Reindeer sausage food quest

August 23, 20160

On a quest though downtown Anchorage to find the best reindeer hot dog.

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The quest for Anchorage’s best chicken fried steak

November 29, 20150

In the search to find the best chicken fried steak in Anchorage, Victoria and I realized that there are, quite…

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Clam Chowder Food Quest

July 22, 20140

House of Bread – $4.75 for a cup, $6.25 for a bowl, $8.25 for bread bowl House of Bread’s delicious…

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Cookie quest, the final frontier

August 6, 20120

With Nita Mauigoa, Staff Writer Nothing beats a batch of freshly baked cookies; there’s just something homey and comforting about…

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Food Quest, Anchorage’s Best Omelet

July 24, 20120

With Chelsea Dennis Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and what better way to treat yourself than…

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Anchorage Food Quest: salmon salad

July 10, 20120

With Vicente Capala, Multimedia Editor Anchorage Food Quest has investigated some rather specialized foods in the past, but none so…

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Anchorage Food Quest: best chicken burrito

June 12, 20120

With Nick Foote, Layout Editor Anchorage is a melting pot of cultures, especially where food is concerned. There’s everything from…

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Anchorage Food Quest 2.0: finding the best pad thai in town

May 30, 20120

With Evan Dodd Last summer, The Northern Light sampled an array of local foods in search of Anchorage’s best of…

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Amaretto Sour a summer must-have

May 30, 20120

Something about the Amaretto Sour just sounds like a bad idea waiting to happen — it might be the fact…

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Anchorage Food Quest: Summer 2011 winners

August 23, 20110

Anchorage has a lot to offer in the way of local restaurants. From burger stops and Chinese restaurants to organic…

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Best chocolate cupcake in town

August 9, 20110

For many, birthday parties and celebrations are among the greatest joys of growing up. The expectation of ingesting copious amounts…

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Anchorage Food Quest Part 5: Best breakfast platter

July 26, 20110

With Shana Roberson The Northern Light’s “Anchorage Food Quest” has moved on to breakfast foods in this installment of the…

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Food Quest Part 4: Best Mongolian beef

July 12, 20110

In this edition of The Northern Light’s “Anchorage Food Quest” summer special, TNL decided to focus on something typically high…

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Food quest part 3: Best tofu

June 28, 20110

Tofu doesn’t have the best rep. in the meat lovers community, and even in the vegetarian community it has a…

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