Cooking In College: Hippie loaf and dirty mashed potatoes make a clean meal

It sounds like the dinner of Woodstock. If only Woodstock attendees had ovens, a fresh supply of vegetables, people sober enough to cook — okay, so maybe not the dinner of Woodstock.

New Muslim Student Association aims to bridge gaps, break stereotypes

Suhaila is a devout Muslim in the religion of Islam. She reads the Quran. She wears her hijab, a veil that covers her hair and neck, as a sign of modesty. She prays to Allah (“God” in Arabic), five times daily.

Messages hung on ‘Clothesline’ for all to see

A women is battered every 15 seconds in the United States. Many may not know the prevalence of violence and abuse toward women. UAA participated in Domestic Violence Awareness Month by sponsoring the...

Clubin’ on campus- A place to think

Questions of existentialism in a post-modern age plague many college students at the University of Alaska Anchorage. There is a solution amidst absolute chaos: the philosophy club. Recently undergoing an organizational phase, the philosophy club...

RED ZONE: Not so blurred lines

  A college campus at the beginning of fall is an influx of new ideas, new people and new beginnings. In college, drugs and alcohol become more prevalent and many will engage in sexual activity....

‘X-Men Legends II’ too much like actual legendary game

X-Men Legends II hit stores Sept. 20. You may remember this as the date when the collective orgasm of millions of comic-book fans was heard across the country. The X-Men return only a year after...

Student Health and Counseling Center; more than just free condoms and cheesy sex kits

The Student Health and Counseling Center is famous for their basket of free condoms and their free “sweet and sour sex kits” – Chinese take-out boxes stuffed with goodies like more condoms, lubricants, fortune cookies with messages that read, “no glove, no love” and pamphlets explaining the sweets and sours of sex. “They are great about promoting sexual health in clever and helpful ways,” UAA student Leina Silvira said.

Tattoo studios reflect on student expression

Research, research, research. These three words resonated through an interview with James Allen, one of Anchorage’s best-known tattoo artists. Urging students to thoroughly research their artists, design, ideas and shops, Allen made it clear that...

Scary for some, beautiful for others

Spirits lingering, dead bodies in the backyard, witch hunts — think “Paranormal Activity,” “Psycho” and “Season of the Witch.” Every year, millions of Americans flock to movie theaters in search of the best horror flick that amps up their “screamometers.” Now eliminate all the special effects, bogus storylines, cheesy acting and predictable plots. You’ll find people in real life who value supernatural elements as integral parts of their lives.

Romanticism lives on through the legacy of Professor Clay Nunnally

In the class, Literature of Romanticism English A330, Professor Clay Nunnally often recited poems. He recited long poems that stretched to not just one or two stanzas, but 30 plus lines filled with romanticism...

April Fool’s Day

Now that most UAA students have recovered (I hope) from sunburns and hangovers suffered during our spring break, we have to watch out for April Fool's Day. Luckily, it falls on a Sunday this...

The do’s and don’t of inking your bod

Tattoos are undoubtedly cool and getting cooler every day. Once considered unsavory and associated with convicts and bikers, tattoos are now widely acknowledged as a viable art form and a stylish means of self-expression....

Residence Hall renovations bring food, fun, convenience

New kitchens, lounge areas and RA desks make on-campus living better for everyone

How to follow through on new New Year’s fitness resolutions

New Year’s resolutions are a staple for many Americans this holiday season, Losing weight is one of the most popular resolutions each year, according to the University of Scranton’s Journal of Clinical Psychology. Health food sales have surely risen and the gyms are packed with those trying to shed unwanted pounds in the upcoming year. Considering all the motivation for healthier living in the New Year, the question becomes how to continue the progress beyond the month of January. The following are a few tips on how to keep your New Year’s fitness resolutions alive throughout the year.

Passionate ‘Kafka Dances’ runs gamut of emotion

"Kafka Dances" by Timothy Daly opened October 22 at Cyrano's and is expected to be a big hit. The acting is top notch and the music is soothing. Anyone with an interest in Kafka...

UAA massage school helps community heal, relax

For some, the thought of going to a business with “massage” on the sign and stripping naked conjures up ideas of places like the Minnesota Chateaux. Such misconceptions, however, have grown less common, and...

Orange Rhymes With: How to survive freshman year

Well, it’s official. You made it. You’ve waded through mountains of paperwork, fought your way through the dreaded FASFA and copy-pasted your way through various scholarship applications. You’re in college. But now that you’re here you...

Anchorage go-go trend originates in martini bar

Meaghan Howard The Northern Light   On a Friday night in the amber light of the Paradise Room at Bernie's Bungalow Lounge, techno music throbs in the background. The glossy patrons of the bar are buoyant, mingling...

Homecoming boogie riles up Seawolves past and present

For more photos, see the Homecoming slideshow! Mix together some wine, beer, soda, a towering chocolate fountain the size of a small child and 100 students and ex-students raising the proverbial roof, and you've got...

Safety, Education and Community Wellness with Mayor Ethan Berkowitz

UAA hosts a Mayoral Forum in the Student Union Den

Bicycle helmets proven to be cheap alternative to expensive hospital bill

When I was growing up in Palmer, I rode my bike a lot.  My sister and I went on bike rides with my mom all the time – around Eklutna Lake, down Archangel Road...

“Ton in Ten” food drive waives UAA parking fines

The seventh annual “Ton in Ten” canned food drive, where students can trade in jars of peanut butter and jelly for parking ticket reimbursement, is finally here again.

Guru Kate: ‘What are anti-inflammatory foods and how do they work in the human...

Inflammation is your body’s natural response to injury. Noticing that something is awry in the complex system, the wound sends out messengers from the immune system to check the problem out and patch things up.

UAF invited to world technology forum

Perhaps unknown to most, and what might come as a surprise to many, is that some of the leading technology experts call Fairbanks home. The Office of Electronic Miniaturization at the UAF is credited with being one of the top programs in the world and they have an invitation to the World's Best Technology forum to prove it.

The flying gymnast: Marie-Sophie Boggasch takes on the Alaskan sky

In the spring of 2016, Marie-Sophie Boggasch, UAA gymnast, graduated with a bachelor's degree in aviation technology emphasizing on professional piloting. Boggasch joined UAA's gymnastics team back in 2012. At the age of only...

College Bound

"Fake frat" with ultimate goal of partying A group of college students at the University of Michigan created a "fake frat" seven years ago with one ultimate goal in mind:to throw parties. Concerned about future living arrangements, John Mittleback, Tom Champion and about 40 other members moved into a group of houses in a neighborhood lined with fraternities and sororities and took on the name of Beta Omega Chi (BOX).

Terrorism to take on new levels of atrocity in the future

A small audience gathered on the top floor of the Hilton Hotel downtown, many of them older gentlemen and women, some of them UAA students. The weekly guest speaker for the Alaska World Affairs Council was introduced, and everyone applauded respectfully as Mia Bloom took her place at the podium for the May 30 meeting.

Reindeer Sausage easier than it looks

Pizza is a wildly addictive confection. But ordering pizza every time you get a craving can cost exorbitant amounts, only for the pizza to arrive cold and flavorless. A great solution to this dilemma...

Staying alert is first line of defense

It's not possible to prevent every threat to personal safety, but often keeping an eye out makes the difference between averting disaster and becoming a victim, experts say. "The biggest thing is to spot things out of place, then follow your instinct," Ian Raygor, an assistant instructor at the Anchorage Self-Defense Academy, said.

Welcome to Anchorage’s SoNo district

Highlighting Anchorage's first downtown district, in their 11th year as a district