‘Mortal Kombat X’ is brilliant and desperate

April 21, 20150

Within the last four years, NetherRealm Studios has become one of the most prolific fighting game developers in the industry.…

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‘Pillars of Eternity’ is a worthy throwback

April 14, 20150

It seems as if the computer role-play game, or cRPG, genre is having a renaissance. Games like “Wasteland 2” and…

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‘Xenoblade’ is still a huge leap for RPGs

April 7, 20150

Upon its 2010 release, “Xenoblade Chronicles” subverted all expectations for the Japanese role-play game, or JRPG, genre. It was almost…

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“Zak McKracken” hasn’t aged too well

April 1, 20150

As most people know, LucasArts was a legendary video game developer before their sights turned primarily to the “Star Wars”…

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Headline: “Wrong Number:” Fun to play, confusing to follow

March 24, 20150

“Hotline Miami” released in 2012 and became the most violent video game ever made. In essence, it was a drug-fueled…

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‘Majora’s Mask’: A somber classic

March 19, 20150

Link is traveling through the Lost Woods until a mysterious Skull Kid kidnaps his horse, Epona. After giving chase, Link…

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‘Hand of Fate’ is a weird, awesome mix

March 4, 20150

A deck building dungeon-crawling rogue-like with “Arkham Asylum” style combat and visual novel elements, with a narrator reading everything you…

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‘Sunless Sea’ is an interesting voyage

February 26, 20150

In the Victorian age, London has fallen underground. While it still remains in some level of contact with the outside…

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‘Grim Fandango’ raises the dead

February 11, 20150

In 1998, “Grim Fandango” was released to critical acclaim and then soon forgotten. Despite the fact that it won several…

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‘Metroid Prime Trilogy’ is an incredible value

January 27, 20150

Something incredibly special will happen this week. Three of the best exploration-based games ever made, the titular “Metroid Prime Trilogy,”…

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‘Elite: Dangerous’ is worth the effort

January 20, 20150

To enjoy “Elite: Dangerous,” players really have to want to enjoy it. They need to spend the time mastering the…

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“Akalabeth:” A crude classic revived

January 12, 20150

“Ultima.” “Baldur’s Gate.” “Might and Magic.” “Dragon Age.” All of these are role-playing classics, and they all owe their existence…

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Top 5 games of 2014

December 8, 20140

Another year, another solid block of game releases. This year saw several disappointments like “Destiny” or “Watch Dogs,” but it…

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“Beyond Earth:” Failure to launch

November 7, 20140

Boy, relapse can be painful sometimes. The games in Sid Meier’s “Civilization” series are dangerous for college students to play.…

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