radical Recreation: Morgan Ross soars to maximum potential

Even before Morgan Ross, environmental studies and Spanish major, could remember, gymnastics has been her life. It started with her mother, who was a gymnastics coach, which allowed Ross to start at a young...

Radical Recreation: All fun and games

Jordan Campbell rises to the top five best Melee players in the state

Guru Kate: The woes of winter

Why do my eyes tear when it’s cold out? Unless you love weather below zero, the answer to this question could just be crying. But if you’re like me, you’re tearing up for no good...

Orange Rhymes With: Finally an adult

Every so often in life you run across a significant milestone. At 16 you earn the right to test out your racing abilities, honed by countless hours of “Grand Theft Auto,” in the real world. At 18 you’re allowed to utilize your less-than-comprehensive understanding of national politics (or at least the bits you remember from your high school government class) to influence the presidential election. Somewhere between the ages of 22 and 35 you’ll finally graduate college so you can begin paying down three lifetimes worth of debt.

Orange Rhymes With: Lost: Tonsils and socks

I recently wrote pieces of a humor column while in a horribly altered state after the removal of my tonsils and other fun things. This is not that column.

The faster you go the more friends you make.

Unlike other creatures that sniff butts, fan feathers or call out for mates, mankind has redefined a new, innovative way to meet others. Called “speed friending,” this new social gathering encourages people to meet as many other individuals as possible within an allotted timeframe.

Jalapeno cheese dip: A party for the mouth

Since it’s finals week and you’re probably too busy to cook up food right now, you might as well whip some jalapeno cheese dip together in order to get your snack on. If you’ve finished finals already, this is the best dip for your after-finals party.

UAA raises homeless awareness

All across the nation, men, women and children crave a decent meal and a warm place to sleep. UAA is hosting events for Hunger and Homelessness Awareness week, which runs March 5 through 11. The next event, called "Day of Homelessness at Bean's Caf?," takes place on March 9.

A day of information, banana suturing, medical simulation robots

The 13th Annual Alaska PreMed Summit was held on April 7 at Rasmuson Hall at UAA. The summit was designed to help students who are interested in the field to get a...

Oh, the places you’ll go…

If Alaska is not foreign enough, take a journey overseas with one of the University of Alaska Anchorage’s study abroad programs. Whether students travel to meet new people, learn about different cultures or simply enjoy...

Cooking in College: Mason jars aren’t just for jams

Some people have complained about how expensive salads are on campus and how annoying they are to transport to class, so I thought I’d share a little tale of the salad-who-could. This little salad...

Freshmen, families enjoy Campus Kick

Dozens of clubs, student organizations and academic departments gathered in the Student Union and the Wells Fargo Sports Complex to welcome hundreds of incoming freshmen to UAA at the third annual Campus Kickoff, Aug....

Where to go when you’ve got to go

In my first semester as a staff reporter for The Northern Light, I wrote a piece entitled “Where to go when you’ve got to go: The best bathrooms on UAA’s campus.” I was reminded...

Radical Recreation: Tommy Nguyen kicked off his college career by joining UAA Judo and...

Psychology and nursing pre-major found his love of martial arts during his freshmen year at UAA

AHAINA helping students to academic excellence

The AHAINA program offers a lot to the various minority ethnic groups around UAA, which is around 3,500 this year, and even more to those who officially sign up to be a member in...

World’s ‘most trusted stranger’ brings art to UAA

Most people discard strangers' mail. Frank Warren, the creator PostSecret, publishes it. A collaborative mail art project, www. postsecret.com, Warren has collected and posted over a quarter of a million anonymous postcards since 2005 from people eager to bare their souls to the internet.

Tackling Difficult Dialogues on campus

Race, religion, gun control, gay marriage, war. These are just a few of the many topics that can be considered sensitive and people feel the need to tread lightly when discussing them in a campus setting. Some just avoid controversial topics altogether in order to completely avoid any tension the conversation may cause. However, how can a society grow if they cannot talk about the issues surrounding them every day? This is what the Difficult Dialogues Initiative is meant to address.

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‘It’s more and it’s familiar’: John Stalvey appointed as interim provost...

In the meantime, John Petraitis, the associate dean of CAS, has been appointed as the interim dean of the college, a decision that was...