Lester & The Hoax

Q: Who are the band members on the recording? And who are the band members performing at the CD release? A: I played all the instruments on the CD. The Hoax live line up includes me on guitar and percussion and my friends Ted and Jeff from the Moon Knights and iLeah from Miss Midnight Ago Go.

‘Family Guy’ creator releases ‘Music is better than Words’

Family Guy” creator Seth MacFarlane has released a jazz album. The arrangements are pretty good, and it’s really difficult not to tap your toe...

Seether jumps on bandwagon

eether’s gone soft. And it’s ok. All the artists are doing it these days; it’s a sort of trend. Kid Rock lost his vicious wit, Linkin Park did a complete 180 after their fantastically raw “Minutes to Midnight” by releasing the over-processed and tame “A Thousand Suns,” Godsmack took a massive chill pill and now Seether has jumped onto the bandwagon.

Hawthorne’s newest

Motown wants to come back, badly. The chief proprietor currently is Mayer Hawthorne, a 31-year old virtuoso that can speak to the heart of...

‘The Life of Pablo’ underwhelms

People hate Kanye. I get it, he's an egotistical asshole that says whatever he wants and for the most part, gets away with it....

‘Youth Novels’

If Bjork had a little sister that was shy and wasn't crazy, she'd be Lykke Li. In May, Lykke released a four song EP entitled Little Bit. It was a refreshing collection of tunes full of intricate percussion, minimalist instrumentation and Lykke's breathtaking, candy coated vocals.

Metal, post-hardcore genre limitations shattered in ‘Issues’

Album: “Issues” Artist: Issues Genre: Nu-metal, metalcore, post-hardcore Label: Rise Records Release Date: Feb. 18, 2014 4/5 stars   What happens when a pop R&B singer gets together with an unclean...

Collaborative effort on Saul William’s new album can be heard for free

The average MC likes to fancy himself a poet. Slam poets often call themselves rappers. For the most part, neither of these statements is true. In rare cases we have people like Sage Francis, who are successful in both roles, but only because they are very skilled at one and can manage to half-ass the other.

Carrie and Lowell – Sufjan Stevens

There are times in life that are confusing and alienating — and only years later do the proper words come to adequately describe them....

‘Seeing Sounds’

Synesthesia: n. A condition in which one type of stimulation evokes the sensation of another, as when the hearing of a sound produces the visualization of a color. This is what N*E*R*D means by "Seeing Sounds." Of course, synesthesia is the only logical step after a month and a half Glowing in the Dark on tour with Kanye West.

Pharoahe Monch creates newfound ‘Desire’ in hip-hop with latest album

When Pharoahe Monch's sophomore album, "Desire," was released with a picture of Pharoahe bandaged up like a mummy on the cover, it was hard to figure out if he was joking or not. "OK, we get it. You're a mummy, like a pharaoh. Hey, look at that - as the CD booklet progresses, you're unraveling your bandages..."

Solange’s ‘A Seat at the Table’ serenades with emotion and power

Solange is known for pushing the limits when it comes to music, so I knew I needed to prepare myself for her newest release,...

Timberlake still has it

Justin Timberlake is back from his six-year music industry hiatus, reminding everyone who counted him out that he still has it. In “The 20/20 Experience,” he adds his own southern Memphis roots into the music, and it works well.

‘Beating Back the Claws of the Cold’

Thank you, George Harrison. On behalf of me and perhaps The Pica Beats as well, thank you for making the sitar cool in pop music. Like Harrison's incorporation of Indian music to The Beatles, many bands have created innovative and interesting sounds by blending genres, for instance: Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly, Beirut, and now The Pica Beats.

Album Review: Grizzly Bear strikes back

In my time as KRUA music manager, the station has never anticipated an album release quite like this. With countless days, sleepless nights and...

Animated sequel doesn’t crash and burn

3.5 out of 5 stars Animated sequels are always a crapshoot. Did the producers rush to capitalize on a previous success to try and make more money in the ripe field of family entertainment, only to deliver a lackluster film that is quickly forgotten? Or did they really tap into the good parts of the first film because they understood what made it different in a good way? "Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa" is not one such sequel that will have audiences asking just those questions.

Chance preaches and the world rejoices for ‘Coloring Book’

The two weeks of exclusive rights that Chance the Rapper signed over to Apple Music for his third album/mixtape are up and it is...

Trevor Hall’s self-titled album uplifts the weary spirit

ALBUM: "Trevor Hall" ARTIST: Trevor Hall RECORD LABEL: Vanguard Records Trevor Hall’s self-titled album is a good album to just chill out to, with its easy lyrics...

‘The Unforgiving’ a musical temptation

Within Temptation seems to have that near-perfect blend of Goth and classic rock with a female lead singer. Which is hard to do, as...

Album Review: ‘Nothing Was the Same’

Drake’s back. This time, don’t expect a motto. You’re not going to get a YOLO or shamefully catchy hooks. You’re not going to get Wayne features. You’re not going to get Aubrey Graham, chipper Canadian gangster extraordinaire. Drake’s back, and for once, he sounds pissed.

Hazia’s new album is more than gloom and doom

It's easy to forget that the synth-heavy indie rock album "Watch it Burn" is a local release.

Linkin Park’s new release disappoints, again

Linkin Park may have lost their way, but they appear to be trying to get back on track with their newest album, “Living Things.”...

Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid m.A.A.d city” revival of West Coast hip-hop

Earlier this week 25 year-old, Kendrick Lamar, Compton, Calif., emcee, released his major label debut “good kid m.A.A.d. city.”

‘Puddle City Racing Lights’

On paper, Matthew Thomas Dillon's band Windmill does not sound all that special. He's a singer-songwriter from England who plays the piano and writes songs about heartbreak. It sounds like a Coldplay or a Keane album. But in actuality it sounds more like a Flaming Lips or a Why? record ghostwritten by Elliott Smith.

Jay-Z: Proves he is old, but not finished

Here we are, late in the year of 2013. Who knew Jay Z’s 12th studio release, “Magna Carta: Holy Grail,” would be the most...

Toro y Moi: Bull and Me is growing up

Toro y Moi has mellowed out since he started his career in 2009. The album "Anything in Return" is an electronic melodic calamity of synthesizers and drum kits. The third LP from singer and producer Chazwick Bundick, one of the founding fathers of the 80s-orientated chillwave genre, forces listeners to mentally transport themselves to the days when cassette tapes were preferred and colorful knee-high socks were adored.

‘The Family Sign’ a sign of growth and musical maturity

Indie hip-hop super group Atmosphere has been on a roll of album releases lately, with a double EP a few scant months ago, and...

Deadmau5 isn’t dead yet

My circle of friends has always regarded Deadmau5 as being “that redundant electronic artist,” but his newest album, uniquely titled “Album Title Goes Here,” is shockingly fresher than his previous works.

Sia’s solo success falls short with new album

It happens to the best of them. At some point in their careers, electronic music vocalists are exposed as the awful singers they really are. They decide to go solo, and without all of the electronic bells, whistles and filters, they can't manage to sound better than par.