Appearance versus professionalism: Tattoos in the workplace

The frequency of tattoos in society has gone up exponentially within the last decade. With tattoos slowly becoming more accepted over time, one question raises on what employer’s impressions are concerning body modifications in...

Orange Rhymes With: The Art of Registration

I have no idea what I’m doing in college. Not so much in the day-to-day stuff — I’m told that I’m a genius in the art of waking up and going to class — but more in the long-term planning sense. I tend to flounder when it comes to making decisions that impact my life past the morning’s breakfast. (Bacon and eggs with a side of bacon. Nailed it!)

AK Alchemist opens third shop located in Alaska Regional Hospital

Since the opening of AK Alchemist in 2013, this hybrid between a coffee shop and a Tex-Mex food destination has grown more popular amongst Alaskans. Not only do they serve some of the best...

Radical Recreation: Go with the flow

Master's student Sabre Hill wants to help preserve nature with her love of river rafting

Science student takes break to be Miss Alaska

Stephanie Wonchala, a 20-year-old natural science major at UAA, was crowned Miss Alaska 2006 in June. Wonchala didn't always have what it takes to be perfect. "There was a time in Stephanie's life when she wore...

Researchers present at the Department of Biological Sciences seminar series

Throughout the semester different researchers have presented on a wide range of topics relating to biology

Exercising during finals

UAA’s 2013 fall semester draws to an end as finals week begins. Many students find themselves exercising their brains but neglecting their bodies as they prepare for their finals. And for other students, they find refuge from the stress in exercising, which according to WebMD is “one of the best ways to manage stress.”

Lee Goes Clubbing: UAA’s Game Club plays on despite troubles

Do you like Dungeons and Dragons? Magic the Gathering? Board games? How about Cards Against Humanity? If you said yes to one or more of these things, then Game Club at UAA is the...

Cooking In College: Yellow curry perfect for winter nights

Ever have a dish you love to order in restaurants but think is impossible to make? For me, that dish is extra spicy yellow curry with fried tofu.

Options available for treatment of depression on campus

Everyone has down days. The alarm doesn’t go off, someone steals the last parking spot, there’s no more milk in the fridge or homesickness strikes yet again. Imagine having these “down days” everyday, for...

@ your library: The Yoko Ono of poetry

Ted Hughes is perhaps best known for being the husband of Sylvia Plath. He’s sort of the Yoko Ono of the poetry world. For 35 years after Plath’s suicide, Hughes said nothing of the...

¡Muy caliente! Customizable hot sauce

Customize your own hot sauce for your particular palate.

UAA Integrated Suicide Prevention Initiative offers help and information

With suicide rates of college-aged students in Alaska continuing to soar, the UAA Integrated Suicide Prevention Initiative, or ISPI, is springing into action.

Orange Rhymes With: Scorched Patriotism

Pwhoosh, pew…BOOM! There are few sounds in this world that can instantly strike fear into my heart. One is the sound of a baby crying against the backdrop of ominous circus music. Another is the...

Seeing the great state of Alaska, one village at a time

"Sorry we're late," he said as they pulled the truck up beside me. I'd only been standing outside the dinky airport for five minutes, but it had been long enough to take in the tremendously foreign scenery. The long, flat tundra of Nome seemed to stretch out in every direction.

Exercising made fun

Not only is Zumba enjoyable, it's also an extremely good workout. The constant movement often builds up a sweat.

The end of autumn

The final days of fall offer a last chance to explore before the treasures surrounding Anchorage are buried in snow. Drive south out of Anchorage toward Girdwood, and Potter's Marsh contains a slew of...

O.R.W.: But who needs sleep anyways?

Before I pass out at my computer and attempt to write the rest of this article with my face, I’d like to state a simple fact: There just aren’t enough hours of sleep available...

Mental health wellness workshops continue this spring

According to National Alliance on Mental Illness, 75 percent of mental health conditions begin by age 24. Understanding and talking about mental health is easily accessible through UAA’s Student Health and Counseling Center.

Preserving Alaska’s native culture

Aside from their biweekly meetings, the Native Student Council hosts cultural events, one being dance groups. They feature volunteer community members from different regions of Alaska, who teach traditional songs and dances.

Dining hall delicacies

Dorm food can be the curse of any college student. But changes could be on the horizon for the Creekside Eatery at UAA housing, initiated by the new head chef, Luke Gilligan. Brought in...

Lunch in the neighborhood

Looking for something cheap to eat within a few blocks of the university? Of the three nearby cafeterias, UAA's cafeteria doesn't wow and is expensive, Providence Hospital sometimes has good food, but it's unpredictable....

Wrapping up the holidays

In a slow progression, December has become the season when everyone buys gifts in a commercialized frenzy. Many people in the U.S. have lost sight of what the holidays were originally about, and don't realize that many regions celebrate them differently There are three winter holiday celebrations most often portrayedon U.

Audit leads to UAOnline course search upgrade

Course registration has received quite the upgrade in recent weeks.  Priority registration, driven by USUAA, allows upperclassmen to register for necessary classes first which prevents the system from crashing statewide. Next comes a revamp of...

Students concerned about crisis in Darfur raise funds

One person can't save the world. But many people can work together to make the world a better place. That's the message a new student organization is sending about how people can respond to mass violence and genocide. Its main cause is raising money and awareness for refugees from the Darfur region of Sudan.

Sports in the Slug Empire

Klax discusses basketball, sports and violence

Guru Kate: The bubble of truth

This week, our very own Guru Kate is tackling the mysteries behind a favorite pastime of many, chewing bubblegum, and what actually happens to it when we accidentally swallow it.

Space League experiments with limitless sounds

When you think of rappers and hip-hop artists, prominent names like Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, the Creator, come to mind. These well-known artists had to start somewhere in their hometowns. In Anchorage, Space...

Tanaina future dependent upon UAA

The Tanaina Childhood Development Center has been a part of the UAA com­munity since 1979. Tanaina board president Charlie Tyr­rell said Tanaina is a non-profit organiza­tion that functions entirely independently from UAA, excluding the university sub­sidizing their rent, electricity, water and a few other services.

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Like its central relationship, ‘On Body and Soul’ missteps at a...

“On Body and Soul” is Hungarian director Ildikó Enyedi’s first feature in 18 years, so maybe that misstep is understandable...