Sustainable Seawolf: What is composting?

For people starting out, the biggest concerns are the smell, the mess and fear that conditions will become unsanitary. However, placing a compost bin in a garage or outdoors in the summer will keep a clamp on smell. The mess and sanitary conditions depend on keeping the compost going in order for everything to properly decompose.

A ‘tee-rific’ night for alumni

Along with networking and club-bonding, 9 in the Spine is a fundraiser for Alumni Relations, with net proceeds supporting the UAA Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund. The fund has grown substantially since its initial amount of $25 in 1985.

UAA Students Run for State Legislature, Anchorage Assembly

A handful of UAA students and recent graduates are running for the hot seat. Jason Cline (R), a UAA graduate student in business administration and management, is challenging State Representative Sharon Cissna (D) for her...

Cooking In College: Buffalo cauliflower serves up a new take on veggies

Who says you need meat to enjoy spicy food with the word “buffalo” in it? Sure, there are chicken substitutes and other vegetarian-friendly alternatives, but why not try spicing up something more unique, such as boring cauliflower?

Seawolf Pack: Daniel Wongi Kim

On top of juggling a full course load at UAA, Daniel Wongi Kim is also a full time professional photographer based here in Anchorage, Alaska. Within the past five years, he’s produced an impressive...

Where’s that Seawolf spirit?

Homecoming is a time for students to come together, drawn by the unexplainable force of school spirit, to energize and encourage their home team during events the week before the big game – or...

Minimal evidence exists that herbal cold remedies work

CHICAGO - Herbal remedies have been used to treat illness and promote health for thousands of years - and that's enough evidence for some people during cold and flu season. Peggy Everist, a 44-year-old elementary school teacher from Kansas City, takes Airborne, an effervescent tablet containing Chinese herbs, vitamins and echinacea, when she feels a cold coming on.

Quiet spots to study around campus

Places to study in peace on campus

Pumpkin spice pancakes

The perfect winter breakfast to enjoy while watching the first snowfall.

‘Fourplay’ to run wild at Cyrano’s

Having recently returned from a few years abroad, local actor and author Schatzie Schaefers hasn"t wasted any time in getting her feet wet. Schaefers, a graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage theater...

Three winter day trips

In spite of how it can feel sometimes, Alaska does not shut down in the winter. Although it takes a lot more planning and packing, winter travel can be done safely. Here are three trips that you can make in a single day from Anchorage.

Orange Rhymes With: Alyeska (mis)adventure

For me, Alyeska is a magical place where dreams come true and the laws of physics don’t apply. Much like Narnia, Never Never Land and the island from “Lost,” things that seem impossible in the outside world are often regular occurrences. At least, this is generally the case.

The French five: Sauces made simple

How to incorporate French cuisine into your college student lifestyle

Filipino-American population thrives in Alaska

All it takes is one. Like other Asian and Pacific Islander groups, one Filipino-American in Alaska today could turn into one Filipino-American with dozens of relatives in Alaska the next.

Author travels globe, finds home in Alaska

Doug Fine is an all-around man of the land. The journalist held a presentation and book signing in the University of Alaska Anchorage Bookstore Sept. 23. Fine’s book about his adventures of survival in...

Convenience keeps students coming to the Bear, despite the price

Jessica Fry is a typical freshman staying at the residence halls at UAA. When she runs out of supplies or wants to have her favorite drink she does what most freshman without cars do,...

Travel as a teacher

It’s fascinating how clear you see things when you leave them. Some even say absence makes the heart grow fonder. I say it’s distance that makes the heart see more clearly. Travel proves to be...

Controversy of texting in movie theaters

Texting in movie theaters is currently not allowed, but a recent survey shows that the majority of people in the younger generation would like to be able to text and surf the web while watching the movie and would even go to the movies more if it were allowed.

Berry picking: It’s the “currant” thing

August has arrived and with it come signs that summer is packing up and leaving. While this month may seem like the end of one season, it also marks the beginning of a different...

Summertime marshmallows from scratch

Kick off the beginning of summer with these homemade marshmallows for the campfire.

UAF Prof. Loses Grant Funding after Advocating Conservation.

Professor Rick Steiner, a prominent UAF marine scientist, says the University is trying to “gag” him by cutting his Grant funding and moving his office against his will for speaking out against offshore oil...

School? Ain’t nobody got time for that

How to manage your school and social life.

O.R.W.: Digging myself a hole

While this column usually goes around giving out absurd lists of little importance (other than getting a quick laugh, which is important in its own right and should never be counted out)—I’d like to take this time instead to talk about an experience of mine. There is a moral to this story!

Annual beard and mustache face-off at UAA

Since the dawn of humanity, facial hair has adorned powerful leaders and intellectuals. To celebrate this heritage, the Student Union is holding the 3rd annual Beard and ‘Stache competition next month.

Critters haunt Campus Center

Witches, action heroes and lots of monkeys haunted the University of Alaska Anchorage Campus Center last Saturday.The 13th annual Haunted Halloween Fun Night was a hit. The event included a haunted house, various games...

Better Business Bureau holds motivational event at Loussac Library

The Better Business Bureau, an organization that serves Alaska, Oregon and Western Washington, is hosting “Motivation for the Market Place” on Feb.16. The event will be at the Z.J. Loussac Public Library in the Wilda...

Get off the couch!

A steampunk celebration, movies and beer tasting.

When you’re far away for Valentine’s Day

He drove his snow machine in the fresh snow creating a large message that read: “I love you, Happy Valentines Day.” Four hundred miles away, his girlfriend, Kim Shillinger received a digital picture in her...

‘Star Wars’ comes to unsatisfying end

Not being a child of the ‘70s, it is hard to imagine that the first release of “Star Wars” in ‘77 changed our culture in ways that no other film, either before or after,...

Cancer-preventing vaccine now available on campus

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved the vaccine Gardasil June 8, and it's now available at the UAA Student Health and Counseling Center _" for a price. "For the first time, we have a...