UAA junior designs official 2018 state medallion

Of the nearly 20 applicants that submitted potential ideas for the 2018 coin, Megan Warren, junior political science major at UAA, came out on top.

Thawing out Alaska’s cold case murders

The case had grown cold. It was a discouraging inevitability. Sitka Police spent hours combing the area around the crime scene, collecting scattered clothing, traces of blood and hair, even the victim’s jewelry. The body had been found, buried naked beneath a fallen tree near a bike trail the victim had walked down just two mornings earlier. Police uncovered a short-sleeved blouse, a dark green letterman jacket, and a single sock. The cause of death was established: sexual assault followed by asphyxiation from a wad of mud and leaves forced down the throat. A man came forward claiming to be the murderer, with a detail-matching confession that made him a believable suspect.

UAA draws the line between friendship and harassment

An extroverted freshman at UAA determined to make new friends on campus has been accused in multiple cases of harassment. Andrew Yerger is a history major. He wanders the area between his dorm to the...

Undressing the highest-paying student job: nude modeling

Nude models strike a pose in Life Drawing and Composition classes

Tassel the hassle: Origins of graduation traditions explained

In the moment of graduation, students are not thinking about the origins of the cap and gown. It seems funny to wear a robe at a traditional event celebrating one's success in academics.According to...

Essential workers keep Alaska going

More than 32,000 Alaskans filed for unemployment this March, as the COVID-19 pandemic changed the way of life for many. Citizens no longer gather for events of more than 10 people, physically eat at...

Word of Mouth: Anchorage’s favorite Hawaiian joint

In Hawaii, hearing someone mention “‘ono grinds” is music to the ears of a local as it probably means some good eats are nearby. “‘Ono” means delicious and “grinds” means food in Hawaiian slang. With...

2016 Spring UAA Graduates

This semester over 1,300 UAA students will be graduating. Here's a list of those graduates. This list is current as of April 26, 2016. * for Cum Laude, ** for Magna Cum Laude, ***...

Alaska Native civil rights history shaped state

The classic American civil rights story begins with oppression, strides toward equality and triumphs in freedom. It may be overly simplistic - many point out that the struggle is not over - but the American civil rights story is inherent to U.S. culture and identity.

What Millennials need to know about valid arguments and logical fallacies

Six logical fallacies that undermine good dialogue

Rage City Co. looks at expanding clothing brand

As high school student Deven Jackson brings in more people to promote his businesses, his ultimate goal is to pay for college and be a positive figure for children in Anchorage.

Student business owner shares his path to success

"I literally had a store in my bedroom. I had tables set up and I was just selling different things. Entrepreneurship was in my blood, if you will. It was something that I found great interest in and just loved to do,” Jones said.
Snyder in her greendhouse. Photo courtesy of Jack Consenstein.

‘I could do a better job’: Professor Liz Snyder runs for District 27

As the end of September nears, students and professors alike have begun to settle into their semester routine. Associate Professor of Public Health, Liz Snyder, however, has set her sights on something new: the...

Word of Mouth: Anchorage’s premier destination for Dominican and Puerto Rican fare

Amidst the gray, slushy Alaskan spring, Tropical Latin Food on Boniface Parkway provides Anchorage’s tastebuds with a one-way ticket to sunny Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. “The music, the decor, the language spoken, will...

The Alaska State Fair is canceled due to COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed the way people live globally. Events have been canceled all over the world as a result of this pandemic. Alaska is no exception, with the recent closure of one of it’s...

Non-existent indoor skate parks in the Anchorage area

Lack of indoor skate parks in the Anchorage area leave skate population neglected

UAA’s rising star: Meet Devan Hawkins

“I’m addicted ,” said Devan Hawkins. “Nothing makes me more frustrated but nothing makes me happier." Hawkins, a senior studying social work at UAA just finished starring in the latest production from the UAA Department...

AHAINA award recipient pays it forward with funds

Normally, scholarships assist college students in paying for credit hours, books and supplies. However, UAA senior and legal studies major Amanda Magnusen gave hers back. “Because I am a student who is fortunate enough to...

Service animals help students navigate life on campus

The University of Alaska Anchorage follows federal and municipal laws regarding service animals on campus with no additional regulations of its own — it’s up to students to follow the rules. “There’s no requirement for...

Professor at UAA receives perfect score on

Ron Crawford, professor emeritus of history and geography, tops the charts in student reviews, overall quality

AK Alchemist opens third shop located in Alaska Regional Hospital

Since the opening of AK Alchemist in 2013, this hybrid between a coffee shop and a Tex-Mex food destination has grown more popular amongst Alaskans. Not only do they serve some of the best...

Steward of bones

Every person has a passion that drives them. Whether it is the Alaskan wilderness, certain bands or a favorite athletic team, any human can identify at least one thing that drives them to research...

Late nights: The best places to study around the university area

Studying is an essential part of student life and distractions can severely impair your ability to focus and get your work done. Finding a good place to study can greatly improve your ability to...

Grandma’s Alaskan blueberry crumble

Grandma Sylvia's family favorite blueberry crumble

Copycat Savannah Smiles

Girl Scout cookies are only on sale in Alaska until March 27. Follow this recipe to have "Savannah Smiles" all year long.

Drumbeats and headdresses: Unangax dance group connects descendants to their culture

After the World War II evacuation and internment of the Aleutian Islands, many Unangax peoples — Aleutian peoples with roots in Alaska prior to Russian occupation — found themselves in a strange new territory...

Hygge can help combat winter blues

Hygge is a Danish seasonal tradition that literally translates to “coziness.” Pronounced “hoo-gah,” it has become a popular way to alleviate winter blues in Denmark and around the world. Hygge is fuzzy blankets, hot...

Tai Yen Jimmy Kim and the American dream

When Tai Yen Jimmy Kim isn't at UAA studying for his justice and theater classes, one can find him performing in plays across Anchorage, working at Rustic Goat or at a local open mic...

Local clothing company continues to proudly represent fellow explorers

The 49th Supply Company has been keeping Alaskan’s fashionable for over two years now. Whether it’s hiking, camping, skateboarding or exploring, they have a unique design to fit the outdoor lifestyle.They have a wide...

Discovering the magic of male ‘pleasure points’

Say you’re a person trying to please your hard-working man. Sure, you can please him by stimulating his shaft, but that takes the fun away from actually exploring his body. You may even find yourself knowing more about your partner’s pleasure points than he does himself, giving him an instant, gratifying surprise.