A&E Opinion: A meditation on frame rates

May 26, 20150

This topic is a wee bit technical for most, but I can guarantee that when most people see something at…

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The Grammys 2015: Underlying Racism?

February 11, 20150

As February is here, so are the annual Grammy Awards. It will be the 57th year that the National Academy…

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If not the game itself, what do you plan on doing on Super Bowl Sunday?

January 29, 20150

Larissa Kramer Freshman English “Usually I tune in to the Super Bowl commercials, but the Puppy Bowl isn’t a bad…

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Senshi-Con 2014 for newcomers and old-timers: A first timer’s experience versus and expert’s perspective

September 30, 20140

First timer’s experience By Tulsi Patil Overwhelmed. That was how I was prepared to feel as I looked for parking…

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Quality over quantity: Episodic video games

July 28, 20140

With the season finale of Telltale Games’ excellent “The Wolf Among Us” finally out, it’s apparent that episodic video games…

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Sit through the credits

July 8, 20140

Let’s be honest: Sitting through movie credits is boring. A bunch of names the viewer probably won’t recognize scroll from…

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Art history whitewashed

March 3, 20140

The history taught in schools is propagandistic and white-centric. American kids are raised in a racist and post-colonialist education system.…

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Be Patient

February 23, 20140

In a world of three second takes, Michael Bay movies and explosions, patience in cinema with long takes and wordless…

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Wordless and Eternal: Love in Film

February 23, 20140

“Love means never having to say you’re sorry,” is what someone would say if they were never in love. That…

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White pop stars and cultural appropriation

January 28, 20140

There’s a long and oppressive history of cultural appropriation in pop music. White pop stars trying on different cultural and…

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‘Wrecking Ball’: Breaking walls?

January 21, 20140

Intimacy is a hard thing to achieve, especially for anyone raised in a home wracked by abuse, drug addiction or…

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What about the Street?

November 26, 20130

I miss the Street. I mean, I miss the Street franchise. “NBA Street Vol. 2” has to be one of…

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All hail the Seawolf Slug

September 24, 20130

I was lucky enough to land smack-dab on the head of an unwitting reporter at a university newspaper. It’s no…

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The mystery is that there is no mystery

July 25, 20130

Writer Rafe Martin and illustrator Tatsuro Kiuchi detailed the folktale “Green Willow” in the book “Mysterious Tales of Japan.” Legend…

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