Annual UAA Crafts Fair: A meeting of talented Alaskan artisans

December 8, 20140

UAA’s annual Crafts Fair took place Dec. 6 in the Student Union. The event, hosted by Commuter Student Services, was…

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Meet The Seawolf: TNL Interviews student filmmaker Kitty Mahoney

December 3, 20140

The Northern Light interviews UAA student and filmmaker Kitty Mahoney for the relaunch of Meet The Seawolf. Anchorage International Film…

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NSLS: The details behind deactivation

November 20, 20140

Concern 1: Beer and wine permits According to the Executive Board’s NSLS deactivation report, NSLS failed to give the Student…

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Ballot Measure 2 Passes: Marijuana legalization hits the Anchorage bowl

November 11, 20140

On Nov. 4, registered Alaskan voters had the chance to vote on Ballot Measure 2, which would allow for use,…

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Coordinator presents goals for Care Team outreach services

November 7, 20140

UAA’s Care Team is raising awareness of its mental and behavioral health services to students on campus. The Care Team…

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Orange Rhymes With: A weekend at sea

October 30, 20140

In a last-ditch attempt to obliterate any chance of passing my few remaining midterms I decided to make the obvious…

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Wells Fargo vs. Alaska Airlines Center: Battle of the on-campus sports facilities

October 30, 20140

Working out is a very important part of any human’s life. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human…

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TNL Exclusive: The Northern Light and KRUA Radio interview Bill Nye

October 24, 20140

The Northern Light and KRUA Radio sit down with Bill Nye to discuss climate change, space exploration, and the success…

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Archaeology Day thrills explorers of all ages

October 21, 20140

The University Center took a trip back to the Paleolithic Age on Oct. 18, when UAA’s Anthropology Department hosted its…

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A lesson in ethics

October 19, 20140

Chances are we have all said something we wish would have never come out of our mouths. It happens to…

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The sweet harmony of A Cappella Festivella 21

October 7, 20140

The human voice is an instrument in itself. While pop music is saturated with production and synthesizers, a cappella music…

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Residence halls may give alcohol amnesty

October 6, 20140

The Student Code of Conduct Review Committee is in the process of revising the Student Code of Conduct to include…

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‘Utopian Dreams’ embraces the unreal

September 30, 20140

There’s a whole other world in the Consortium Library ARC Gallery. With snakes of black paint on the walls and…

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