The wake-up call about Black Friday

Next week, UAA students will be given the reprieve of a Thanksgiving Break. Worries about tests, papers and projects can be briefly forgotten in a deluge of food and family. After consuming thousands of...

Hunger runs rampant in over 26,000 of Alaska’s youth

Hunger has many faces. In Alaska at least 71,266 people including 26,623 people under 18 live below the poverty line according to Anchorage nonprofit Dare to Care. A volunteer-driven network of food banks and community...

Two Homemade Cleaners

Here are two recipes for household cleaning sprays that will cover most of your needs...

An interactive blend of health care and fitness

UAA's "Exercise is Medicine" club helps to incorporate physical activity into the prevention and treatment of healthcare concerns.

Scholarships still available

February is the scholarship frenzy month for the 2009-10 school year, and even though the month is closing and certain deadlines have come and gone, students in Alaska still have opportunities to apply for scholarships. But certain UAA and federally funded scholarship are still up for grabs.

Charge for dance sparks Spirit Fund debate

It was the day before Sigma Alpha Epsilon would host a pre-Valentine's Day dance and bachelor auction, but the event's committee chair, senior Andrew Parks, wasn't exactly feeling the love. A motion was raised in the Union of Students UAA assembly Feb. 8 to retract the $1,025 it had allocated to SAE for the dance.

Safe sex means talking first

Two people are thinking about having sex with each other. If one or both of them has a sexually transmitted disease, he or she might not even realize it. A condom, if used, might or might not protect the other partner. And one or both could be looking for a relationship - or just a casual hookup.

Shootout’s Couch Potato contest connects UAA to community

Years ago, somewhere in the annals of Shootout lore, a mattress company started a contest and a legacy. Over time, the Couch Potato contest, sponsored by Sleep Comfort by Nerland's and Alaska Airlines, has...

Word of Mouth: From Oma’s kitchen to The Last Frontier

Located in Mountain View, West Berlin is serving delicious German and Bavarian fare that could rival what your Oma "(grandmother" in German) used to make. On a street with an abundance of restaurants from...

UAA’s 2007-08 Men’s basketball team — Where are they now?

Four standout alumni from UAA's basketball team look back at their collegiate careers and reflect on how it has shaped their lives

Care Team offers students resources to help prevent stress

UAA's Care Team is available to help relieve student stress and prevent crisis.

Take your pick of charity events this summer

Epilepsy patients. Cancer survivors. Homeless shelters. The list goes on. Summertime in Anchorage is always busy, but this summer is packed to bursting with charity events for all sorts of different causes and organizations. Beyond the act of simply giving money, people have the chance to get out and actively support numerous foundations benefiting those in need, becoming involved in a community, state, and nationwide act of goodwill.

Panelists disagree on frontier disappearance

Some think Alaska is a land of adventure and those who live here embrace all it has to offer. Alaskans are considered the last of a dying kind. With 70 percent of the state's...

UAF invited to world technology forum

Perhaps unknown to most, and what might come as a surprise to many, is that some of the leading technology experts call Fairbanks home. The Office of Electronic Miniaturization at the UAF is credited with being one of the top programs in the world and they have an invitation to the World's Best Technology forum to prove it.

SatS: One less lonely girl

Is a happy ending fairytale a realistic idea to give young girls these days when broken hearts and broken relationships are all around us? Should we spread the idea of independence to our young girls so that they will be prepared to not have to always rely on a man?

Guru: Unpacking the real truth on fats

What is the difference between “healthy” and “unhealthy” fats? As promised, here is the master clarification between healthy and unhealthy fats. By healthy, I mean polyunsaturated fats and monounsaturated fats. Don't be frightened by the sounds...

SAE brothers adds to the family

Sigma Alpha Epsilon's bid night took place on Sept. 28. Official invitations were extended to men asking them to join SAE. On Sept. 25 SAE brothers dressed in shirts and ties met up in West...

Orange Rhymes With: Ready, set, college!

Aaaand we’re back. Back from the beautiful prospects of summer, from lazy days spent sleeping until noon, from road trips, barbeques and fireworks. Back to college. Man that sounds depressing. But, it’s not all bad. In...

Annual weed pull targets invasive plants at UAA

Just because you’re in college doesn’t mean you can’t relive your summers as a child. One such opportunity was the annual weed pull, held on Wednesday, June 23. Volunteers joined the landscaping department...

Meet the candidates

Don't forget to vote this February 5th! John McCain (R) Perhaps one of McCain's most notable experiences was being a Vietnam prisoner of war for more than five years. He is a widely decorated military veteran, having served in the armed forces for 22 years.

New outdoor-loving activities coordinator promises fun

When the university was looking for a recreation and activities coordinator, a new position created this semester to facilitate and organize recreational activities for students, it wanted someone to take the helm heading extracurricular...

Groovy fondue titillates the senses

Love, sex, drugs and fondue were just some of the themes that bounced around in the ‘70s. Keep Halloween goodies drug-free yet psychedelic with a colorful array of exotic fruits drenched in warm caramel fondue.

Seawolf Pack: Sophie Leshan

Meet Sophie Leshan, the commencement speaker for UAA's fall 2016 graduation ceremony. After transplanting here from Michigan before starting at UAA, she attributes the campus's strong sense of community as the backbone of her...

Passion salad: a tropical pleasure

Students can retreat from the sweltering heat with this breezy salad, as cool as the sands after sunset. The avocado melts in your mouth as the contrasting burst and snap of the macadamia nuts lends texture.

On the road (sort of)

My summer began the way all of my summers have started for the past three years: waking up an hour before the UAA housing checkout deadline and frantically throwing all of my belongings in...

Sex and the Seawolf: I like to cuddle, like, all the time

What do you do when your heart races at the thought of being with someone? Do you act on impulse? Do you stand there and let your chance pass by?

Apple is right to make a stand

Brain slugs and backdoors: Klax talks Apple

In search of employment, housing, and other milestones of adulthood.

It’s quickly becoming that time of year where I begin making the difficult decisions that shape my summer months. Who signs my paycheck? Do I stay in a tent, or is someone in an...

LRC reaches out to help students

He doesn't do it for the money. And he doesn't receive any special benefits. Math tutor Justin Greeneaux uses his knowledge of mathematics to help his fellow students for the pure enjoyment he finds...

Swapping pencils for broomsticks

Quidditch comes to life with the help of the Health, Physical Education and Recreation department.