SEAWOLF SLUG: It’s still too early for VR

Klax meditates on Virtual Reality

Arguing Alaska debate investigates proposed immigration reforms

Next in the series to take place Nov. 13. Tickets are $15, accessible from

UAA student builds first public library in Tonga islands

It started with remnants of torn up, soggy books. When UAA student, Kato Ha'unga got news of the 2009 tsunami that ripped through her homeland, Tonga, she frantically called her family to check if everyone was alive.

Orange Rhymes With: Lost: Tonsils and socks

I recently wrote pieces of a humor column while in a horribly altered state after the removal of my tonsils and other fun things. This is not that column.

{Getting to know}

Stephen Jackstadt has been with the department of business and public policy for 17 years. He is currently a professor of economics and a director for the Center of Economic Education. He has a...

Art show invites vieweres to play with classics

The artist of this show, Kenna Bates, is a photographer for The Northern Light.   Lite-Brites, classic sculptures made into wooden cutouts, and the tools used to make them displayed as jewelry are some of the...

Last Thoughts Before Graduation These upcoming college graduates express their thoughts about graduating and leaving college.

Brew Stop makes return to east side of campus

UAA has a tasty new addition, but its mysterious location and strange hours have yet to make it a prevailing commodity. Servicing the hungry and caffeine-deprived, the newly reopened Brew Stop is located in...

‘Women on Deadline:’ A female perspective on journalism

“Women on Deadline” can be streamed from

First field ROTC training exercise ends with success

Only four weeks into school, cadets armed with M16s firing blanks executed objectives for their training exercise on Fort Richardson. Unlike most college classes, Army ROTC teaches cadets not only in the classroom but also...

Recipes from virtually anywhere in the world can be enjoyed at home

International travel may seem like a faraway dream at the moment because of the COVID-19 pandemic. A small taste of it can be had though, with recipes from around the world, virtual tours of...

College Cookbook: Easy mug cake gifts

Snickerdoodle, blueberry muffin and gluten-free chocolate mug cake recipes.

Economy hits pets in need

Running a non-profit organization is difficult enough, but add hundreds of animals in need of shelter, food, water, and attention, among other things, and the difficulties skyrocket. Friends of Pets, being the largest non-profit animal organization in Anchorage, feels that burden.

New restaurant, Froth and Forage, debuts with rave reviews

Froth and Forage, a new farm-to-table restaurant, recently opened in Indian and is run by a husband and wife duo with a passion for fresh ingredients.

No talking in class

The third floor hall in the College of Arts and Sciences Building is quiet on Thursday evenings. If speaking is necessary it is whispered. Students kneel on round pillows, face the wall and remain...

Alaskan Rotaract group brings global awareness, professional development to local young adults

Rotary is one of the most influential humanitarian organizations in the world.  The prestigious club is notorious for community-centered charity fundraising events, but is mostly geared toward middle-aged business people. However, have no fear, all...

Students keeping bikes and butts dry

Snow has officially started to blanket the ground, announcing the arrival of winter. To most students, this means time to put away the bikes and break out the shoe spikes.

UAA | University Art Analysis – The lasting legacy of the Kimura family

Nearly every student at UAA has been impacted by the Kimura family. The Kimura Gallery is located on the second floor of the Fine Arts Building. The gallery was named in part for Isamu “Sam”...

Competition a slam-dunk for performing poets

The crowd waited for Hawkins Wright to take the stage and deliver his poem in the final round of the second annual Poetry Slam For New Voices. He was the current points leader, and...

Book of the Year Goes Beyond the Shelf

The Consortium Library is filled to the brim with all sorts of content, from books to encyclopedias to newspapers.  Among all these works, two were handpicked by a select group of eight faculty members...

Freshmen embark on college education

The first day at a new school can be one of the most nerve-shattering experiences to deal with, especially if it’s your first day at college. For many freshmen, the promise of attending college...

Finals week survival guide

Tips and advice from the UAA community

Dr. Kaoru Iokibe presents ‘Basic Elements of the Modern Japanese History’

Dr. Kaoru Iokibe is a professor at the University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics. His research focuses on the political and diplomatic history of modern Japan. Iokibe presented “Distance, Time, Crossroads, and...

Substance abuse counseling pioneer retires from UAA

The Health Sciences Department at UAA won't be quite the same after this July. After 30 years at UAA, Bernard Segal, known as "Bernie" by his colleagues, will retire July 1. He is the department...

UAA Suicide Prevention Initiatives

On Tuesday, July 16th, 2013, there was a gatekeeper training for the University of Alaska- Integrated Suicide Prevention Initiative conducted by graduate students Jaime Spatrisano & Lace Louden. Their preamble at the training states that “No universal standards will prevent suicide” and “the Purpose of this training is to prepare you to provide help to someone at risk” Using the example of a responder to the scene of a heart attack, gatekeeper friends can only help as much as they can before the professionals arrive to the scene. Unfortunately “there is no guarantee that suicide can be prevented” in every possible way.

Synthesizer inventor discusses where ideas come from

Robert Moog looks, acts and sounds like an inventor. In a loose fitting black suit, with a nimbus of white hair, surrounded by an assortment of gadgetry and tangled wire, it’s easy to imagine...
Johns stands behind the counter at the Subway located in the Student Union.

Not your average Joe

Joe Johns is the same age as many UAA students, but he leads a very different life

Alaska’s WWII internment camps offer cautionary tale

Segregation signs were no longer allowed in Alaska thanks to a 1945 law that set a value throughout the state, that open discrimination should no longer be a part of Alaska life. But at the same time, hundreds of Aleuts were experiencing something many say should never have been a part of Alaska life for anyone.

Behind the sign: Views on abortion interpreted differently

40 Days for Life sponsored by Alaska Right to Life protests outside of Planned Parenthood

Kente cloth creates visual history lesson

The “Wrapped In Pride” Exhibit at the Museum of History and Art is an array of beautiful bold colors and rich African tradition and culture. The exhibit, which started in November, runs through Feb.25...