Category: Crime Log

February 23, 2012 TNL Staff

Heard about a “mental subject” running around campus? How about that animal attack? Or even missing something? Do you suspect larceny…? Find out in this week’s UPD Crime Blotter! All the suspicious shenanigans that happen on campus brought to you for your viewing pleasure. UPD Crime Log 2.10.12

February 15, 2012 TNL Staff

Curious if that kid in your building got caught for their housing violation? If that shady character you saw was ever questioned by the police? If that larceny was reported? Look no further! It’s all here, in this weeks UPD Crime Bulletin! UPD Crime Log 2.3.12

February 4, 2012 TNL Staff

Breakdown of the shady happenings around UAA campus between 1.26.12 and 2.03.12. Over 22 calls were investigated in the span of one week. Wondering if anything happened near you? Curious if that cop car you saw was investigating something? Figure it out in this weeks Crime Bulletin! Crime Log 1.26.12 Includes simple assaults, larcenies, hit…