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Relief printing, ice skating, "March for our Lives" and more

Mental health wellness workshops continue this spring

According to National Alliance on Mental Illness, 75 percent of mental health conditions begin by age 24. Understanding and talking about mental health is easily accessible through UAA’s Student Health and Counseling Center.

Team Archosaurs wins 2018 Cabin Fever Debate

Joey Sweet and Nile Morris made up team Archosaurs, the closing opposition that won this year's 13th Annual Cabin Fever Debates.

Working through complexity

Biology presentations cover variety of topics presented for students, experts and novices

14-year-old creates animal reading program

“When I was younger, I hated reading in class because I was afraid I’ll mess up,” Ashley Perry said. “The goal for the kids is to get a positive experience with the animals in a non-judgmental way.”

A warming discussion about the Arctic

The Arctic Discussion Series has three events over the next three months, relating to different aspects of Arctic research.

Sustainable Seawolf: What is composting?

For people starting out, the biggest concerns are the smell, the mess and fear that conditions will become unsanitary. However, placing a compost bin in a garage or outdoors in the summer will keep a clamp on smell. The mess and sanitary conditions depend on keeping the compost going in order for everything to properly decompose.

At Bernt Balchen Lodge, people find a taste of home

Those interested in Scandinavian culture can sign up to make lefse, a kind of potato-based flatbread, during any of the three yearly sessions in September, October and November by calling the lodge at 907-349-1613.

A tee-rific night for alumni

Along with networking and club-bonding, 9 in the Spine is a fundraiser for Alumni Relations, with net proceeds supporting the UAA Alumni Scholarship Endowment Fund. The fund has grown substantially since its initial amount of $25 in 1985.

A fan-‘stache-tic affair

Student Activities hosts their annual Winterfest Beard and Mustache Competition

Speaking out with spoken word

The next spoken word events at UAA are Wednesday, March 7 and Tuesday, April 3, both in the Student Union Den at 7 p.m. Attendance is free and light refreshments will be provided.

Get off the couch!

Welcome in the spring with music, entertainment and more

Space League experiments with limitless sounds

When you think of rappers and hip-hop artists, prominent names like Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Tyler, the Creator, come to mind. These well-known artists had to start somewhere in their hometowns. In Anchorage, Space...

The Wool Sock Project: Photographer shares stories of Anchorage homeless

(Photos courtesy of Mikey Huff) More often than not, we go about our days rushed to work or school not noticing the people we cross paths on a daily basis. As we drive ourselves to...

Rage City Co. looks at expanding clothing brand

As high school student Deven Jackson brings in more people to promote his businesses, his ultimate goal is to pay for college and be a positive figure for children in Anchorage.

College Cookbook: Cornish pasties for the busy student

In Alaska, I’ve seen three places that sell pasties: A Pie Stop, Talkeetna Roadhouse and Butcher Block 9. Pasties were a staple food in my house growing up. My great-grandfather brought the recipe for...

‘Women on Deadline:’ A female perspective on journalism

“Women on Deadline” can be streamed from

Sustainable Seawolf: How to shop locally

Even in winter, it's possible to shop for fresh foods locally

Get off the couch!

Winter Bike Jam, Music in the Museum, group cycling and more

Bring out your bikes for the bike jam

The event will take place on Feb. 28 from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.

A new spin on cardio

These cycling classes take place every Tuesday and Thursday throughout the entire spring semester, running from 5:30 to 6:30 p.m. The class is located in the stationary bike room in the Wells Fargo Sports Complex, Room 205.

Three winter day trips

In spite of how it can feel sometimes, Alaska does not shut down in the winter. Although it takes a lot more planning and packing, winter travel can be done safely. Here are three trips that you can make in a single day from Anchorage.

Alaskan Pop-Tarts

Use homemade jam in a more creative way with this Alaskan Pop-Tart recipe.

VH Hydroponics pilots new line of hydroponic growing cabinets in Student Union

If the cabinet proves successful, Kojin Tranberg, Commuter Programs coordinator within the Student Life and Leadership office, hopes to invest in one of the larger, commercial hydroponic units. This investment would also involve the organization’s campus partners, Seawolf Dining and the UAA Culinary Arts program.

Sustainable Seawolf: Community gardens bring people together

Around April, registration opens for garden plots. You can sign up through the Anchorage Municipality website, pay a fee for the plot, and in late April you can begin working on your plot, preparing it for May 15 when the city turns on the water supply to the area.

Mountain View urban farm offers opportunity for refugee farmers

The event will be held on Feb. 21 at Resolution Brewing Company on Mountain View Drive from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m.

From civilian to soldier: The stories of two South Korean exchange students

Dane Ji served his time as a chef assistant at the Korean Air Force Academy. He said that there was some benefit to serving in the military, even if it is not the most pleasant experience.

Annual Amateur Photo Contest open to novices, experienced photographers

The grand prize winner will receive a 2018-2019 annual full-day parking permit, valued at $350. Three runner-ups are also chosen and will be awarded a semester full day parking permit, each with a value of $180. All four winners will have their winning photo featured on the different types of parking passes next semester.

Get off the couch!

Dance your way through the week with events on campus and around town.

Sustainable Seawolf: Starting an indoor garden

You can set up an indoor garden in less than an hour and for less than $50. They can be set up in dorm rooms and closets, or even as a decorative piece on a desk. As long as plants are attended to properly, they can give fresh food year-round.

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Protest Takes Center Stage at 2018 Iditarod

Prop 1 protesters dangled an 18-by-18 foot sign from the third floor of the Easy Park, which was promptly taken down