Covenant House: A light in the dark

The shelter held a candlelight vigil and fundraiser to support homeless youth

The bread pudding he never got

This recipe comes with a story

Sex & the Seawolf: Good Vibrations

Did you know that the vibrator was originally an “aiding device” introduced in the late 1800’s as a faster and easier method for medical physicians to cure women they diagnosed as having “hysteria paroxysm”?

Sustainable Seawolf: How to preserve anything

Three basic methods make preserving easy

Combat the cold temperatures of winter

Common sense can keep you warm during the frigid months Just because winter is running late doesn’t mean it’s not going to get here. Before long, you will notice white fluffy powder on your front...

Options available for treatment of depression on campus

Everyone has down days. The alarm doesn’t go off, someone steals the last parking spot, there’s no more milk in the fridge or homesickness strikes yet again. Imagine having these “down days” everyday, for...

Celebrity Chef Invite raises money for culinary department

The Ravens Brew coffee shop in Cuddy Hall was converted into a wine bar, tables were set with five crystal glasses for each person and the welcoming line of guests in tuxedos and gowns...

Are you prepared for the next earthquake?

As the anniversary for the 1964 “Good Friday” Alaska earthquake looms, Alaskans are reminded it could happen again. Sourdough Caleb Albeman recalled how the 1964 earthquake — the second-largest in world history — ripped through his Wasilla neighborhood, slamming trees sideways and tearing homes in half. It was on his tenth birthday.

Professor plans new program based on Russia travels

His goal in life is to never get bored. Perhaps this is why he drinks a couple of pots of coffee a day. Jeremy Tasch, assistant professor of geography, has traveled the world. Now he...

AEDC provides training for students and recent graduates to help pursue job after college

On May 17, the Anchorage Economic Development Corporation will be providing a job training titled From College to Career: How to get a great first job. This event will be located at Bear Tooth...

Exploring the Alaskan faith revolution

What is faith? Is it hope? Is it simply believing without seeing? Or is there concrete evidence that faith exists, only in different forms? Deacon Mick Fornelli of Saint Patrick’s Parish believes faith is evident in Alaska.

Localize It: 100 stones that healed 100 Alaskans’ hearts

Sarah Davies opens up about her '100 Stone' project, and its journey from Point Woronzof to the APU campus

University dance program brought to life with New Dances

Don't expect to see traditional ballet or jazz numbers in the collective performance New Dances 2007. Presented by the UAA Dance Ensemble and Dance Club, the groups showcase original works choreographed and performed by UAA students, faculty and guest choreographer Molly Shanahan.

UAA student enchanting as Ireland

In its 16th consecutive year, 'Enchanted World' returns to the Egan Convention Center from Dec. 23 - 27. 'Enchanted World,' a production described as 'a dance program to help promote...

Maria Bamford entertains, educates

She has killed God, sought the Exxon within and gone parasailglidebiking in Rio Guamquai. She is Maria Bamford.

Radical Recreation: Extreme volunteering

Eva Ulukivaiola dedicates countless hours to her favorite hobby: volunteering

University Police Department spring break ride along

On the evening of Friday, March 11 most UAA students looked forward to first weekend of spring break 2K16. A day many would agree, should have been filled with alcohol related shenanigans and sticky...

Lunch Break: Thai Kitchen

This week’s Lunch Break takes us to Thai Kitchen, which is located in the west end of a strip mall that sits right on Tudor and Elmore. Feeling starved after a long day of...

UAA students can enjoy spring break with activities on and off campus

There may still be snow on the ground in Anchorage, but that doesn’t mean that UAA students cannot enjoy spring. There is plenty to do on and off-campus during the Spring Break week of...

Theater professor Fran Lautenberger

How long have you been teaching? This is my 19th year at UAA. Have you changed your style since you started teaching? Yes, certainly. When I first started out, I know I was much more...

Reindeer Sausage easier than it looks

Pizza is a wildly addictive confection. But ordering pizza every time you get a craving can cost exorbitant amounts, only for the pizza to arrive cold and flavorless. A great solution to this dilemma...

Bonding over culinary traditions

Global Kitchen provides clubs, departments and organizations a chance to showcase authentic foods with peers

COVID-19 myths clarified

There is so much information about COVID-19 on the internet that it has become overwhelming for some. It does not help that very little is known about this new virus, and there is new...

Tracking student success with Seawolf Tracks

New app aims at streamlining advising, preparing first-year students

UAA | University Art Analysis — ‘Stellar Mitosis’ sheds light on the sciences

University of Alaska Anchorage students may want to stop by the ConocoPhillips Integrated Science Building, or CPISB, to marvel at a two-story stained glass art piece that plays with light.  “Stellar Mitosis” is an abstract...

Fun & games

This year the University of Alaska Anchorage celebrated the beginning of the fall semester with the Campus Kick Off Carnival. The event was an opportunity for students and their families to get acquainted with...

Truman winner wants to help poor with medicine

Truman Scholar Umair Iqbal's life has been marked by hopeful enterprise. His father was one of a small handful from his district in Pakistan to earn an accounting degree. He left an accounting position with a natural gas firm to go to America. After working nine years as a cab driver, supporting his family in Pakistan from afar, he was able to move his wife and children to live with him in Chicago.

Present goals, future aspirations of past MVPs

Basketball season is in full swing at UAA as old players continue the game, and new players take the court by storm. Each member of every team will be working hard, eyeing the prestigious title of ‘Most Valuable Player.’ But what about those players that have already accomplished the feat of MVP?

Examining the creativity effect

UAA’s Center for Advancing Faculty Excellence hosted a workshop Sept. 11 that aimed to encourage student creativity inside the classroom. There, faculty members had the chance to embrace their inner creativities while playing games related to this concept.

Fulbright winner says mentoring key to accomplishment

Rebekah Moras insists she's an average student. She dropped out of high school in favor of traveling to Switzerland in her teens, and then earned her GED when she was 20 and enrolled at UAA. This year she was awarded a Fulbright teaching scholarship - one of the most highly regarded scholarships in the country.