Rasta-punk band Skindred gets in the groove with latest album

No other group can command attention the way Skindred can. The Prince of Wales quartet is fronted by Benji Webb, a dreadlock-sporting Jamaican with...

Pearl’s debut pays homage to ’80s rockers

Album: "Little Immaculate White Fox " Artist: Pearl Label: R.E.D. Distribution Release date: Jan. 19, 2010 Pearl Aday's music is a peculiar beast. Her band Pearl combines the...

Silly songs are a delicacy in Aquabats’ new album

Exclamation points make songs epic! At least, that’s what the Aquabats like to think, and it actually works. Attacking the listener with a rap/rock/electronic/ska...

‘Tyranny’ is a bizarre journey

Album: “Tyranny” Artist: Julian Casablancas + The Voidz Release Date: September 23, 2014 Label: Cult Records Rating: 2/5 Let me preface this review by saying that The Strokes are...

Keep it in rotation with Mick Jenkins’ ‘THC’

You may have heard of Mick Jenkins this year with features on Noname’s album Telefone and Chance the Rapper’s discarded Coloring Book song ‘Grown...

The Word Alive breaks the cycle

The Word Alive screams their way to victory with their 2012 album titled “Life Cycles.”

The Hives – ‘The Black and White Army’

Clinging to the coattails of other bands by regurgitating the garage rock presence and attitude of the Kinks and the Rolling Stones has elevated Swedish quintet The Hives into a position of fame. Their second full-length major label (Universal/Interscope) effort, "The Black and White Album," is as clichéd as the album title itself.

Album Review: Muse, “2nd Law”

Muse have been creating bombastic alternative progressive rock for over a decade. They have earned a reputation for sonic diversity and a uniquely grandiose style. “The 2nd Law” does nothing to challenge that perception. In fact, at times it seems like the album was made to uphold it. This is the most bombastic and grandiose Muse album ever, which seem to be the best two words to describe it.

Thursday prepares for ten more years with ‘Kill the House Lights’

Angst-driven post-hardcore pioneers Thursday celebrate their ten-year career with the release of "Kill the House Lights," a full-length album/DVD crammed with b-sides, behind-the-scenes escapades, original demos, live concert footage, band interviews and even some new tunes.

Kendrick Lamar’s “good kid m.A.A.d city” revival of West Coast hip-hop

Earlier this week 25 year-old, Kendrick Lamar, Compton, Calif., emcee, released his major label debut “good kid m.A.A.d. city.”

Jay-Z’s rhymes poorly designed on ‘The Blueprint 3’

With a big name like Jay-Z, one would expect a certain amount of quality. For example, a listener might not want to hear the...

Review: Iron and Wine – Archive Series Volume No. 1

If you spent this Valentine's Day alone and want to feel sorry for yourself “Archive Series Vol. 1” just may be the pity party...

Gorillaz new album is lacking

ARTIST: The Gorillaz ALBUM: Plastic Beach LABEL: Virgom RELEASE: Mar 9, 2010 It has been nearly five years since the stellar “Demon Days,” and a third album is...

New color, same Weezer in ‘The White Album’

Over the last 23 years, Weezer has been one of the staples in popular music. From their classic 1994 “The Blue Album” that featured...

‘Repave’ by Volcano Choir

Unlike the simple warmth of The Shouting Matches or the backwoodsy cabin-music feel of Bon Iver, Volcano Choir is something of an electro-orchestra wunderkind. Imagine Vernon’s characteristic falsetto in Bon Iver blended intriguingly with heavy drums and slightly glitchy synths and guitar riffs.

Childish Gambino creates a music genre of his own with ‘Awaken, My Love!’

The highly anticipated delivery of Childish Gambino's newest album has finally arrived - and been just as game-changing as we expected it to be....

Music Review: Muse goes synth-pop with ‘The Resistance.’

Muse is known for their dark, esoteric style, and “The Resistance” does not disappoint. Laden with pulsing synth, sweeping strings and oscillating electric guitar,...

‘New Horizons’ for Flyleaf

After a decade as lead singer for Christian alternative band Flyleaf, Lacey Sturm (nee Mosley), is parting ways from the group to pursue the next chapter of her life — but not before leaving fans with one last album to remember her by.

Alanis Morissette’s “Havoc and Bright Lights” a near-perfect success

Due to get married and soon to have a baby, Alanis Morissette graces fans with a new helping of her unique brand of pop through her newest album, “Havoc and Bright Lights.” And it’s a worthy listen by far.


Come December it will be time to sum up the year in music. One thing that will be undeniable about 2008 will be its love of the 80's. If put it to the test the 80's might rank in the polls as the worst decade as far as music goes, but despite all the cheesiness and ridiculousness (think the keytar or Flock of Seagulls) there was so much irrefutable pop genius that is often categorized in "guilty pleasures.

‘The 8 Diagrams’

The Wu dropped an album last December, 14 years after releasing their debut album "Enter The Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)." "8 Diagrams" isn't the Wu-Tang Clan's best album. It isn't even their second best. But it doesn't try to recreate any of their previous albums.

Aussie band growls out a new album

What do beards, feedback, and vocal static have in common? They’re all fuzzy. Straight from Australia, The Growl’s new 11-song album “What Would Christ Do?” is a hazy, bluesy indie rock album that lives up to its ambitiously growling title.

‘Strawberry Jam’ a good reason to deviate from the mainstream

Despite the cunningly strange and almost unbearably experimental records the Baltimore electro-folk rockers Animal Collective have released the past four years, their eighth studio effort, "Strawberry Jam," delivers a wonderful combination of altered and saturated electronic noise located delicately under a layer of sweet-sounding summertime pop hooks.

‘Love & War’ so-so

Album: Love & War Artist: Daniel Merriweather Record Label: Sony BMG Release Date: June 2, 2009 www.danielmerriweather.com Daniel Merriweather’s sophomore album, “Love & War,” sounds like an attempt to...

Music Review

Artist: Jackie Onassis Album: “Holiday EP” Genre: Hip-hop, rap Label: Sony Music Entertainment Release date: Nov. 17, 2012 Jackie Onassis is something else. And not the Jackie Onassis which...

A politically fun band releases a new album

Seeing is not believing. Freegan is believing, well, according to Yoome that is. They are a collaborative group including Chicago rapper Serengeti, producer Tony Trimm along with New Zealand singer Renee Louise Carafice, and on their debut album "The Boredom of Me" they preach about "The freedom of being freegan," on the track Freeganism.

‘Fleet Foxes’

Think Band of Horses if they secluded themselves to cabin deep in the woods. Think Grizzly Bear but less obscure, or how about the Beach Boys but instead of surfing or chasing girls they're climbing mountains and growing beards. Somewhere in there are Fleet Foxes.

‘Life Turns Electric’ best played as road trip noise

Finger Eleven’s new album is mediocre. It isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just not that good. The album is 10 tracks of the same thing. All...

Dear Science

"Return to Cookie Mountain," TV on the Radio's 2006 album, was one of the most talked about albums of that year. People wouldn't shut up about it. It was "TV on the Radio this" and "TV on the Radio that". Of course, there are some high expectations for the band to live up to.