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Making the last minutes of summer count

Summer is coming to a rapid finish, and the race to make every minute count continues. With this roundup of Alaska events and activities, even the most avid of couch potatoes can ensure that summer doesn’t have to end until the very last day. Free food on campus  Throughout the summer UAA has sponsored several […]

Students find volunteering valuable

Most students want to stand out and be seen as appealing candidates, whether applying for scholarships, graduate schools, internships or jobs. But the reality is that in order to stand out, students have to take the extra initiative to do things that they can put on their resumes. This can be accomplished through jobs, internships […]

Cooking in College: Mason jars aren’t just for jams

Some people have complained about how expensive salads are on campus and how annoying they are to transport to class, so I thought I’d share a little tale of the salad-who-could. This little salad started its life in a Mason jar. He didn’t understand the way he was built, as his dressing did not dissolve […]

ORW: The recreational vehicle incident

As a general rule, I try to find an upside in everything. I may not be happy about it, I may view it through a cynical perspective, but I do at least try to find the bright side of things. Sometimes there is no upside. This is the story of the incident. It began with […]

Worshipping Whedon

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde Looking back at George’s last film reviews over the past year, it’s clear that he’s a bit of a Marvel nut. It’s the closest thing to an ongoing “series” that he’s really into, and just about every Marvel film he’s covered since “The Avengers” has been covered with […]

Photography best left to the professionals?

Nowadays, with sites like Instagram on the rise, just about everyone has dubbed his- or herself a “photographer.” Yet there are still individuals making careers out of photography. What qualifies someone as a photographer? And if one is not a photographer, when should he or she hire someone else to take photos? There are many […]

Edible flowers in bloom

Ever see a flower beautiful enough to…eat? For the curious, UAA horticulture/landscaping supervisor Catherine Shenk skimmed the subject of edible flowers. She named some varieties that can grow in Alaska and shared tips from a gardener’s perspective. Shenk used common names for the flowers for the purpose of the article. However, she stressed the importance […]

Food wagon from the high seas

When in 2010 Jeanette DiPiero began searching for a food wagon to call her own, she didn’t plan on selling Sicilian food out of a miniature pirate ship. After finding Alaska didn’t have anything that suited her fancy, DiPiero scoured Craigslist in several Lower 48 states where she had family. In Merced, California, local character William […]

Orange Rhymes With

Professional team building and other nonsense

There’s nothing worse than an obnoxious coworker. See, if it were an awful family member, then the most you have to interact with them is once or twice a year at a reunion. Worst case scenario, they have one too many drinks and start asking you incredibly awkward questions about your relationship and career goals. […]

Seawolf Slug

Can stupidity and intelligence coexist?

By Klax Zlubzecon Translated by George Hyde During George’s sick streak, he, like any good man these days, decided to lie in bed and marathon a series on Netflix. The series in question: “Kill la Kill,” an anime with gratuitous nudity that centers around clothes being evil. George is kind of weird like that. “Kill […]


Kincaid’s Car Mountain

Think back to a time before protected areas within population centers were all the rage, and you’ll understand how hundreds, if not thousands, of junked automobiles ended up stuck between a park and a wildlife refuge in Anchorage proper. It’s not immediately apparent that the 444-foot bluff below Kincaid Park’s motocross track is actually a […]


The Arc of Anchorage aims to engage community with Sparc

The Arc of Anchorage is an organization that helps people with intellectual and developmental disabilities through their numerous services like care coordination, short-term assistance and referral, community living services, family support services, behavioral health services, community enrichment and quality of life program, nursing services, supported employment services, and a recreational center. The Arc has recently […]

You know you grew up in Anchorage when…

Education, Facebook and community are three things that rarely come together in a harmonious way. But on the Facebook page called “You know you grew up in Anchorage when…” that is exactly what one will find. While the title of the page conjures images of the common stereotypes those who have grown up in Alaska […]

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Employment and Everything After

So my never-ending quest to find employment has finally ended, and my status as a mangy, unemployed hobo has finally been revoked. Well I mean, I’m still living on a couch and “mangy” is probably the most apt word for whatever my beard is doing these days, but at least someone is paying me real […]

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