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War strategies for finals

Well, men, this is it. The final, decisive battle. Your GPA hangs in the balance. This has been a long, grueling war, and the last battle is now upon us! Now it’s time to charge! FREEEEEEDOOOOOOOM!!! Actually, wait. We shouldn’t be charging in headfirst without some war strategies. I covered some of these at the […]

The Full Monte Cristo Local versions of this unique sandwich

Like the ice cream sundae, chicken and waffles, or the Crab Louie salad, the exact origins of the Monte Cristo sandwich are a mystery. It is said to be a variation on a French ham sandwich called the croque-monsieur, but how it came to be battered in egg and dipped in sweet sauces is unclear. […]

ORW: Victory lap

Before we start, let me just say that my wallet seems to have gone missing and I’ll gladly reward its safe return with small unmarked bills and non-sexual favors. Just getting that out there. Moving on. It’s been one hell of a year we’ve had here. We’ve seen everything from a crazed guy dance-punching his […]

The last hurrah before the end

I’m a master of procrastination. I’ve somehow justified not cleaning my room for the past two weeks by the fact that I’m moving out soon anyway, and all of my coursework is routinely delegated to Future-Me as a matter of convenience. I actually sat down to write this column and somehow accidentally created a quasi-inspirational […]

This smoking debate is insane

Okay, so let’s talk about the smoking thing. On one end, the “Smoke-Free UAA” campaign wants to end smoking on campus, leading to a healthier atmosphere for UAA. On the other, we have smokers who claim that being unable to smoke on campus is an infringement on their rights. Before I begin, let me just […]

Show Winners

30th Annual Student Showcases Awards Students

Sixty students, faculty, administrators, family members, and friends attended the 30th Annual Student Showcase academic conference and competition Awards Luncheon on Saturday, April 12.  The competition was held April 10-11th and gave students representing a range of disciplines from Anthropology to Public Administration an opportunity to present their best class work from courses taken in […]

Tofu Breakfast

It’s a well-known saying that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Despite this, many people skip breakfast for different reasons. Some may want a few extra minutes of sleep, while others skip breakfast believing it will help them lose weight.According to the Mayo Clinic, skipping breakfast has more bad consequences than good. […]

Sustainability Week Eggs

Sustainability week a helpful reminder on how everyone can help the environment

To recycle or not to recycle? Locally grown or national name brands? Sustainability week addresses both these questions and much more in an attempt to educate students about how easy being environmentally conscious can be. UAA has a place for those who care about the environment but don’t how to help. Everyone can make a […]

Chicken Salad_KM

Chicken, apple & grape salad

This recipe is meant to give a little extra flavor to a classic dish and hopefully encourage you to experiment with ingredients. You can choose to either get pre-cooked chicken or buy fresh chicken and season it to your taste. Some may like coating the chicken breasts in vegetable oil and sprinkling some garlic-based seasoning […]

April Fools’ Day: a tradition created by fools?

April Fools’ Day is a tradition that comes with mixed reviews. While one group of people says April Fools’ is a tradition only fools would celebrate, the other embraces the tradition of pulling pranks on others. But the origins of this tradition are rarely known. According to the Museum of Hoaxes, April Fools’ Day is […]

Learning together through history

Anchorage observes the 1964 Earthquake’s 50th anniversary. At exactly 5:36 p.m. the museum’s proceedings had come to a pause, and the host speaker asked the crowd for four minutes of silence — the length of the earthquake, in honor of those impacted by it. Footage of Anchorage on the day of the earthquake played for […]


Fiesta Mexicana brings a piece of Mexico to UAA

Looking to become emerged in the Mexican culture without even leaving campus? The Spanish Club in partnership with the UAA Multicultural center and faculty members are throwing Fiesta Mexicana from 7-10:30 p.m on April 4th in the Student Union Cafeteria. “Students have the opportunity to better orientate (sic) themselves with Mexican culture in a fun, […]

Seawolf Slug: Why is cyberpunk interesting?

Over spring break (the incredibly boring and dull spring break, as outlined in last issue’s column), George indulged himself in two of his favorite games and one of his favorite movies: “Deus Ex,” “System Shock 2” and “Blade Runner,” respectively. It took me a while to figure out what these three works have in common, […]

ORW: The turducken incident II: Turducken harder

Remember when you were a child and your mom guilt-tripped you into eating bad food because “there are starving children in Africa”? That gambit always seemed to work despite the inherent logistical challenges behind shipping the limp broccoli from your plate to needy children on the other side of the globe. The monstrosity that we […]

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