“Dreaming Bears” is a captivating memoir

June 9, 20140

Trading Greenwood, South Carolina for the remote Alaskan village of Venetie, then medical student J. Michael Holloway, along with his…

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The bard’s take on a galaxy far, far away

October 1, 20131

The first “Star Wars” was a landmark in filmmaking, pushing the boundaries of what could be done with special effects…

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‘The Eye of Moloch’ is bafflingly bad

July 25, 20130

In the first sentence of Glenn Beck’s new thriller, “The Eye of Moloch,” Beck manages to abandon what it means…

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‘A Storm of Swords’ will break hearts while engaging readers

April 3, 20130

Warning: Review contains spoilers for the first two “A Song of Ice and Fire” novels There should be a support…

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Long time Alaskan launches book

October 29, 20120

Victor Fischer, an Alaskan resident since 1950, has a book launch Oct. 30 for his up-and-coming book, “To Russia With…

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‘The Fault in Our Stars’ – John Green

February 14, 20120

From the author of An Abundance of Katherines and Looking for Alaska comes a new-age Shakespearean tragedy, The Fault in…

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‘The Giver’ is a classic read

February 7, 20120

Originally a phenomena when published in 1993, The Giver (the first of a loosely bound trilogy) has continued to enthrall…

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