“Zoolander 2″ is Easily Forgettable

February 29, 20160

When movie studios run out of ideas, their first thought is to recreate a film that was successful in the…

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‘Hail, Caesar!’ longs for the past

February 7, 20160

"Hail, Caesar!" is a funny epic

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‘The Treasure of the Sierra Madre:’ A look at Western greed and corruption

January 31, 20160

Iconic film shows the psychological impact of prospecting

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“The Revenant” is a slow, beautiful grind

January 17, 20160

The brutality and satisfaction of "The Revenant"

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The New Star Wars Film Awakens your Nostalgia

January 10, 20160

When I was kid I had an uncle who was obsessed with Star Wars. He collected all the action figures,…

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“The Hateful Eight” takes it slow

January 8, 20160

Can Tarantino make a slower film work?

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‘Bridge of Spies:’ a test of American and Soviet character

October 23, 20150

The 1950s were a strange time in terms of foreign policy. In many Americans’ eyes, it was clear: it was…

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“Back to the Future” trilogy: Three gems out of time

October 21, 20150

The October 21, 2015 that we see in “Back to the Future: Part II” is a very different from the…

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Movie Review: “Resurrection ‘F’” is a love letter to “DBZ” fans

August 6, 20150

“Dragon Ball Z: Resurrection ‘F’” is a movie for the “Dragon Ball” fans that have been around since the beginning,…

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Movie Review: “Ant-Man” is good, dumb fun

July 25, 20150

Poor Ant-Man. He’s the Marvel hero no one can take seriously. When you have gods like Thor, super-soldiers like Captain…

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Movie Review: “Genisys” can’t adapt to save itself

July 7, 20150

This movie had the potential to rescue a franchise that badly needed rescuing. The first “Terminator” film was an awesome…

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Movie Review: “3022 ft:” The story of Mt. Marathon

July 1, 20150

“3022 ft.” is the story of Mt. Marathon, Alaska’s legendary 4th of July mountain race that’s drawn racers to Seward…

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Movie Review: “Jurassic World” is brain-dead fun

June 25, 20150

The first “Jurassic Park” film was a landmark in cinema. While it didn’t have the most captivating story, the special…

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Film Review: “Kung Fury” is a rad love letter

June 9, 20150

There are some movies that are so full of holes and flaws that they descend below awfulness and become good…

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