“Train to Busan” plows ahead at all costs

September 26, 20160

Zombies have been done time again and again. “Maggie” and “World War Z,” while not great, managed to inject some…

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It’s worth discovering “Where the Road Runs Out”

September 18, 20160

With so many grim movies being released, a crowd-pleaser feels taboo. Even superhero flicks like “Captain America: Civil War” and…

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“Rams” is tragicomedy at its bleakest

September 12, 20160

Icelandic humor has got to be the darkest kind of humor out there. Looking at the country’s history, it makes…

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With “The Wailing,” a new classic is born

August 23, 20160

As I see it, there are two stages to watching a great movie: recognition and surrender. Recognition is simply knowing…

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“The Salvation” is anything but

August 8, 20160

Title: “The Salvation” Director: Kristian Levring Release date: May 22, 2014 Genre: Western Country: Denmark Rating: 2 out of 5…

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Ambition sets “So Young” apart

July 26, 20160

Title: “So Young” Director: Zhao Wei Release date: June 14, 2013 Genre: Romance Country: China Rating: 3 out of 5…

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It’s a dangerous world in “Theeb”

July 11, 20160

A typical coming-of-age tale starts with a confused kid. Coming to understand what they didn’t before is what evolves the…

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“Sauna” just misses the mark

April 17, 20160

Horror has the potential to be the most culturally reflective genre in cinema. Beneath the darkness, beneath the bloodshed, there’s…

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‘District 9′ falls apart in the end

April 10, 20160

“District 9” was released seven years ago to critical acclaim. Much of it was well-deserved. Director Neill Blomkamp had managed,…

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The timely “XXY” dives deep

March 27, 20160

Sometimes, a simple narrative is best. It seems that the complex subject of intersexuality would lend itself to something more…

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The painful ‘After the Wedding’ hits hard

February 14, 20160

The best family dramas can be unbearable to watch. Anyone who’s had a tense confrontation with a loved one can…

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Artsy action elevates ‘No Tears for the Dead’

February 7, 20160

Well done genre fare is a treat. While “No Tears for the Dead” takes the action genre a step further,…

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The xenophobic “Them” falls short

January 31, 20160

In a tight 77 minutes, “Them” manages to convey an unsettling message, one not easily forgotten. However, that message is…

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Despite predicability, “Goodnight Mommy” terrifies

January 12, 20160

Title: “Goodnight Mommy” Director: Veronika Franz, Severin Fiala Release date: Jan. 8, 2015 Genre: Horror Country: Austria Rating: 4 out…

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