Mountain climber, author tells survival story

The term “sacrifice” often relays images of slaughtered pigs or dead goats presented on hilltops exalting Gods unknown. However morbid the sacrifice, they are performed in hope that some great reward will be given...

Residents protest Glenn Beck event

Thousands of people gathered an the Dena’ina Civic and Convention Center on Saturday evening to hear former Governor of Alaska Sarah Palin and Fox News television host Glenn Beck speak. This,...

Follow what he says, not what he does

UAA students got a super-sized edition of one of the most popular documentary films to hit America Nov. 17. They got not only the movie “Super Size Me” but also the man who...

Free food sweeps campus

It's the summer, and while many students are taking classes, many more are taking a leave of absence. Adding to this, many campus businesses are closed, making the campus feel barren at times. Thankfully,...

Last Thoughts Before Graduation These upcoming college graduates express their thoughts about graduating and leaving college.

Orange Rhymes With … May 31

In the jam-packed, confusing, hectic world in which we live, crammed full of deadlines, responsibilities, and Celebrity Apprentice, we too often insist on complicating our lives even further- with that lovely little thing known as relationships.

Extra-long Halloween weekend packed with spook-tacular events

It seems like a bummer when Halloween's on Monday. Until you realize it means you get three extra days of Halloween. The greedy can get even more than that. Fright Night Haunted House, held at the...

Students hold ’em, fold ’em at weekly tournament

Students sardined themselves into the Commons Nov. 30 to participate in the weekly poker tournament sponsored by Recreation Activities. Almost 30 students showed up for the free Texas Hold 'Em game, the third this...

The hidden gem in Cuddy Hall

Many are unaware that there is a high-rated fine dining restaurant right on the UAA campus. Lucy’s, named after Lucy Cuddy, is located in Cuddy Hall. Created in 1994, Lucy’s is not your typical...

Making strides toward breast cancer awareness

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month and some great strides are being made against the disease through local events. Making Strides is a walk on Oct. 6 to raise money and awareness for the...

Prof-iles: Meet David Bowie, the UAA professor, not the singer-songwriter

Sharing his name with a glam-rock star and flunking out of college led Bowie to find success in linguistics.

As Olympics end, silence descends on Turin

On Dec. 8, the Olympic flame was lit in Athens, Greece, and began its relay to the Winter Olympics in Turin, Italy. On Dec. 21, UAA senior Aleah Scheick arrived in Italy, where she...

Life on the couch

As we enter the second installment of my life as a transient hobo, things have begun to get weird. Though I’ve been bouncing around between Anchorage, Wasilla and, quite frequently, my tent, I’ve been spending...

Community gathers to share affection for poetry

The Student Union Den transformed into a mellow, candle-lit poet’s corner Oct. 21 as UAA students, faculty and members of surrounding communities came together for an evening of poetry. Twelve people, including Chancellor Elaine...

Vagina, vagina, vagina

The celebrated and provocative play 'The Vagina Monologues' will entertain Anchorage audiences this weekend with seven scheduled performances at the Discovery Theatre. 'The Monologues' originated when playwright Eve Ensler interviewed over 200 diverse women...

Getting to know..

When it comes to Model UN at UAA, director Kimberly Pace is passionate about its activities - most notably its upcoming conference in February, when 350 high school and college students will gather from around the state to discuss a topic relevant to current global events or trends.

Kim Sunee’s just-in-case key lime pie

Step into summer with this citrus packed pie.

At Bernt Balchen Lodge, people find a taste of home

Those interested in Scandinavian culture can sign up to make lefse, a kind of potato-based flatbread, during any of the three yearly sessions in September, October and November by calling the lodge at 907-349-1613.

Empowering girls one kit at a time

In addition to giving approximately 1,000 kits to girls, For The Good Period provides education to the girls on topics in health such as puberty, menses, sex and pregnancy, as well as more culture-directed issues such as HIV, AIDS and female genital mutilation.

Banned Book Week raises awareness on challenged books, ideas and expression

Banned Book Week is back and will be celebrated Sept. 24 through Sept. 30.

Religion on campus

The pathway to religious enlightenment is like a Dr. Seuss Limerick: One could find it here, one could find it there, one could find it anywhere — even at UAA. Religion isn’t for everyone, but for students looking for a dose of soul food on campus, there are options through registered religious clubs and organizations.

360’s made easy

Spring is here early this season, which brings us soft, snow perfect for throwing down some spins whether your backcountry or resort bound. This time of year the sun is out longer, the snow...

Big Lake’s Mud Volleyball Tournament turns 30

Join the fun at the Big Lake Lion's Recreation Center for the annual Mud Volleyball Tournament

UAA celebrates diversity with movie showings for Black History Month

Concert Board and Black Student Union provide films for students and general public to celebrate Black History Month

USUAA presidential candidates lay down the issues at hand

There are two presidential candidate teams running against each other for the election beginning April 3—presidential candidate Alejandra Buitrago and vice presidential candidate Andrew McConnell, and presidential candidate Sam Frederick and vice presidential candidate Kevin Vanderwall. Their race outcomes will determine who steps into office at the start of the fall semester.

Feeling Berned out

Seawolf Slug Double Feature: The end of an era, and also Bernie Sanders

Just keep swimming

Seniors graduating in 2017 explain struggles throughout the last semesters of their academic career

Guru Kate: What are the real health benefits of chocolate and at what point...

Chocolate is the Valentine’s Day food mascot. The sugary, creamy snack has developed a reputation over the years of being chock full of antioxidants. However, naysayers have not let their chocoholic friends forget that it is still a sweet and should be enjoyed in moderation.

An ode to the Templewood

In college, you tend to gravitate towards a social group based on mutual interests. In my case, the common denominator is a love of questionable decisions and the bad luck that inexplicably tends to...

Renter’s rights

Moving out of the dorms or from your parents’ place can give you freedom; just pay your rent and life is good. But what can you do when the landlord won’t fix the leaky...