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The Quiet Earth

‘The Quiet Earth” is Sci-Fi done right

Title: Director: Country: Release date: Rating: “The Quiet Earth” Geoff Murphy New Zealand October 18, 1985 4/5 The best science fiction embraces its premise. This is clear 20 minutes into “The Quiet Earth,” when the protagonist gallivants around an empty chapel wearing a dress, screaming, and firing a shotgun, that the movie wholeheartedly embraces its […]



On July 19 don’t get tongue tied trying to talk on a date — go enjoy Grouplove, the band that sings the hit “Tongue Tied.” Grouplove will be performing in the Humpy’s Big Spawn concert series that kicked off with Youngblood Hawke and Capital Cities last month. Grouplove formed in 2009 as a group of […]

Shovel Knight

‘Shovel Knight’: Gaming history in a small package

Game: Developer: Platform: Genre: Release date: Rating: “Shovel Knight” Yacht Club Games Wii U, 3DS, PC Platformer June 26, 2014 5/5 Side-scrolling platformers in a pixellated retro style have become something of a cliché in the indie-gaming scene. It began with “Cave Story” and soon seemingly exploded into a genre of its own with games […]


Ice Cream Social – July 10 3-4 p.m. at the UAA/APU Consortium Library Ice cream is free for UAA students (with valid ID for spring or summer semesters), $1 for UAA staff/faculty, and $2 for the general public.   Early Bird Parking Permit Sale – last day August 1 – Buy your annual parking permit […]

“Transformers:” Age of Profits

Film: Director: Starring: Release date: Rating: Transformers: Age of Extinction Michael Bay Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Kelsey Grammar June 28, 2014 1/5 stars I entered the theater with a hoodie and sunglasses on. I put them all on as I approached the box office, and asked for movie tickets. As I took my seat, a […]

The Steam summer sale shindig

Every summer, Steam holds a massive sale on video games. Many see it as a brutal whipping on the wallets of gamers, and that view isn’t necessarily wrong. For me, it’s an experiment of self-control —one that I always fail. Nevertheless, there have been a few titles that I’ve wanted to cover over the last […]

Xenonauts,’ the purist’s ‘XCOM’

Game: “Xenonauts” Developer: Goldhawk Interactive Platform: PC Genre: Strategy Release Date: June 17, 2014 Rating: 3   In the early disk operating system days of gaming, strategy games were just beginning to enter the software market. The game that codified much of the strategy genre as we know it today was “X-COM: UFO Defense,” a […]

Zelda 2

‘Zelda’: The case for a female Link

A couple weeks ago, Nintendo finally announced it long-awaited new “Legend of Zelda” game for Wii U. The trailer begins with a vast open world, dotted only by a green figure riding a horse. A monster begins to attack. It chases the figure into the forest, where it flings off its cloak, takes aim with […]


UAA backstage at Road to Vans Warped Tour

Sound engineers run about with sound equipment as roadies carry instruments on and off the stage. Band members, local and big-time alike, mingle with fans with all-access and VIP passes while waiting for their time to go on stage. Warped Tour itself is quite the experience, but there’s nothing quite like being backstage at the […]


‘How to Train Your Dragon 2’ is fantasy at its finest

Film: Director: Starring: Release date: Rating: “How to Train Your Dragon 2″ Dean DeBlois Jay Baruchel Cate Blanchett Gerard Butler June 13, 2014 5/5 stars The first “How to Train Your Dragon” film was something of a surprise success. Very loosely based on a recent children’s book series, it was a coming-of-age story about a […]

Beyond the Black Rainbow

‘Beyond the Black Rainbow’ is beautiful, empty

Title: Director: Country: Release date: Rating: “Beyond the Black Rainbow” Panos Cosmatos Canada December 31, 2010 3/5 stars The annals of sci-fi are haunted by the campiness, and occasional genius, of the ‘70s and ‘80s. With the advent of CGI, amateur and professional filmmakers alike had a field day with visuals. Playing out with fever […]


‘Lazaretto’ proves Jack White’s musical genius

Artist: Album: Genre: Release date: Rating: Jack White “Lazaretto” Blues Rock June 10, 2014 4/5 stars Jack White’s second album “Lazaretto” is something to either download or grab off the shelves of the store as soon as possible. With a little bit of everything, there’s at least one song on the album that everyone can […]

July Movie Preview

July 4 “Tammy” When Tammy (Melissa McCarthy, “The Heat”) gets fired from her job at a fast food restaurant called Topper Jack’s, she takes to the road with her grandmother Pearl (Susan Sarandon, “Ping Pong Summer”) in a crazy adventure.   “Deliver Us from Evil” Detective Ralph Sarchie (Eric Bana, “Lone Survivor”) believes that human […]

Film: “How to Train Your Dragon 2”
Release Date: June 13, 2014
Director: Dean DeBlois
Starring: Jay Baruchel, Cate Blanchett, Gerard Butler
Rating: 5

‘How to Train Your Dragon 2′ is fantasy at its finest

The first “How to Train Your Dragon” film was something of a surprise success. Very loosely based on a recent children’s book series, it was a coming-of-age story about a boy raising a pet dragon against the will of his village. It was pretty standard stuff when it came to film tropes and clichés, but […]

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